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Lego 4737 Harry Potter: Quidditch Match

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Brand: Lego / Theme: Harry Potter / Age: 6+

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2012 08:23
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      My son likes it so a decent buy

      For Christmas last year my son received a couple of Harry Potter Lego sets and so for his birthday this year I decided to add to those. One of the sets I bought for him was the Quidditch match which he had been raving on about since Christmas. I purchased the set from one of my catalogues where it cost £25.00 I believe it is available just slightly cheaper on amazon currently from outside sellers.

      ==The set==

      The set comes in a long rectangular cardboard box which feels tough and excellent quality. The box is mainly red and so links in with all of the other Harry Potter Lego sets that my son has had. On the front of the box there is a Lego and Harry Potter logo as well as a small picture of the three main characters from Harry Potter. The main part of the front shows the set built and in action so that you are able to see what the set will look like before you buy it which is obviously a good thing. The back of the box shows a larger picture of the set up set which is a good reference I think. The set is suitable for children aged from six to twelve years according to the box.

      In this set you are provided with the Lego to make a Quidditch match including a tower for Madam Hooch to supervise the game, hoops to score and fly through, a trophy, chest with the required balls for the game as well as catapults for both of the teams too. The set also comes with five mini figures complete with accessories for play.


      As always my son wanted to build this set on his own but as he was recovering from a bug on his birthday he allowed both his dad who was visiting and me to get involved with the process. Being the control freak that I am I made sure that we sorted all of the pieces in to colours and size whilst my son and his dad made a start on making the mini figures. I find that Lego in general just seems shiny, well made and durable compared to other competitor brands and this is true for this set too. The set features a lot of browns I have to say but it is broken up by red or green flags or the gold of the trophy and so it doesn't end up looking boring in my opinion.

      The instruction booklet provided was as clear as every other Lego set we have had and takes things step by step being careful not to include too much detail per step. This is something I really like about Lego products as other brands seem to just rush the steps and put too much information in to one thing making is easy to get confused and do something wrong. With Lego it is clear and coloured so you would be hard pushed to go wrong somewhere I believe. It is quite tricky for a child to fully complete the goals themselves as you need to twist them and pop them in to a hole and it is quite tight so they stay in place. As such my son's dad helped him with this part to save my son getting frustrated!

      When the set is fully made you will soon realise there isn't a great deal to it and that you basically have three goal posts, a tower for Madam Hooch, a trophy stand and not a lot else really. As my son completed the set I was expecting him to be quite disappointed with it but in actual fact he was really pleased with the set! In this set you get five mini figures including Harry Potter and Oliver Wood for the Gryffindor team and Draco Malfoy and Marcus Flint for the Slytherin team as well as Madam Hooch who referees the game and this was actually what swung it in to being a great set for my son as he was really impressed with the figures and the accessories that came with them. The characters all have a cloak on and are dressed in their sports clothes so look different from any of the other mini figures my son has. They all feature faces on both sides of their head so that you can turn them to look cross or happy as you play which is something all of the mini figures have but my son particularly likes with these ones as he can make them happy when they score!

      My son likes how you get catapults and balls provided with this set as he tries to fire them through the goal when playing with the set but this is pretty much impossible to do sadly! He enjoys trying though and that is the main thing with a toy as I just want him to have fun playing and using his imagination. One thing that does frustrate my son is that the characters cannot actually ride on their broomsticks and instead he has to pop them in to their hands and just position it so it looks like they are moving. It would be nice if you could pop the broomstick between their legs in a set such as this but that is not how Lego mini figures are made sadly.

      I think with this set in particular the main positive is to do with the amount of mini figures provided as it is not very often you would get five mini figures with a set which costs £25.00. I do think this is to compensate for the fact that the other things in the set are quite small though. My son does like to play with this set though and he was delighted when he opened it and so I have to say that it was money well spent.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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