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Lego 5592 Duplo: My First Plane

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2011 10:41
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      A great little plane that is well made more suited to the younger age range of Duplo

      This Duplo plane was something my son got last year for Christmas when he was just about 3 years old. Nearly a year later it is still played with and looks as good as new.

      This set includes the red plane which has two seats for Duplo figures to sit or stand in, two figures, a parcel, a few green bricks and a flower that we sometimes use as a rear propeller.

      The set as with all Duplo Lego in my opinion is robust and hard wearing and copes well with being handled by my young son. The plane has an undercarriage with two wheels and despite many hours of being pushed along the floor or on occasions flown in the air and landing roughly the wheels remain firmly in place with no cracks or damage at all.

      The plane design is rather old fashioned rather like the bi planes of the Second World War which adds to its charm in my opinion. The wings have some raise bits on which you can attach either the parcel or Lego blocks and my son often will load the plane up fully for flight or stand a person on the wings for a bit of wing walking displays in the air. The front seat is such that a figure can sit in it properly however the rear seat or parcel section only has two holes so a figure can only stand in this section I personally would of preferred the space to be similar to the front seat so the plane could take passengers in comfort rather than them having to stand for the journey. However this doesn't seem to distract from my son's play with it. And he is more than happy to let the passengers stand for the journeys he does. The propeller has three blades which are nice and curved so there is no chance of little ones getting hurt by sharp edges here.

      The figures for the plane are robust and typical Duplo figures with manoeuvrable arms and waist. There is little that can be removed from these figures to be swallowed by children even the hair for the female figure and the cap on the male figure remain firmly in place.

      The bricks are stand Duplo bricks and are well made but nothing that is airplane or airport specific which again is a shame as I think this would of lent itself better to imaginative play The parcel is very similar to a standard brick but with a bit of design on it to indicate a label and string. I would of preferred there to have being two or three of these compared to the bricks as I think this would of being better to illustrate a freight style plane or a small plane for delivering air mail.

      My son does love to play with the plane and often uses this alongside other Duplo pieces that he has. Whilst he can place things and figures in and out of the plane and on to of it there is little other manoeuvrable sections to it and for this reason it is starting to lose some of its appeal now that he is getting closer to 4. This has only started over this past month or so as he has started to get into and experience some Playmobil sets with all of their small bits. Prior to this he had been more than happy to build towers for the plane to land alongside and to load it up for flights to and from different destinations with his other Duplo. But at 4 he is more interested in some finer detailed toys and Lego that he has. It has been great for his imagination and he has often had the figures go on journeys to see animals from some of his other sets. However he is now wanting to get the pilots to load planes and flying them and whilst this would be possible with a Play Mobil plane that a friend of his has it isn't with this one as the controls for the plane are moulded into the actually body of the plane so the pilot is unable to hold the controls and there is no other sections such as door that open or close.

      Duplo is designed for children form 18 months to 5 and I think this toy is more suited to children at the younger end of the play range due to its lack of manoeuvrable bits and there is little building actually involved in this set compared to some Duplo sets we have. It is a great starting point for my son's imagination of planes and flying as he started to fly it around with or without passengers or a parcel however as his imagination is now growing he is wanting more than this set can give on occasions.

      It is a great little set that is well suited to little hands. I think it is better for children at the younger section of the age range due to its lack of manoeuvrability as my soon to be 4 year old whilst still playing with it is starting to look now for more detail to his toys for imaginative play and building. At around £14 for a set as with most Duplo it isn't cheap but it last well and I am sure that when it comes to our new child's turn in the next few years it will be still able to give many hours of play.


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