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Lego 6266: Canon Cove

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Theme: Pirates

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2010 23:52
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      Another great lego item

      ==Lego Cannon Cove 6266==

      Jack's Lego collection is ever growing and this little item of Lego was one of the first real Lego piece that we bought for him. The fact that it is rather an old item of Lego now means really nothing as what ever year the Lego items were made makes no difference to the pieces which are contained and the fact that it could have been made yesterday.

      The Lego Cannon Cover is number 6266 and was made in 1993. I don't think you can buy this in most places like toy shops now but I purchased our set off of eBay at a bargain £5 price which is a lot less than it would have sold for back when it was first released and also compared to other sets which are brand new would cost around 3 times this amount now so I was really happy to buy it as a second hand item.

      The Lego Cannon Cover consists of 106 pieces and has three little Lego men included. The instructions are easy to follow as all Lego instructions are, and it takes less than half and hour to put the whole item up and get it ready to play with.

      The item is basically a little island where there are two imperial guards and a pirate. The island looks as though it is run by the Imperial guards as there is a little barred prison which has a door that opens and closes easily. The Imperial Guards have a few different guns which are quite big and not overly easy to loose. They also have nice little black hats and backpacks to accompany their outfits. The pirate who is dressed in red and black stripes has a sword and a hand gun and also a little row boat which has two oars and a anchor.

      The Cannon Cove comes with a little green tree and red brick stickers to apply to the large building which comes as one part. There is a large green base on which to attach the building and the tree which makes it easy to play with and easy to move around. A great little item which comes with this set is the cannon which can actually fire out the small rounded pieces of Lego. This is so good because of the fact it can be taken out from the set and used alongside other items of Lego or even other Pirate type items which are not Lego!

      The set as a whole is great fun and it such a big collection with lots of playability. The fact that there is the jail, the boat, the cannon along with the three little Lego men means that there is really a lot to play with and to have fun with.

      The set is rather sturdy and compared to a few of the more modern items of Lego we have hardly falls apart at all even though Jack can be rather heavy handed at times.

      I have to say there is nothing I can find fault in when looking at this product especially when you take in to account the bargain price that we paid for it! I would have to say that if you can find this item for under £15 it has got to be well worth it! It is great for fans of Lego or indeed fans of Pirates and soldiers.

      A top score of 5 out of 5 stars is a must for this perfect little piece of fun Lego.

      High Recommendation!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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