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Lego 6836 Space: V-Wing Fighter

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Theme: Space

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2010 20:53
      Very helpful



      An okay piece

      ==Lego 6831 V Wing Fighter==

      On a recent visit to Jack's Nana's a long way away in Lincolnshire, we were lucky enough to delve into her garage which was a host to tons of old toys and games. What we found was indeed a treasure trove of items and Jacks eyes were as big as saucers when he saw the enormous bag of Lego which his Nana had found.

      Although the box of Lego was huge, there was so many pieces which we really hadn't a clue what they made up. Unfortunately there were only a limited number of instructions to go with the bricks and this little set was one of the few which has the instructions for.

      I am not too sure if you would be able to buy this many places now a days as the item is really rather old. I have seen it for sale on places such as eBay and I would think there are specialist Lego shops or internet sites which would sell these older items if indeed you did want to track a particular item down.

      The box was full of the space Lego which is the theme from where this little Wing Fighter is from. The year in which it was released was 1997 and makes it belong to Jack's Uncle Paul who is more than happy for Jack to have it! Back when it was first brought out, I think it wouldn't have cost more than £5 as the item is pretty small with only around 40 pieces to make up the craft.

      The instructions which we found were rather tattered and torn but still easy to follow and to make up the little wing fighter took less than 10 minutes once we had spent an hour or so searching for all the right pieces from the huge box of bricks.

      We were even lucky enough to find the little Lego man who actually appears to be more like an alien or even a robot. He is red in colour and looks as though he should have some sort of hat or helmet on his head but even the instructions show that this is not the case.

      The little space craft does look really good when entirely made up but we have found that it is easy to fall apart too. There are rather a lot of extra pieces of Lego which are positioned on the sides and the bottom of the craft and these are the parts which we have the most trouble with them falling off.

      The fact that we have so much other Lego which is from the Space theme makes the playability of this item rather good. Jack has made himself up a space centre which has lots of computers and space type Lego bricks and this item works well alongside this. However because the item is rather fragile and will often fall apart jack can get a little bit fed up of it. This is probably because the age range on this item is for children from ages 6 and over so Jack is still a little young to be playing with it.

      On the whole the Lego item does look like a good one. The bright colours of some of the accessories that are included on the space craft make it seem like a proper space ship and this is a good point however because of the fact that it is rather sensitive to play is a downside. Therefore I feel a score of 3 out of 5 stars is adequate for this Lego item and a slight recommendation if indeed you can buy it for the right price.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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