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Lego 7590 Toy Story: Woody and Buzz to the Rescue

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3 Reviews

Theme: Toy Story

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    3 Reviews
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      13.03.2011 20:12
      Very helpful



      A nice simple fun kit, with a motor

      This kit costs £15, however I got it for £7.50 from Tesco using the Tesco double up vouchers (for any Lego fans that collect Tesco club card points, wait for Tesco to do the double up voucher redeems in store, because you can get any of the current kits for half price, you also get full club card points from them... and technically you actually get the kit for free because they are vouchers you got for normal shopping in Tesco. Be warned Tesco only stocks in store the kits under £40)
      Anyway back to the kit, yet again I am playing about with Stop Frame Animation (I have filmed this build, I just haven't processed it yet into a movie). The movie link will be added to this article soon if I don't have it done before positing this.
      The kit contains 92 pieces, most of which are large only a couple of pieces are small. It has 1 special piece which is the motor, as when built if you pull the car backwards it will fire off at speed forward once you let go. There are also 2 mini-figs in this kit, a normal Buzz Lightyear with wings and helmet and Woody, a bit taller than a normal mini-fig, with his cowboy hat.
      I was surprised to note that there was only 92 pieces in this kit as from looking on the box I would have expected more which is why I left this to be the third one I would build out of the Toy Story series.
      This kit takes about 45 minutes to build with the process of taking pictures between each piece being put together.
      The kit is ideal as a first starter kit for anyone entering the world of Lego. There is a small number of pieces, most are large, there are only a few small pieces in the entire kit, plus this kit actually does something with the motor unit.

      Building this kit you get;
      The Radio Controlled Car, with in built Motor Action, which allows you to pull back the car, release it and off it will fly. You start off building the main body of the car around this motor piece. It builds up quite nicely and quickly. The final part of the construction are the headlight/eyes, the wheels and the aerofoil (tilt-able).
      There is also a small rocket built that attaches to Buzzs' back, as per the scene in Toy Story,

      Overall this is a very easy kit to build, but is also nicely detailed. All patterns are pre-painted on the kit so no stickers are required. After building it and seeing how many piece3s there are I wouldn't say it was worth £15 it should be more like the £10 kits you can get, but as I got it for £7.50 of Tesco vouchers I can't complain. However it is certainly worth while having this kit if you are a fan of the Toy Story series of Lego.
      As I have mentioned I have been dealing with stop frame animation, however part of this kit can move on its own, so I have combined Stop Frame Animation and Video in an aims to show this kit off, hopefully you think it works well so please feel free to have a look.


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      01.07.2010 21:21
      Very helpful



      Not worth getting

      LEGO Toy Story - Woody and Buzz to the Rescue.......

      Jack has just had his 3rd birthday and at the moment he is Lego and Toy Story crazy so when my best friend asked what she should get him I suggested a Lego Toy story piece and this is the item which she bought for him.

      The set is aged from 6 to 12 years old but seeing as all the Lego is for an older age than Jack we feel this is fine as both Himself and I enjoy making up the Lego sets which Jack can then play with. This product is numbered as 7590 in the Lego catalogue and costs from around £15 to £20 which I felt was a relatively good price for what you seem to get.

      As with most Lego, this set is well boxed and wrapped up within as there are three separate plastic bags that have different sections of the toy held inside. The instruction booklet is clear and concise and I personally found easy to follow so I am sure a 6 year old would have no problem. I do try to get Jack involved with the building but at only 3 he does find this a tad tricky.

      The whole toy took around 20 minutes to build and did look great once all made up. The toy is basically the remote controlled car "RC" from toy story which has four chunky rubbed wheels and a pull back motor (not a remote control, much to the disappointment of Jack). As in the first toy story film, on the back of RC is a figure of both Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear who has a rocket strapped onto his back. The little Lego Woody and Buzz figures are great and look spot on.

      So I can say I find the price, the ease of putting together and the look of the toy all very good. The only major draw back is the biggest aspect of any toy, and that is the actual ease of play which is truly shocking. At first I thought the toy was falling apart so easy as Jack was being too heavy handed with it but after giving it a few goes myself I realised that this toy is just no good for playing with.

      There doesn't seem to be one sturdy section of RC and using the pull back of it is very difficult as putting any pressure on the top of the car (which is needed to use the motor) parts of the car just fall off. Buzzy and Woody do not either sit on RC with ease and if they do stay on for the pull back motor to be set off in action, they will most certainly fall off when the car is either in motion or ends up hitting a door or a wall.

      This aspect of play has got to be far more frustrating for me than it is for Jack as I am the one who has to re-build the product after each time a piece falls off.

      I find it such a shame as the toy is such a good idea but it really doesn't appear to work in practise. Not only does it fall apart so very easily, there is also a big problem with the direction of the car. Even after I have rebuilt this car several times from scratch, the car will still drive in a wonky direction and ends up smashing into a wall even if it is not pointed in the direction of the walls.

      Unfortunately because of these reasons, the toy has not been as used as it should have been. I am rather grateful that it wasn't our money that was spent out on this item because I really wouldn't have been happy then. It is a real shame as the potential for this piece to be a real hit is there but we find it more annoying to play with than any fun!

      I think there are far better Lego items out there so I certainly wouldn't recommend this item even to big toy story fans. I would say a score of 2 stars out of 5 is all this product deserves and really that is only because of the fact it does look good and is easy to put together.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        03.03.2010 07:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        See review.

        After managing to spend almost all of his birthday and Christmas money, my son decided (after being prompted by a fantastic looking advert!), that he desperately needed the newest incarnation of Lego.....the Toy Story edition, namely Buzz, Woody and the remote control car from the show.

        After initially seeing it for sale at Toys R Us for around £19.99, myself and my husband both thougt it was a little on the dear side, but we then saw it again a few weeks later in Asda for the much more reasonable price of £14.99, plus the discount I get due to my husband being an Asda employee.

        After getting it home and persuading my son to actually let me look at the contents before tipping them out all over the carpet, I was a little worried at the contents before me.

        I knew that the pieces in this set would be considerably smaller than the building bocks my son is used to using, this being part of the reason I wanted him to get some ego at some point, meaning better hand to eye co-ordination, which in fairness he doesn't have in abundance!

        The pieces in this set however are a mixture of blocks, plastic rods and very small connecting pieces, not what I would deem the best set for my chid to start with!

        The set is sold as being perfect for ages 5+, but my son really couldn't build the car part, though he did manage to build and complete Buzz and Woody, compete with Buzz's rocket pack and clear plastic helmet, the characters including the car are very true to the film and look exactly the same, down to said rocket pack which is part of the first film.

        The instructions I have to say are very clear, with there being an entire page dedicated to the building of each character and then once onto the car, a page for each 2-3 pieces that have to be added onto the main body, with the body part coming as a solid piece due to it have a pull back/race forwards motion within it.

        My daughter (who is nearly 9 years old), decided she was sick of seeing myself and Con struggle to assemble it (Con gets his co-ordination from myself!), so endeavoured to assemble the car herself.

        From beginning to end (car only!), she managed to almost build it in around 20 minutes, there were a few spare parts left over, these (after checking the instruction booklet) were just wings on the side of the car, they wouldn't stop the car from working in any way, but after trying to put them on myself found they didn't attach very well anyway, and as soon as you put any hand pressure onto the car itself to use the pull back mechanism, half of the pieces attached to the top of the car, including the characters themselves, fell off, which defeats the whole point of the toy!

        Would I recommend this set, yes and no. Yes in the respect once made up (by someone much older than the stated age range), this is a lovely looking toy, the whole problem with the pieces falling off the car has been solved by me super gluing the car together, meaning that the toy can now be played with but can't be taken apart and rebuilt again....which again defeats the whole point of the set, but at least means that the longevity of play is extended somewhat!

        For more information visit - www.lego.com

        There are a few different sets to be had in this range, and even with all the "problems" we seem to have had with this particular set, my son has already expressed a wish that we get him the set that includes "Zurg" the baddie from the film, but this time he has already requested his big sisters help!

        Also available are the soldiers in a truck, Buzz's aircraft and a big set that includes Jesse (from Toy Story 2) and a full set of Sheriffs office, jail and Stinky Pete!

        Thanks for reading x

        Lego set number - 7590


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