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Lego 7592 Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lego / Model: 7592 / Type: Construct a Buzz Lightyear

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    2 Reviews
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      22.06.2011 17:46



      If you are into Lego models get him, in to Toy Story even better.

      Here is one of many excellent pieces of great Lego toys, It looks really impressive when it is fully constructed and looks great stood on a shelf as part of a collection, I bought this for my 7 year old daughter who is a massive Toy Story fan and also as a double bonus for me because I like Lego, I have got to say that it was not a doddle to put to together and would of probably taken my child a rather long time to do so, but in saying that the instructions were very clear and concise as they do seem to be with most modern Lego pieces these days, I got the fun of building it and my child loved playing with it as a toy, sadly she has lost a few pieces mixed in with other Lego which is a shame because these items really hold their value in the long run and some become desirable items, none the less great bit of kit and the little three eyed alien which comes with it is very cool too.


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      13.03.2011 14:15
      Very helpful



      A nice introductory lego kit for fans of Toy Story

      I bought this kit for £19.99, and decided to build this up in a similar style to my Lego Zurg, where I animated the building using Stop Frame Animation. This kit works really well for this with a few sub builds that combine to make the overall project.
      This kit contains 205 pieces and 1 mini-fig, another LGM (Little Green Man). It also contains 5 stickers to be placed on to the Lego pieces as you build the kit. To me this seems strange, why have stickers that will come off with time, why not just have the pattern printed onto the lego, is not like the pieces they fit to were generic pieces, they were custom pieces for the kit and in fact they already had some kind of pattern/symbols on them.
      The kit took about 1 hour to build and that includes photographing each piece as it was placed to show the kit building itself.
      The kit would be idea for children to build as most pieces are large, however there are a few small pieces just to be aware of (single stud pieces)

      Building this kit you get;
      Buzz Lightyear - a 9" tall creation. You start off building the torso of Buzz. This creates the main body and all of the join points of the creation. Next goes on the head which is attached in such a way that you can turn the head a full 360. There is then a clear plastic space helmet that is in two parts for over his head. The one part of this being loose so it can lift up, or slide down.
      Next created were the legs. The legs are straight and joined at the hips which can move sideways outward or back to straight. Unfortunately there is no waist hinge to allow him to turn. The feet extend outwards providing a firm base for Buzz to stand, the feet can turn sideways and be used to tilt Buzz forward.
      The next part are the arms. The arms are joined with a ball joint at the shoulders, meaning the arms can be twisted in all direction. Like with Zurg the arms are bent at the elbow which is fixed. The hands are attached to the arms also with a ball joint so they too can twist any direction. Of cause attached to the one arm is Buzzs' Rocket ready for launch.
      The final part to this kit are the wings. Once built this attached to Buzzs' back which means it can be taken off if he isn't to expose his wings at the specific time.

      Overall this is a very nice kit to build. It's nice and simple, but very detailed. It is also nice having small parts to actually build Buzzs' body, but then having smoothly topped pieces as the outward facing pieces that give a very smooth look to the character. The wings are nicely detailed with appropriate port and starboard colours plastic to symbolise the lights. This kit is a nice kit for £19.99, it is certainly the next step up from Zurg as the character is built from plenty of pieces, which would allow a novice builder to further develop his/her skills.

      As I have mentioned I am doing stop frame animation with my Lego kits, trying different techniques out, etc. So I will always be including my you Tube video clip for you all to see the kit being built.


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