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Lego 8085 Star Wars: Freeco Speeder

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Brand: Lego / Theme: Star Wars

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    1 Review
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      27.05.2011 08:40
      Very helpful



      A nice set from Lego

      ==Lego Star Wars Clone Wars Freeco Speeder==

      Jack is a Lego crazed fan and there is nothing more appealing to him that Lego from the Star Wars range. We have such a vast collection we are now buying a house to have a third bedroom filled with his Lego as we are beginning to run out of space where we are.

      Jack seem to get such a lot of money off people which I think is down to his cute face, his rather advanced chatter and the knowledge that reciting "Sing a Song of Sixpence" more often than not gets him a shiny coin! So with his piggy bank full and some cash deposited in the bank I asked him if he would like to take the remainder of his money down to the toy shop and he has never walked to fast to get there!

      ==Price and Availability==

      We probably paid a little more for this set of Lego than you can get it for as we purchased it from our local toy shop and the prices in there are generally a few pounds higher. For the convenience though and the fact that the man in there will often give him a little extra toy from behind the counter (for being such a valued customer) that we always tend to opt for shopping here.

      This Freeco Speeder however is one of the newer sets added to the Star Wars range as it is from the Clone Wars series and not something which was in the classic films. At £23.99 p the price is about right for a set which is of medium size such as this from Lego although like I said I am sure it can be picked up for around £20 or thereabouts if you are willing to buy online and have a bit of patience waiting for it to be delivered!

      ==Packaging and Instructions==

      The boxes of Lego I find are always a bit of a pin to get into and we always seem to end up ripping them. The boxes are not really designed to be kept in my opinion which is a shame as it is a bit of a waste. The front, sides and back of the box show different photos of the toy and what it should look like once it has been built and made up. The box states the age range of this product which is 7-12 but this is an age for a child to be able to build it on their own but seeing as Jack is not yet 4 he does need a bit of help but with all the practice he is getting I must say that he is getting really good at building up the sets.

      The main reason that Jack is capable of building the sets with a bit of help is the fact that the instruction for Lego is always so clear and easy to follow. Each page gives a brilliant diagram of which brick need to be fixed on where and as long as you can count how many dots are on the item you need you are pretty set to be able to build the item.

      ==The Building and Playability==

      To build the whole item it didn't take us longer than 15 minutes from start to finish. The set has a total of 177 pieces which are of all different shapes and sizes and there are even a few spare bits thrown in just in case any do get lost. These extra items are usually the smaller bits that are more likely to be misplaced and this is a really good idea in my opinion.

      The fact that you get two little figures as well as the Freeco Speeder plane means this is a nice little set to have on its own but seeing as Jack has a ton of other Lego Star Wars items this is another great addition to the collection. Anakin Skywalker is dressed in his snow gear so differs from other Anakin figures that we have from the range. There is a second figure of Talz chieftan who features in the Clone Wars series who has a little spear to hold and makes a new figure for our set and is not sold with another set apart from this one.

      The window of the space ship can be opened and closed once the set is built up which means that it is easy to put Anakin in and out of the driving seat. The little feet that the set has makes it easy to set the Freeco Speeder down on a flat surface and it will still stand straight and be easily played with too. The double jet engines are a nice look to the item and make it look just like the one from Clone Wars and Lego have done a great job at re-creating it.

      The Speeder is a sturdy little item that doesn't fall apart too easily and can be played with by Jack and his rough 4 year old playing pretty well. The main part which will fall off is the top window of the plane but this is easily secured back in place again but apart from that the rest of the plane is easy to play with without too much rebuilding.

      ==Overall Opinion==

      Jack really does like this little set and along with all of his other Star Wars Lego is played with daily. Of course because it is one of the new items he has he has been playing with this plane more but also I feel that because it is one of the planes which is less likely to fall apart whilst he is playing with it I think he prefers to hold and zoom this Speeder around as opposed to the others he has.

      The Freeco Speeder is of a good size for Jack's hands too and is of a good shape and design that holding it up and flying it round makes for easy play and great fun. I can't really find any fault with this set of Lego at all. It is made of the same great quality that most Lego items are and it has already had its money worth of play out of it. Plus the added bonus is that Lego is one of the few toys that will keep its value and for that reason I don't mind Jack spending his pennies on it or of course treating him to a little item as well. I am sure that it will be kept for many years just like my brothers Lego has been and either passed down to future generations or sold on at a later date for a good price.

      On the whole I can highly recommend this set of Lego for any little fan of either this construction toy or the Star Wars film/Clone Wars series themselves. It is a tough piece which is great fun and worthy of a top 5 out of 5 star exceptional rating!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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