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Lego 8092 Star Wars: Luke's Landspeeder

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lego / Theme: Star Wars / Age: 7+

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    2 Reviews
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      10.06.2011 08:22
      Very helpful



      A good set for star wars fans

      My son loves to build and create things and so for his birthday one of the presents that he received from his dad was the lego star wars set in which you could build Luke Skywalker's landspeeder.

      The landspeeder comes in a hard wearing cardboard box which is quite tricky to get in to-this seems to be the case with most lego boxes these days though! On the front of the box it shows the product fully built as well as the lego and star wars logos. We are told that the product is best suited for children aged seven to twelve years of age.

      The box, once opened, contains bags of lego pieces which will be used to build the product and full instructions on how to build the landspeeder. My son opened the bags and emptied them all on to the floor. I always encourage him to take some time to sort the pieces in to colours so that they are easier found when following the instructions but in this instance I had to help him do this as he was so keen to get the product built before bed that I thought it would save some time and make the whole process a bit easier.

      What is excellent about all lego branded products that we own is that the instructions are always so clear and easy to follow and this is the case with this product too. My son received this set for his sixth birthday and so is a year short of the youngest part of the advised age guidelines for the product but he was more than able to follow the instructions in the manual by counting the number of dots on the pieces and such like. There were a couple of tricky parts in which I needed to help him with but for the most part my son could build this independently.

      What my son loves the most about this set is that is comes with six small lego star wars characters to build which are Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, C-3PO, a sentry droid, sandtrooper and Obi-Wan Kenobi. My son plays with these figures both along side the landspeeder and separately in his own little imaginative games.

      The landspeeder, once built, is suitable for play and is quite hard wearing really in comparison to some other lego products we have had. Occasionally a bit will fall off but it is easily fixed and is ready to go again. My son has already had a lot of play with this item in the month that he has owned it and he takes great pride in the fact that he built it himself.

      As I didn't purchase this for my son myself I had to look online for a price and I can advise that it can be bought for £20.80 on amazon and this includes free super saver delivery. The price of the set is quite expensive but as it comes with six little figures I have to say that it is probably justified as I know sometimes lego do promotional packs with one little figure in and nothing else and these cost a couple of pounds each.

      This set comes recommended by my son and I am sure that other star wars and lego fans would love it as much as he does.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        12.01.2011 22:39
        Very helpful



        A lovely item

        ==Lego Star Wars Luke's Landspeeder Vehicle 8092==

        What toy can be broken apart and fixed up a trillion times but still be in full working order? What toy could you have bought 25 years ago, used it a ton of times yet it still be worth more or less what you paid for it if not more? And what toy can take a tough play and abuse yet look nearly new? LEGO of course!

        Thankfully Jack is really into his Lego at he moment, especially the Star Wars series. His collection is ever growing and includes some of his Daddy's old Lego and his Uncle Dave's meaning the large tub we keep it all in is big enough to fit Mummy in! I am hoping that by the time he is 18 he will have enough to build himself a semi-detached house and he can move out!

        Lego is really a great toy to buy for a young child as it really engages them, builds on their fine motor skills, patience and perseverance whilst giving them something to be proud they have build themselves at the end. Jack is still fairly young for solely building one of these sets but he is getting better each day. He had so much Star Wars Lego for Christmas this year that we needed to get a whole separate tub just for the new bits.

        ==Price and Availability==

        This particular item, Luke's Landspeeder, is in my opinion the best set out of all the available ones from the current Star Wars Lego line. It offers great value for money at around £25 as you get a ton of the most popular figures and the fair sized Landspeeder too! £25 seems pretty standard although I have seen them on eBay for cheaper but be careful as some of them have all the figures taken out! So it isn't such a good buy (unless you have the figures already).

        The set itself can be purchased in many online retailers and Amazon had a small reduction on it a while ago. Its in the Argos catalogue to but you find it cheaper elsewhere. I got our set from our local Tesco Extra store and as I had saved up my Clubcard vouchers through the year, I was able to "Double Up" a nice amount to spend on toy's so in reality it was a free item! This was the first year I had saved up the Clubcard vouchers for Christmas and I will certainly be doing it for the coming Christmas as it worked out I got a lot of Jacks toys already paid for!

        ==What you get==

        There are 163 Lego parts that make up this Lego set and they come in two seperate little plastic bags inside the outer cardboard packaging. There is also a really clear and useful instruction booklet which shows step by step how to build all the Lego Star Wars figures and Luke's Landspeeder too. The booklet shows picture of other Star Wars Lego sets you can buy and this jack loves these little pictures as they are usually of items which are massive and cost a hundred or even £360! (imagine spending £360 on a massive sized model of a Jabba The Hutt Barge!).

        The set comes with a Sandtrooper, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, C3-PO, and a Sentry Guard plus the Landspeeder which is the perfect starter set as most of the needed chartersare in here. The Landspeeder itself is a fair sized item but doesn't have man bricks to actually build up which means the bag you get seems pretty sparce!

        ==The set itsself==

        It didn't take more than 15 mintues to put the Landspeeder together and that was with Jack and I working together (often this makes it a lot of a slower process as Jack is still learning how to do it for himself). The figures were all very straight forward to put together and Jack was able to do these without help Following the instructions is a real must when putting any Lego item together and usually I am not one for following them but these are so uncomplicated it is a joy to read them and look at all the easy to follow diagrams (shame Lego don't do the instruction for flat pack furniture it might make it more easy to do!).

        There are plastic rods which need bending around the front of the Landspeeder and this was slightly tricky even for myself. The rods were pretty rigid and I was afraid I would ping out half a dozen other Lego bricks in the process. However the rods fit in and finished off the little ship nicely. The colours of the bricks are fitting to the colours of the vehicle in the film and it is a perfect little replica.

        Each of the figures has so much great detail it is so lovely just to look at them. They are far better than a regular Lego man as so much more effort has seemed to go into making them but having said that the Lego men of late have far more expression and detail in their clothing than they ever used to and for that reason are more interesting to look at.

        Once the set is made up it is instantly usable and the figures with the vehicle combined make for really good playability. It is probably Jack's second favourite that he got for Christmas but the figures are used with all the sets and he would have been lost without them as most of the other Star Wars sets do not have nearly as good a collection of characters.

        ==General Play==

        Not only does the set look really good and has been made to a really high standard but it is also really quite robust. Most of the other Star Wars ships and sets that Jack had for Christmas has had to be re-built as it has fallen apart due to heavy play but this Landspeeder has lasted without needing any major work.

        The fact that you have a baddie (Sand trooper) as well as goodies (the rest of the figures) means that a small battle between good and evil can take place. Of course thankfully we have more of the baddies to make it a more realistic battle but still the set is good enough to be able to own as a single item and have a nice amount of play from it.

        ==Overall Opinion==

        it has to be said that this set is a real must for any Star Wars Lego fan. It has most of the main characters and a nice ship to boot! The set (as with all Lego) is made to a very high standard and the detail on each of the figures is really amazing for both Jack and me!

        The Landspeeder is a nice ship which is a good sized (at 6 inches long) and fits some of the characters on to ride across the galaxy in. For the price paid I think this is generally far better than some of his other sets which cost a lot more. Jack certainty likes it as it has been played with every single day since Christmas day.

        I really enjoyed building up this price with Jack and I also really enjoying playing with it with him. I think all said it really is a top class product which is well deserving of a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a very high recommendation!

        I hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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