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Lego 2598 Duplo Red Building Plate

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Theme: Duplo

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    2 Reviews
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      25.09.2012 09:17
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      A true essential (in green) for all budding Duplo constructors

      We have a vast assortment of Duplo in this house. A lot of it has been handed down from our now teenage nephews but, as it has been a favourite of both my children, we have also ended up topping up their collection on several occasions.

      As younger toddlers, I have found that play with Duplo is limited to sticking the occasional block together, or playing with the people / animals in a very similar way to how they play with their Happyland characters. It is in the pre-school years that the real construction starts. My youngest is now two and a half, and she has suddenly really 'got' that she can build things with Duplo. Instead of building towers, she is now making ever more complicated constructions - yesterday's effort was a cafe complete with outline walls, windows, doors, tables and chairs. And, for those constructions to work, you need something to build them on.

      The red base plate is an absolutely invaluable part of our Duplo collection. It isn't much to look at - just a simple flat piece of plastic with the familiar Lego stud on the surface. The size of the plate is great for the more complex construction projects. The size is 24 x 24 studs, although the outer edges only have 22 studs due to the curved corners. You can get 12 of the single blocks, or 6 double blocks, in a row across the plate which I have found gives plenty of building possibilities. It is sturdy and holds the constructions in place securely even when being waved around in that unique way that toddlers have with these things.

      However, having reviewed this, I have realised that the only one currently available on Amazon is on sale for £101. At that price I wouldn't advise anyone to rush out and buy it! You can also buy them on eBay at a slighty more realistic price. My recommendation would be to go out and buy the green version (which will do exactly the same job with the added bonus of looking a bit like grass!). This green version is on sale from everywhere that sells a significant range of Duplo and costs about £6.

      Overall, I would highly recommend the Lego Duplo Building Plates. Just one final word of warning, if you have more than one child, get more than one building plate. We only have the one large plate, plus a couple of smaller green plates, and my two fight over who gets the big red one. I wouldn't mind, but the nearly six year old is always telling me that "Duplo is for babies".


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        09.08.2009 11:04



        A must for all Duplo enthusiasts

        This is a great canvas for any Duplo enthusiast and is only limited by your imagination.
        Our eldest has both a green and red plate, but prefers the green as it is 'grass'. Forms the foundation for her farm, stables, shop and any number of houses and menageries.
        Its very hardwearing which is a must in the under fours and is easy to clean. My daughter likes to feed her animals the moment my back is turned which undoubtably becomes messy, but a quick dip in the sink and its all clean. I even know a friend who puts hers in the dishwasher, but am sure the Dulpo/Lego company would not recommend it.
        Its a great size, big enough for larger constructions but nice and thin for easy storage unlike Duplo itself which is very cumbersome.
        As for age, it states 2 -5 years on the box and my daughter was successfully attaching blocks just before her second birthday so would agree there.
        You can use it anywhere on any surface tables/floors/grass.
        Great platform for your child to learn how to build.


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    • Product Details

      Give your little builders a bright, safe surface for their creations! Standard Lego System studs will hold any size brick or element, so this plate will grow with your child. The plate measures 24 x 24 studs. Rounded corners make plate safe for carrying! 2 - 5 Years

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