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Lego 2504 Ninjago: Spinjitzu Dojo

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Brand: Lego / Theme: Ninjago

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2012 11:10
      Very helpful



      A good Lego set

      My son really does love Lego and as such he has quite a collection of it. He has a drawer just full of Lego which he uses to make his own creations but he also has various sets which he has built following instructions and which he displays proudly. One of the sets he received for his seventh birthday in May was the Lego Ninjago masters of spinjitzu: spinjitzu dojo set and this is my review of the product.

      ==What is it?==

      Lego Ninjago is a relatively new Lego concept appearing over the past couple of years. My son was immediately interested in the sets as they surrounded a martial arts theme where by the characters have spinners and can actually battle with one another on these. Much like the days of pokemon you are able to buy sets with a Ninjago figure in and they come with a power card which you can play against your opponents.

      The spinjitzu dozo set is set 2504 from Lego and is suitable for those aged from seven to fourteen according to the Lego guidelines on the box. This particular set is a training centre for the Ninjago characters and during a training session with Sensei Wu Zane must try to convince him that he has what it takes to stop General Nuckal!

      ==Our experience==

      This Lego set is quite a large one really and so it comes in a good sized cardboard box with good clear pictures on both the front and the back so that you are able to get a good idea of what the finished product will look like and if it is the kind of thing you want to purchase. There is a nice picture next to the Lego Ninjago name showing Zane, Sensei Wu and General Nuckal and their names underneath their pictures so novices like me are able to understand who is going to feature in this set!

      My son was keen to get in to this set and it may seem a really tiny thing to comment on but I do like how lego give you two places to push on the edge of the box which are perforated and so make getting in to the box that much simpler. Anyone with an impatient child will realise once they have something they want to do they really do want to do it now!

      Inside the box there are two glossy instruction manuals which really do resemble magazines. Every time I seem to review Lego I go on about how wonderful I think the instruction manuals are but I do really think that Lego have the best instructions for construction type toys in my opinion and this makes a massive difference to whether or not a child will enjoy the product. You are taken through every step in the instruction manuals with a picture and an idea of what you are going to have in front of you when you have finished the step. The fact that the instructions are so simple to follow does mean that for the most part my son is able to build the set independently and as such really has a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of it. This particular set my son only needed a little help in slotting some of the weapons in to their spaces on the structure as it was quite fiddly to do but the rest of it he did himself.

      From start to finish this set probably took my son a good hour to build and when it was built he was very happy to play with the set and his figures. The set is 17cm tall and 38cm wide and whilst it does feature hinges on both sides you are not able to fully enclose the set and so you do need a good area to pop this one so it is kept safe when not being played with. My son stores his on the top of his book case in his bedroom and moves it on to his table if he wants to play with it. What is nice with this set is there is plenty of interaction that can be done with it once made and so you can turn a handle to make some knifes spin, or press a button to make the floorboards lift and trip an imposer as well as move some axes as well by pushing a button. Often with a Lego set it is built and then there isn't much you can do with the set but in this case there are a few good little features.

      Now in this set you do get three mini figures, a good amount of weapons, cards and ways in which to interact with the set but it is a shame that it only comes with one spinner because you need two of them for the mini figures to have a proper battle! Luckily my son does have other Ninjago sets he has bought and so he did have a couple of other spinners that he could use to fully benefit from this set. Whilst I realise it is probably Lego's intention for you to have to go out and buy other Ninjago products it does seem a little off to not include both within a set where there is clearly meant to be a battle going on!

      My son really went through a phase of playing with this set quite a lot for a few weeks after he got it and he would get all of his Ninjago mini figures out and really create a little story for himself whilst he played. I noticed as time has gone on he does play with this one less and less but sometimes before his bath I will go in to find him sat playing with it on his book case and so it isn't something which is built and then completely ignored after the first week or so which sadly seems to have been the case with some of his Harry Potter Lego sets!

      I think most little boys would really like this set, especially if they are familiar with the Ninjago brand and so I can recommend it but just be mindful that you will probably need to purchase another spinner so your child can make proper battles with the mini figures.

      ==Price and availability==

      This set is available from Smyths toys for £24.99 and I do think that is a fair price to pay for a solid and well thought out set. I would just be mindful of the fact that you probably need another spinner.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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