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Lego 6862 Super Heroes Superman vs power armour lex

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Theme: Super Heroes

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2014 10:42
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      Four stars.

      We had friends round for a get together on Halloween and the kids played great together. I was really surprised when I checked on my son's bedroom to see that his room was pretty tidy as he had claimed but then I opened the door to his toy cupboard and it was a bit of a state! It had been my intention to tidy the cupboard up before Christmas anyway selling some things he doesn't use anymore and so when we started sorting my son said "well it is my stuff, really I should get the money" which was a fair point I guess and with the first part of money he made he bought the Lego set 6862 called Superman V Power Armour Lex and this is my review of the set.

      ==What is it?==

      This set is part of the Lego super hero range which have people like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Ironman and what not. This particular set features Superman and his nemesis Lex Luthor.

      The set comes in a good quality tough cardboard box which isn't particularly big but this is one of the mid range products. I did expect the set to be a little bigger than what it was when it arrived to be honest but my son didn't seem to care. The box features a picture of the set built and in use as well as a smaller inset picture of the three mini figures that you get with the set. The mini figures included are Superman, Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman which is quite a nice little mix to be honest and they are cool mini figures which look good in any set to be honest.

      The box tells us that this set is suited to those aged six to twelve years and I think this is probably quite a fair assessment to be honest. Lego are usually pretty good with their age guidelines but I suppose younger children could get this and have help building the set and I would imagine some adults would still love this set!

      ==Building the set==

      My son insisted we paid for first class delivery on amazon so that the set would arrive before he was back at school. When the parcel arrived he couldn't wait to get stuck in to it and I just sat back and left him to it. He is a very competent builder with Lego and he loves the feeling of achievement he gets when he completes a set which is lovely to see as a parent.

      Inside the box was the Lego pieces in a bag, the instruction manual and also a little comic featuring the Lego characters but to be honest the comic wasn't much good and my son flicked through it before deciding to get stuck in to the Lego.

      The manual included in the set is a good size as as ever with Lego comes across as a bit like a magazine in that it features full colour, glossy pictures which are really well detailed for when you are building. I like how Lego always take their time with the instructions and they don't feel rushed. In some brands such as k'nex the instructions can be pretty complex and it is easy to miss a small step and go wrong. It is much harder to do this with Lego due to the clear and well detailed instructions. I always feel confident letting my son go alone on a smaller set like this one but when it is a more complex set I will chip in where needed.

      What you get in this set is basically the Lego to build Lex Luthors power armour and it does look pretty impressive when it is done! It reminds me a bit of a transformer type robot and it is mainly green as Lex powers the armour using kryptonite which is damaging to Superman. The armour has a little section in the top with a clear dome front where Lex sits as he controls this robot and attacks Superman. On the box it shows Wonder Woman as having been captured by Lex and Superman coming to the rescue and attempting to defeat Lex. The robot looks impressive and stands at about 15cm tall but to be honest given it costs £16.99 on amazon currently I would have expected a bit more for the money. Ok you get three mini figures but not a massive amount else for your money. This is my grumble though. My son was more than happy with what he got with his money and he has set and played with the power armour quite a lot since he got it mixing it with other sets and stuff.

      it took my son around twenty minutes to get this set built up which considering what you have to build was reasonable. Again I would have liked it to take him a bit longer to get it all built but there isn't much to build. When it was built I have to say the power armour is pretty cool looking and my son does love it. He likes how he can put different mini figures in it not just Lex and so it is good for his imaginative play to be honest. It is good quality too. It holds together well unless you drop it on the floor which I did but thankfully only an arm fell off and my son could fix it quickly or I would have been in the dog house!

      ==Would I recommend the set?==

      For £16.99 I have to say this set is probably a little expensive for what you get and the RRP is actually £19.99 which is even more expensive. That said my son does really like the set. He likes the large robotic looking power armour which towers over the mini figures and he uses it a lot in his play. He would probably give it his recommendation and so for that reason I give it four stars. One off for the fact I think you could get more for your money though.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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    • Product Details

      Age: 5-8 Years / Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts - Choking Hazard

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