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Lego 6864 Super Heroes Batmobile and the two face chase

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Theme: Super Heroes

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2013 10:20
      Very helpful



      A great Lego set!

      My son adores Lego and building things. I actually dread to think how much money must have been spent over the past few years in particular as the toy became his favourite thing to do. We have so many sets built up around the home as well as a massive drawer full of Lego bricks for making his own inventions too! One of the more recent purchases was back in May when my son had some birthday money to spend and so we visited Smyths toy superstore where he bought the Lego Super Heroes set 6864 which is called Batmobile and the Two-Face chase. This is my review of the product.

      ==What is it?==

      There are loads of different Lego Super Heroes sets that you can buy inluding ones which feature Superman, Spiderman or Iron Man for example but as you can probably guess from the name of the range and this particular set this is a Batman Lego set.

      This set comes in a pretty large cardboard box which has both the Lego and product name on there as well as a really large picture showing the set made up and in action. We are told that this set comes with five mini figures including Batman, Two-Face, a police officer and a couple of Two-Face's hench men. A comic is also included in the box. We are advised that this set is best suited to those aged 7-14 years of age and I do think that Lego age guidelines are usually pretty accurate.

      This is what I would call a really good sized set because I think it is comprehensive and useful in imaginative play on its own without the need for other things or sets to enhance it. in it you get the Batmobile, Two-Face's truck, a bank, safe and other such small accessories as well as the mini figures so it is a really good playable set.

      ==Our experience==

      I don't really feel the need to sit down with my son whilst he builds most Lego sets now as he is an accomplished builder and I know he is good at reading instructions. I do like to be nearby though so that if he does need any help he can always ask me quickly without having to come find me. As well as this I do like to sit and watch my son build with Lego as he just enjoys it so much and he kind of gets lost in it and it is good to see him so happy and focussed really.

      Inside the box there are three individual bags of Lego which are all numbered for ease of reference and use. This is one of the many things I think make Lego such a wonderful brand because this combined with the good quality, large and well labelled clear instruction booklets mean that it is hard to get lost when building which can't be said for many other construction type toys! In this set there are two good sized instruction booklets and they both tell you exactly when you need to open a new bag and take you through the building steps nice and slowly so my son didn't get confused at all when building this set.

      You first build the Batmobile and I have to say I was really impressed with both the coolness of the car and the size. It measures over 23cm in length and it looks so sleek and cool! It has a really shiny finish to it much as you would expect the Batmobile to have. My son loves to play with this car and so many people have commented on how cool it is when they have been to visit. The one niggle we have is that the "wings" seem to come off easily and that is a shame. I know it is Lego and you can't expect it to be totally solid but this particular aspect really enhances the look of the Batmobile and it is a shame that part seems so flimsy. A cool aspect is the fact it features shooting missiles which is sure to be something to please little boys!

      Next you build Two-Face's car and the bank and again I was really pleased with the quality of the set on the whole. The car is made from orange and purple coloured bricks which match Two-Face's suit to a tee. it is quite a robust looking car with chunky wheels and a section on the back through which you can hook the safe from the bank making it the perfect bad guys car! Again my son really enjoys playing with this and if anything he plays with it slightly more than with the Batmobile as he is able to use the hook and he is is forever attaching things he shouldn't to the car! This car is also a good size at around 12cm long. It also features shooting missiles as well. The bank stands at about 9cm tall and is a decent little construction through which you can pull the safe through the window to steal the Lego money. It fits in really well with the rest of this set and I do think it is an integral part of it in terms of imaginative play once it is built.

      The whole set probably took my son around a couple of hours to build it all and I think this is a good length of time to sit and build a Lego set to be honest. As I mentioned I didn't need to get involved in the building process and perhaps it would have been a little quicker if I had helped but then my son would have lost a little of the satisfaction he had from building it all by himself. He wasn't bothered by the time it took to build the set, if anything it just really held his attention and gave him something to do and this is something I want him to get from a Lego set really as they aren't cheap and I don't want him to feel like it was a five minute job so to speak.

      This is a good quality Lego set on the whole. It is certainly enough for a child to be able to create their own imaginative stories with and play with. We have this one on display on top of his toy box in the lounge and I regularly find him stood or sat there playing with this and the mini figures as well. It is a pretty durable set other than the wings on the Batmobile and will withstand play quite well but obviously you can't go throwing it about or anything. I would recommend this set for fans of Lego and Super Heroes to be honest because there is very little fault with it.


      The RRP for this is £49.99 but we bought it in May from Smyths for £39.99. On amazon it costs slightly less than the RRP but it is worth noting that amazon regular drop their prices and so it would be one to watch.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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      Age: 5-8 Years / Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts - Choking Hazard

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