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Lego 7498 Lego City: Police Station

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lego

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    3 Reviews
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      23.08.2012 15:17



      Great toy for children over 5 with lots to keep then involved

      Myself and my partner bought this for our five year old daughter for Christmas. At about £70 it was quite an expensive gamble as she didn't have any other Lego toys so we had no idea how she would react. We needn't have worried. The size of the box alone caused a great deal of excitement and this increased even more when she saw what was inside.

      The main worry was that she might not be able to follow the instructions and get bored when she couldn't complete it. However, as with all Lego toys, the instructions are very well laid out and easy to follow. With the added help from her dad when she occasionally missed a part she managed to complete the police station within about a week, doing a small section each night.

      This toy is probably best suited to a slightly older age group but our five year old more than enjoyed it and the challenge it presented. The only part she couldn't complete was the stickers as they are quite small and fiddly but her dad was more than happy to get involved. Once built it is also quite delicate so I wouldn't suggest for children any younger than five as heavy hands will probably cause damage. Although it is always rebuildable.

      The only problem we had was that one of the bags of bricks was the wrong one so we had to wait a couple of weeks after Christmas until she could start building it. Lego were very helpful and sent out the parts as quick as they could, even including a small Lego keying as a sorry. Because of the speed that they rectified their mistake it has not made me think any worse of this product.


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      14.08.2012 23:35
      Very helpful



      A great lego toy that is overpriced

      My daughter decided that she would love some Lego and since me and her dad had both loved Lego as kids we thought yeah why not. I was worried with her only being 5 when we bought this that she may be a bit too young to work out the full point of Lego I had visions of her opening the box and wanting it built immediately to get playing however I was wrong as she actually liked the building part the most. I nearly hit the floor when we went out to buy it when I seen the price, she decided she wanted the police station and it cost £70.00.

      Lego is basically tiny little bricks and pieces which fit into each other to build a variety of different things. I can remember when I was little and I used to have a massive bucket of Lego which consisted of boards, windows and doors to make houses plus heads to make people and wheels to make cars. Lego provided hours of entertainment for me although I don't remember having any themed Lego as you tend to get these days including police stations, fire stations, garage exc.

      The Lego comes in a huge blue box that displays a picture of the built police station on the front. The box gives all the details needed including that this is from the Lego city collection and is for children aged 6-12.

      My daughter had her heart set on this one but again she was only 5 and the 6-12 age rating seemed like it was going to be too hard for her. By looking at the instructions and the pictures my daughter managed to build this police station all by herself and I couldn't believe it. I also couldn't believe the size of it. Due to the box being rather big I couldn't believe how small the actual station was so once assembled it is very hard to play with.

      Once built the police station has a ground floor which has real lifting garages where a police car can be parked. The bottom floor also contains some rooms that can be used for evidence and interrogation. Stairs lead up to the next floor which contains the jails and a third side area which had a helicopter pad on the top.

      Lego is a well-known make so you know that you are getting quality goods however I personally feel that for the price you hardly get anything for your money. My daughter loves building the station then taking it back down and building it again her own way so it looks different eveytime and I must admit it has provided hours of entertainment but for the price this isn't something you could buy if it wasn't really an occasion.


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      04.01.2012 13:14
      Very helpful



      exellent attention to detail, peice of art


      I bought this for my 9 year old son as a christmas 2011 gift, i bought it from tesco's supermarket for £47.98 which was the best deal i could find at the time.
      My son has a special interest in anything police related and also loves lego so i thought this would be an ideal gift for him and would complement some of the other lego city collections he already had.


      This set comes in quite a large bulky cardboard box with an attractive picture of the fully built police station on the front with the baranded lego logo, on the back is a detailed picture, a close up peek into what is inside and what the finished product will look like once built, it is rated to target an age range of 6-12 year olds and is a unisex toy.
      The lego piece count is 782
      Measures 10" tall and 15" wide
      Instruction manuals x4


      Police vehicals x3, a bicycle, a police car and a police prisoner transport van.
      Mini figures x6, robbers x2, police men x4, and a police dog.


      A dog kennal, secret compartments, an evidence room, a police photo mug shot taking room, two prisoner cells with sliding doors, two garages with sliding doors, an escape drainpipe, a helicopter landing pad.

      This set has three levels..

      First level (ground).. the two garages, police vehicals, a police dog area and kennel, a police office area, drive ways, stairs leading up to second floor.

      Second level.. has the mug shot photo area, a police office interrogation area, the two police jail cells with in jail toilets, stairs leading to ground floor.

      Third level.. has an office and crime research area with a coffee machine refreshment area, the roof above the police cells have satellites and a loud speaker area with spotlights and the roof of the third floor has a helicopter landing pad with floodlights and aerials on.


      I love this set almost just as much as my son does!
      With a little help my 9 year old built this set in under 3 hours, and managed to navigate his way through the instructions himself which i thought was prof that the instuctions were easy to understand and follow, my son does not usually have the patience for big builds or anything mildly complicated!
      However this set kept him busy, entertained and engrossed for a few hours and with very little help from us adults.
      The lego was divided into 9 numbered bags which helped a great deal with findng the parts needed for each area being built.
      The pleasure my son got from building this was lovely to see and watch, it made him so proud of himself for achieving the build more or less by him self and certainly gave him a confidence boost from doing so.
      The set once built was very impressive and bigger than we expected it to be with the three levels, it looked very playable and i thought that the accessories you get for the mini figures and the police dog were detailed and cute and definitely added to the experience of creative play, the little police dog has his own dog bowl, bone and kennel, there is even a snazzy little coffee machine area!
      There are lots of little touches which make this set a really cool one, the doors of the jail cells slide open and also have a key, a secret escape route, hidden crowbars under the beds and toilets.
      The vehicles all have opening doors and boots, the attention to detail on the mini figures is quite amazing.
      The design is lovely and attractive, exactly as you would expect a top notch high tech police station to look as a toy.
      My son has already had hours of enjoyment out of this fantastic set, although i still consider the £48 price tag to be on the expensive side even though i bought this product already on offer i doubt i would have bought it had it been any more and still feel the pricing should be more in the region of £30-£35 and then i would have been totally thrilled with the cost of this, i believe the full price to be in excess of £70 which i do not think this product is worth but i guess it is the brand you also pay more for these days.
      Regardless though it is a really impressive large set which my son has played with daily so far.
      My only gripe aside from the price is the amount of stickers which need attaching after the build and how fiddly this can be, do not get me wrong the stickers are another nice touch with attention to detail and they do have a very good effect on the overall look, it is just that my son stuggled a little with getting these stickers on correctly but got there in the end.


      I would recommend this product but would also recommend at the same time to try wait for deals and offers as the full £70 price tag is i think very excessive, even though i paid neare £50 i still think that was expensive.
      I would recommend for the following reasons, the set is a work in progress and can be built, added to and changed as you wish, it also keeps children of both sexes happy and busy as well as keeping them engaged in creative play and gives them a sense of satisfaction, confidence and achievement as it is easy to build and the instructions are easy to follow.
      There are lots of cool features within this set and will provide children with hours of entertainment and fun, the detail is second to none, fantastic and allows the imagination to run wild.
      A very playable, enjoyable, impressive and practical lego set which will be complemented by the other city lego play sets and is quite a piece of art.
      I have rated 4 stars but would have given a 5 had the price been less.


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