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Lego 9466 Monster Fighters: The Mad Scientist

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2 Reviews

Theme: Monster Fqighters

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    2 Reviews
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      15.03.2013 11:59
      Very helpful



      Great price, really interesting set.

      This is a great Lego set, with a really interesting theme. I had not seen Lego before with such an interesting theme and as the Classic Universal Movie Monsters are a favourite of mine, this set really appealed to me.

      The Set was on sale in Smiths for £34.99, but I have seen it advertised elsewhere for around twenty five pounds, up to £49. I think the price paid was reasonable. It has 430 pieces, which is quite a good amount to make it a set worth building.

      The Box is a nice size, big enough to make a large gift, and yet not a massively overpriced set. The box artwork is really nice, a large picture of the actual set, with spooky backdrop and the action of the set made out quite nicely.

      Opening the box, the Lego is packaged in separate bags, which are numbered so it is easy to find the pieces that you need for each separate part.

      There are four Lego mini figures included, the Monster, the Crazy Scientist and two monster fighters hero characters. The box does not include a lot of information about the names of the characters, but I was able to go online and find out who they were and story lines that accompanied them. This gives it even more playability as you can add the extra dimension of a storyline to the set.

      Part of the set is a vehicle, which is a nice blue car in a 30's style. It has a nice chunky build and really suits the 'movie' theme of the set. The figures fit into the car, and there are some missiles that you can flick out to create more action.

      There are some really nice features, such as a prison cell with a breakaway wall so the monster fighters can rescue captured comrades, a skull in a jar, a spiders web, potion pots, and the highlight of the set is the Mad scientists operating table, this has a nice system of cogs that allows you to roll it back and forward, placing the Monster underneath the light brick, which when the handle is turned, gives a nice Zap of red light onto the monster, bringing him to life!

      The only slight negative would be that the mad scientists hair is not usual Lego hair and made of soft rubber, this means it does not stay on as well and frequently falls off. The set is prone to coming apart on the hinged parts, which are only connected by small brick connecters, meaning that they are weak and when played with or moved, they easily break away from the rest of the set.

      Overall the set is really nice, and has a great atmospheric feel. It really looks like a movie set, and appeals to both children and adults. The parts can be easily mixed and moved with others to make new combinations. The light brick is a really nice feature, and when combined with the other Lego Monster fighters sets, makes a theme that bring hours of play.


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      14.01.2013 11:29
      Very helpful



      A great set for young lego fans

      One of the presents that was on my sons letter to Father Christmas was the Lego monster fighters set 9466 the crazy scientist and his monster. I had popped this on my amazon wish list so that I could keep an eye on the price and so when I saw it on offer for just £22.99 instead of the more usual price of around £40 I sent an email over to my mum who was looking to buy this one for him and she bought it. This is my review of the product.

      ==What is it?==

      Lego are always coming up with new ideas for sets and the monster fighters one seems to be quite new. As soon as my son saw this range he was interested in collecting the sets from it and this Christmas he received three sets from it. The sets do range in price and so you can get the smaller ones for around ten to fifteen pounds but then the larger ones such as Lord Vampyres castle will cost you around eighty pounds unless you get a good special offer on it.

      This particular set as I mentioned cost £22.99 when we bought it but it is currently selling on amazon for £35.97 and they claim it has a RRP of £59.34 which is a bit of a random amount! I would say this one is usually around the forty pounds mark and I wouldn't want to pay the amazon RRP for it.

      The set comes in a large cardboard box on which there are pictures of the set and figures in action and so you can get a good idea of what you are getting without seeing the contents of the box which I think is a really good thing personally. The box features the Lego monster fighters name which looks suitable spooky with its jagged letters! The box in general is quite dark and spooky looking but of course this is the intention and my son couldn't wait to get stuck in to this one. In the set you get to make the crazy scientists laboratory complete with a mini prison attached as well as the car of the hero monster fighters as well so it is quite a full set with plenty to do.

      The set is suited to those aged 8-14 according to the box but I would say that younger children who are confident with Lego could have a go at this one as long as they have an adult with them as they do it to help when required as there are some tricky parts to assembly in this one. I know there are plenty of adults who still love to get stuck in with Lego toys and so I am sure most people would enjoy helping out building this set!

      ==Building the set==

      When my son opened this present on Christmas day he literally jumped in the air with excitement. That was how much he wanted this present and so it was obvious that he would want to get stuck in to building it straight away. As I was making Christmas dinner for my parents and siblings I wasn't able to sit down and spend the time making quite a comprehensive set with my son and so he began to tackle it alone which was a mistake from the off because he was feeling a little under the weather, was tired and wasn't really concentrating properly and so he made a few mistakes meaning we had to break the work up he had done and put it away with a promise that we would do it together on boxing day.
      True to my word on boxing day we got the set out again and set about building it together. Now inside the cardboard box there were four numbered bags of Lego and two good sized colour instruction books. I realise every time I write a Lego review I go on about how I think the organisation and instructions are wonderful and set Lego apart from other similar brands but this really is the case! The instruction books tell you as and when you need to open each bag of Lego and it just makes the whole building process seem less intimidating and more manageable. The instruction booklets are both in full colour and show building instructions in small easy to follow steps and you are always informed of which pieces you need for each step which just makes the whole thing easier and I really do think that other manufacturers should take a leaf out of Lego's book and provide excellent instruction manuals.

      As always I make my son sort the pieces in each bag in to colour and like pieces simply because we find that it is then easier to find the pieces you need as you follow the steps and although my son moans a little at me about this he let slip that whilst at his Dad's building a Lego set he told his Dad off for wanting to dive in without sorting the pieces! I do recommend this as it makes life easier in my opinion.

      As this is quite a large set in terms of the items you have to build there are plenty of steps to building it but as these are in small sections you don't really feel overwhelmed and I was able to mainly just pass my son pieces and watch to make sure he was putting them on the right way. There are a few parts with this set where the brick must be facing the right way and if you don't put it on right you will have issues a few more steps down the line and need to go back so I do think it is a really good idea to do this set with your child rather than let them go at it independently.

      The set took around an hour and a half to build it completely and although this seems like quite a long time I was pleased it took a long time as it is quite a large project and when you buy items like this you don't want it to be over in half an hour! I would advise you allow yourself plenty of time for the build and whilst I suppose you could build the car and then leave the lab until another time this wasn't something that my son wanted to do. When built I was more than happy with the quality of the set and this is something that again I think Lego do best. So many companies seem to try and imitate Lego but the bricks never seem to go together right. With Lego you know you are building a solid good quality product which is which I think I accept that it is going to cost a fair amount to purchase.

      ==In play==

      When this set was finished I have to say even I was impressed with it and my son was even more impressed! The lab in particular features some great detail which we haven't seen in other Lego sets and so you have a glow in the dark skull piece in the lab which really does glow in the dark! By far though my son's favourite piece in this set is the light brick which did need some serious building but once in the set is actually a battery powered red light which when pushed shines a laser on to the resurrection table in the lab! A battery is included with the brick and I am not sure how easy it would be to go about changing it but I think the likelihood is that it will last a long time anyway.

      With this set you actually get four mini figures and these are the crazy scientist, Frankenstein and then two monster fighters names Rodney Rathborne and Quintin Steele. The fact that there are a good amount of mini figures included in this set makes the opportunities for play greater and my son just loves the crazy hair on the mad scientist! My son will regularly get all of his monster fighter Lego out on to the floor and create little scenes which is lovely to see as I know he is using his imagination. I particularly enjoy watching him place Frankenstein on the resurrection table and then using the laser light to bring him to life and set about chasing the monster fighters!

      The small details in this set are what make it I think really. The car is loaded with a sliding seat and missiles for firing at the monsters whilst on top of the prison in the lab there is a catapult for them to fire bricks at the hero's whilst protecting themselves! There are spiders webs and glow in the dark spiders as well as mini potion pots which the crazy scientist can run around with whilst being chased by the heroes! The opportunities for play really are endless with this set and it is a pleasure seeing my son interact with them.

      As always with Lego you do need to have a reasonable amount of care as you play with the sets in case they break but nothing has broken off this set as of yet and we always save the instructions just in case they need to be looked at again at a later date.


      I think this is a great Lego set and it is one of my son's favourite ones to play with as well. The quality is great and we got it at a bargain price in my opinion. I do think this is best along side other sets from the Lego monster fighter range but to be fair I think an imaginative child could happily create their own world using this as part of it. I would certainly recommend this set as it is a nice detailed set with plenty of play opportunities.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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