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Mega Bloks Mini Bricks

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Brand: Mega Bloks / Theme: Bricks Model Number: 436618

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2011 19:02
      Very helpful



      overall a good product for the price.

      Over the last year or so my eldest son and recently my youngest son have become obsessed with Duplo and have had many hours fun playing with their sets that family have bought them. But it came to our attention quite early on as great as the sets they received were they seemed to lack in the amount of basic bricks they contained. Putting all the sets together they had plenty of wheels, people, animals, chairs and other accessories but not enough basic bricks to build their own inventions. So for our youngest son's second birthday we decided to spend some of his birthday money on some basic bricks to add to their collection of bricks.

      On looking around we found there are few basic Duplo packages out there and the few there are, are pricey. It was in our local 'Entertainer' toy shop we found Mega Bloks mini brick which at first view look identical to the Duplo brick. They were half price, costing only £10 for ninety bricks instead of £20. Whereas Duplo bricks are roughly £30 for the same amount. We decided to take a risk and hoped they would be compatible with the Duplo bricks we already had.

      Lucky for us Mega Bloks mini bricks are compatible with Duplo bricks. The basic Mega bloks mini bricks set comes in a thick resealable bag which is great if this is the start of your little ones collection but for us it was just tipped into the big plastic box we have for all our Duplo. There are ninety blocks in total with this particular set. The set contains various different sizes of basic style blocks and also come in a selection of colours. They are ideal for your little one to use their imagination and create some wonderful master pieces. I would say this set is a great start for any young one. The blocks are a great size for a young child to gasp and move about. They give your child great practise with hand eye coordination. They are made from plastic and can be wiped clean which is essential when being played with by my little boys!

      As I have mentioned on initial viewing of this bloks they do look identical to the Duplo bricks but it is on further more detailed looking you realise there is a difference but one that shouldn't bother a child or be noticeable to one. It is under a more critical eye you notice the differences. As soon as you pick up a mega blok mini brick you can feel it is different it is lighter and slightly cheaper plastic feel to it. The colours don't look as rich as the Duplo colours and the underneath feels rougher. But as most things you pay for what you get. The Mega Blok mini brick is cheaper in price and therefore you get a cheaper quality product.

      The Mega Blok mini brick does have a recommended age range of three years and up. I think this is a little old like the Duplo I would say from two years and above. The problem with bricks like this they don't last long in terms of your child growing too old for them. They soon move onto proper big boy Lego as my eldest son calls it! The youngest son turned two this summer and he happily plays away with these bricks with no problems making some rather large thin towers. My eldest son is three and a half and he gets a lot of fun out of them two being more imaginative building houses and rockets.

      As I have mentioned the Mega Blok mini brick is a cheaper alternative to the Duplo brick but my boys didn't seem to notice and it didn't spoil any of their play. At the end of the day they are just the same thing. It is great to know now that they are compatible with the Duplo brick for the future. They have done their job which was to bulk my son's Duplo collection up with basic blocks. This Mega blok is an ideal starter set for any young toddler.

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