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Ann Summers Bedside Babe Fantasy Nurse Outfit

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4 Reviews

Brand: Ann Summers / Type: Sexy nurse outfit

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    4 Reviews
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      01.05.2012 22:02
      Not Helpful



      Very good Ann Summers Product

      A beautiful, well made bedroom outfit that will make any woman feel confident inside and beautiful on the outside. The sexy nurse outfit can be used in many different ways; a nice comfortable introduction into role play with that special someone, or an extremely naughty outfit for a fancy dress party. You have the hat and telescope as added accessories that come with the outfit, that you can play with, that makes that special night in that little more naughty. If you want to look like the outfit in the picture you have to also buy the stockings separately, which would be a disadvantage about this product. Very giving martial for those who have a few lumps and bumps in the wrong places - as we all think we do. I would recommend this to a friend because its a fun way to get those pulses racing whether that's getting hot and sweaty on a dance floor or behind closed doors.


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        20.03.2011 14:14
        Very helpful



        A decent buy, barring the stethoscope

        A couple of weeks ago, I wan invited to an Ann Summers party at my local pub. The lady hosting the party had a rail of various outfits people could try on, and I had a little go with the Bedside Babe outfit. The one I tried on at the party was a size 14 and a little snug on my size 16-18 frame, but it did help me make the decision to order the outfit for myself.

        A week later, and I picked up my outfit . I'd ordered it in a size 16, as I know from outfits I already have from Ann Summers that this would fit me comfortable - it is however available in sizes 8-26, so there is a size to fit most people. The kit is essentially a white zip front dress,with a little blue detailing, a blue plastic stethoscope, and a small white triangular headpiece that fits with elastic .

        The first thing I noticed was that the stethoscope needed a little assembly. Nothing too major - I just needed to attach two plastic nodules into the plastic tubing. This didn't take too long but did take a little bit of forcing. I have to say this part of the outfit seems very cheaply made - little more than a childs toy really.The bits that go into your ear are a little large and uncomfortable. I'm also saddened to say that after just one wear, the part that you would press against someones chest snapped clean off, so I really think this particular part of the kit was very shoddy.

        The dress itself is very nice though - it's mostly white, with a blue trip around the edges and lapels, a blue zip, and two blue cross symbols across the boobs . When fully zipped up it is not particularly low cut - in fact, I would say it is very modest, covering most of my chest. However, you do have the option to leave this partially unzipped to show a little more cleavage . The chest area of the dress is quite generously stretcy so even if you have a larger chest you should be able to get a comfortable fit .

        The dress is very short, barely skimming over the buttocks . I think if you were going to wear this out to a party, you would definitely need to wear some hot pants beneath to prevent people from getting an eyeful of your undercarriage. However, as my intentions for this outfit were purely bedroom based, a short skirt was not a bad thing , in fact giving me complete freedom of movement when I decided to perch myself on my boyfriends lap to get his opinion on the outfit .

        The headpiece is a simple white triangle of cloth with a blue cross on it, and some blue trim, in the same shiny effect as the blue detailing on the dress. It secures via a loop of elastic, and can be worn under or over the hair in a variety of styles. I think this offers much more flexibility in the way you wear it than an actual hat, and I quite like it .

        I felt very fun and flirty in my outfit, and judging by my boyfriends reaction, which , out of good taste, I will refrain from describing in detail , he certainly approved. I am delighted to say that this comfortable outfit does not get hot or sticky should you build up a sweat when wearing it, and that the zip in no way digs into the skin . There is a generous amount of stretch in the outfit, so you can be comfortable in any position .

        It is also machine washable (inside out on a low heat) which is great, as I wouldn't fancy carting this along to the dry cleaners . It comes out of the machine almost dry, and free of wrinkles, so can be simply hung up on a hanger to dry fully.

        Overall, I am fairly happy with the outfit. The fact that the stethoscope was cheap and nasty, and broke after the first use is a great disappointment to me (especially as the outfit cannot be exchanged or refunded once it has been worn) as I will now have to purchase a new one to complete the look. For this, I am deducting two stars, although the rest of the outfit does seem to be good quality.


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          17.03.2011 08:13
          Very helpful



          A saucy nurse's outfit from Ann Summers!

          I'm a huge fan of dressing up. Whether that be on girls nights out or for Mr Lools you can guarantee I'm full of enthusiasm. So when my friend's decided that to celebrate one of the group's 21st Birthdays as "naughty nurses" I headed straight for Ann Summers and bought the Bedside Babe Fantasy Nurse Outfit.

          ***Bedside Babe Fantasy Nurses Uniform***
          'This nurse costume will really give him a fever while you impress him with your sexy bedside manner' is how the costume is described on the Ann Summers website."

          The costume consists of a white dress with blue trim and zip and blue cross on the chest. The material is not pvc (100% polyester) but does have a PVC feel and appearance to it. The dress is zip up the front so can be zipped up to the top of the chest or zipped down as far as you like. The dress also comes with a matching white and blue "nurses hat" and a blue stethoscope.

          ***Price and Availability***
          The Bedside Babe Fantasy Nurses Outfit is available from Ann Summers both in store and online www.annsummers.co.uk . This is available for £25.00. I think this is very reasonable if you compare with other brands of "adult" nurses costumes.

          The costume is available in Sizes 8 to 26.

          ***Wearing It***
          I was expecting this to be a very short dress being from Ann Summers although it did surprise me that it was even shorter than expecting; it just covered my bottom. I'm 5ft 5 and therefore those slightly taller may find that this actually may not cover. Obviously if you are wearing this solely for bedroom purposes this is not an issue but if like me you are wearing this for a night out, you will need to wear a pair hot pants if you do not wish to expose yourself to strangers!

          I first wore this for a fancy dress night out so it was worn for over 8 hours. The dress was not uncomfortable or itchy but when inside in bars I did feel very hot and at times that my back was "perspiring" slightly. Therefore when engaging in more "active" forms of exercise wearing this you do get hot quite quickly.

          The accessories that come with the costume are quite basic although durable. I dropped the stethoscope on a number of occasions and it did not break. The hat however is quite flimsy and does need securing onto your head/ hair otherwise it will just keep falling off. The clips do not come with the outfit but the hat can be secured with hairclips.

          The outfit can be washed and the label states that you can put this inside out on a cool wash in the washing machine but I have always hand washed. It also is not suitable to be tumble-dried. I did find that a number of drink stains were on my dress after wearing this for a night out but these were easily removed.

          Wearing this in the bedroom is also lots of fun. The outfit got Mr Lool's approval as it was short and skimpy but personally I did feel as bedroom attire it is quite plain for an adult's nurses uniform if you compare it with others available. The zip up front means it can be as revealing as you like but the plain white and lack of detail alone makes it a little too simple although there obviously is the option to wear some stocking or hold ups with it! The zip on the front of the dress is a good quality and does not move from the position you put it in but is very easy to zip up and down when needed.

          I'm a size 6-8 so bought this in the size 8 and did feel that this is quite a generous size 8 so did not look as fitted as I would have liked. I do have a larger than average chest for my frame so the top half of the dress did look quite sexy and you could see this part of the dress hugging my figure. The bottom half of the dress was pretty large however and I felt hung rather than clinging to my curves. Therefore if you are thinking of purchasing this and are unsure of what size to go for it is probably best not to go for a larger size.

          This is a great outfit for dressing up in and out of the bedroom and is very reasonable in terms of value for money. Although very short this is not the most daring or exciting adult nurses uniform that you could buy but a good compromise suitable for bedroom AND going out in fancy dress in. The outfit looks good, both my friends and Mr Lools agreed although personally I would have preferred a smaller size to be available.

          A great costume to practice your bedside manner in!!


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            13.03.2011 19:06
            Very helpful



            Ann Summers outfit

            So onto another outfit from my naughty draw, over the years Ann Summers have had a few designs of the fantasy nurse costume. My favourite one was the black and red one they did some years back, but I still like their newer versions of course.

            Ann Summers - Bedside Babe Fantasy Nurse Outfit:

            'This nurse costume will really give him a fever while you impress him with your sexy bedside manner'

            I really do like the nurse outfits and I have a few different types, what can I say I love to dress up!

            - www.annsummers.com

            My Findings:

            So this outfit I think will appeal to whom enjoy the fun of dressing up, not just for the bed room but for fancy dress, hen nights etc this seems to be rather popular.

            With this costume you get the matching hat and when I purchased mine you also get a blue stethoscope so you can really play nurse. Like with the hat that comes with the maid outfit (recently reviewed) you need some hair grips to hold it in place, otherwise will just fall off during movement.

            I think this nurse outfit comes up shorter than most of the outfits that Ann Summers have to offer, so if you like your costumes to cover more; then this one isn't for you. It's a very short dress that just covers your bottom and has a zip up front. The costume is white and blue; personally I think it's a little plain looking, but still plenty of fun.

            The white dress has a blue zip, blue trims and one blue cross across the breast; the blue cross and trims have a pvc like feel. You can if you wish have the zip go right up to the collar of the outfit, however I like to zip it as far as the breast line, and with your wonder bra your ready to go! This outfit is made out of 100% polyester, it doesn't have that silky feel I normally like in a costume but it doesn't irritate either.

            What would have been good for this playful outfit are some detachable suspenders, as I find the dress does ride up when walking around. So I purchased some of my own to attach to some stocking and perfect no riding up. As the dress is mostly white I like to add some white stocking to set the outfit off and blue high heels to match the blue cross.

            When it comes to washing your outfit you need wash it inside out and on a cool wash, due to the PVC you cannot tumble dry but you can iron it inside out. This costume does crease up so sadly it does need an iron. I have had this costume for a long time now, and over the years it does shrink in length even though I have stuck to the label on the washing requirements.

            I purchased this dress when I was a little bigger in size, it was a size 16-18 which now is to big and looks rather baggy (so one for the bin, sadly). But If you do purchase this dress I would recommend getting a size smaller as this one seems to come up larger.

            Price and Availability:

            As this is an Ann Summers item it can only be purchased from Ann Summers or on their web site. If ordering from their site please note delivery costs apply unless spending £35.00 and over your delivery will be free.

            This outfit is currently priced at £25.00, however is in sale most of the time for £20.00.



            I do really like this outfit but at the same they could have done a lot more to make it stand out. Compared to other Ann Summers costumes you could say it's one of their duller versions from the nurse outfits they have done over the years.

            However with the right accessories this outfit still looks great and very effective may I add!

            Four out of five stars from me.

            Thanks for reading :o)

            Additional Information:

            Sizes 8 to 26.

            Ann Summers is an adult novelty shop where you can purchase fun and funky items for a night out and naughty items to aid your sex life (all good fun) - www.annsummers.com


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