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Dreamgirl Cowgirl-A-Go-Go Costume

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Brand: Dreamgirl / Type: Costume

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2011 09:02
      Very helpful



      Pretty Pink Cowgirl outfit from Dreamgirls

      Because over the last 9 years my friends and I have so many fancy dress nights out or parties I end up with a LOT of costumes. The one I love I keep and re wear for other parties however some I sell on eBay! I had purchased a cowgirl outfit for a hen party however sold that a few months earlier (at profit) before another friend announced she was having a "Wild West" themed fancy dress BBQ. I needed to replace the outfit that I had sold so decided to purchase something a little different to my previous costume therefore purchased the Dreamgirls Cowgirl a Go-Go costume.

      ***Cowgirl A Go Go***
      The Cowgirl A-Go-Go costume from Dreamgirls is a complete pink fancy dress outfit with a cowgirl theme. The costume consists of a bright pink off the shoulder stretch dress. This has a white fringe across the shoulders and also across the skirt section of the dress. The dress also has a white belt around the waist.. The dress comes with a pink cowgirl hat with a silver tiara detail on the front of the hat. There is a jewelled choker neckband with a pink fringe. The outfit also comes with a silver sheriff badge and a jewel trimmed fringe garter.

      The costume comes in four sizes (XS, S, M, L) which are women between a UK size 6 and 16) .

      The costume is available from a number of fancy-dress retailers online. Dreamgirls is an American company therefore only has a limited number of stockists within the UK which can mean the outfit (and other Dreamgirls costumes) are sold at a premium.

      Websites that sell this costume include www.sparklingstrawberries.co.uk , www.allfancydress.com and www.candyapplecostumes.co.uk . The costume sells for around £29.99 however it is sold on one site for £54.99 which is extremely expensive.

      I purchased this costume in April 2009 for £12.99 new on eBay which is excellent value considering a cowgirl hat costs around £4.99 to buy separately.

      ***Wearing it***
      As I expected the outfit arrived totally wrapped up in cellophane and each of the individual pieces of the costume wrapped up which is the case for most fancy dress costumes but not at all environmentally friendly!

      The dress is made from a stretchy matte pink material. This is thick and as a result when stretched when worn does not look see through under the light. I purchased this in a size X-S and felt this was a perfect fit for someone who is a size 6-8 it is average size unlike many fancy dress costumes which are smaller than standard sizes. The dress fits over curves and shows these off but does not long over tight or that your costume is too small for you. The straps on the dress are quite thick are adjustable making it the correct length for you to be an off the shoulder dress. The fringing on the dress is light therefore the dress does not feel heavy and uncomfortable when you are wearing it.

      My main criticism of the dress is that it is quite short. I wore a pair of large hot pants underneath. For standing up in this is fine and although short the dress only exposes your thighs. When sat down the dress is a little difficult to sit comfortably in without exposing the very tops of your thighs. This is because the shape of the dress is shorter at the sides meaning it rides up. Because I was at a BBQ and sat down I was very glad I wore a large pair of hot pants/ shorts underneath as you could see the tops of my thighs and almost my hips!

      The quality of the dress is great. The material it is made from is stretchy but thick and does go see through when stretched which can happen with many stretchy fancy dress costumes. The fringing detail on the dress and accessories is attached well and this has not fallen off any part of the outfit. Some of the plastic accessories are very cheap and tacky looking but the plastic is quite thick and not flimsy or likely to snap. The hat is very impressive. This is not heavy to wear but is made from a thick material which allows it to retain its shape when on your head or when it is thrown, dropped or sat on which mine was. The jewels on the front of the hat have also remained in place. I have found that the hat does make your head quite hot though.

      The plastic choker and garter fit well and can be adjusted to fit your neck and legs. They do feel very cheap and tatty but the plastic did not irritate my skin at all.

      The dress can only be hand washed and it is advised to drip dry. The outfit can be ironed (on reverse) however I found after washing the dress was not really creased and did not need ironed. After washing the colour had not faded and the dress was still a very bright vibrant pink colour.

      This is a really pretty and detailed cowgirl costume. The bright pink costume is slightly tacky but is lots of fun which in my opinion is the main reason for fancy dress. The dress fits well and is made to a good quality, even after washing the dress has not faded and the fringing detail is still intact. The accessories that come with this costume compliment it well a very good quality in particular the hat which has retained its shape despite being thrown, dropped and even sat on.

      My main criticism of the costume is that the dress is quite short. The design of the dress means that sitting in it is quite awkward therefore I would say this is a costume best for those who won't be doing much sitting down whilst wearing or don't care about exposing themselves!

      This is a great costume for those that like a complete outfit rather than have to search about for items to make their costume and for the usual selling price of £29.99 I think this is a reasonable price to pay. However the £12.99 I purchased this costume for was money very well spent! Although I am hoping that my friends stop having so many fancy dress events as my dressing up box is ready to burst!


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