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Moulin Rouge Burlesque Garter and Nipple Tassels

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Type: Adult Costume

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2011 21:24
      Very helpful



      A fun little set

      I purchased theis costume a few months ago, as I thought it might provide my boyfriend and I with some amusement. Actually, I think calling this a costume is a bit much, because as you can see from the image above, this set really is nothing more than a set of nipple tassels and a garter - but I'm sure you can see where the potential for bedroom fun comes in .

      The kit cost me 9.99 from www.abfab.co.uk , and includes the nipple tassels, which are heart shaped, slightly conical in the centre, and covered in sparkling bright red glitter . Suspended from each of these is a tassel roughly 2 and a hald inches in length .Also included with the tassels is enough costume tape for one wear.

      The garter that comes in the set is black ruffled lace, threaded through with shiny black ribbon, with a fluffy black feather as a centrepiece. Adding to the decoration are two strings of clear coloured crystals, and a large red plastic gem . The garter itself has plenty of stretch in it, and I would imagine this would fit most people quite easily. It is comfortable to wear, the elastic being strong enough to keep the garter firmly in place without slipping down your leg as you jiggle about, without being so tight as to cut off circulation!

      Applying these with the included tape was very easy, and they are pretty comfortable to wear after a few minutes, though initially the edges of the heart felt a little rough and scratchy on my skin due to the glitter . I did also notice that some of the glitter seemed to come off on my hands and skin quite easily.

      The actual swinging of nipple tassels I found took me quite a lot of practice - I might have been rather hindered by having a generous bosom, but try as I might, I simply could not get them swinging in nice big circles like in the movies . In the end, I resorted to watching a couple of videos on the internet to pick up how to swing them, as sadly they don't come with any instructions . Still, I did manage to pick up some kind of semi passable tecnique after watching afew videos and spending a considerable amount of time jiggling about in front of the mirror .

      I wanted my actual performance to be a surprise, so simply applied these under my normal pyjamas after a shower - something that, due to the slightly conical shape of the centre of the tassels, made my nipple poke out as though I were very cold under my clothes . Still, the resulting disrobing and attempt at burlesque dancing provoked much merriment and laughter, if not perhaps the graceful result I had hoped for .

      Overall, this is a fun little accessory set. It could be greatly improved by having some form of instructions on tassel swinging included, and perhaps a more genorous allowance of body tape (which can be picked up fairly easily in Superdrug of Boots for a few quid a roll) so that I could have used them more than once without having to buy extra myself. I also worry about the amount of glitter these shed - they have, after a few months of occasional use, started to look a little thin in glitter around the edges .

      Still, a nice little set to jiggle about in - 4 stars .


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