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Avon Care Intensive Moisture Lip Treatment

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / SPF15 / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Subcategory: Lip Treatment / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    4 Reviews
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      15.01.2014 03:38



      Wonderful Product you should try

      I purchased this product from Ebay about two weeks ago and it is lovely!! I loved chapstick, lip balms, lipgloss, anything that gives me a little shine. This product is wonderful because when I use it, it lasts for a few hours before I have to re apply which is great from my perspective!!

      This product comes in a little white tube with a blue screw on/off cap. If you have ever used Curex then it is quite similar to that. This is available any where which is even better. It has no color and gives your lips a little shine but not so much as lipgloss does. It also doesn't make your lips feel greasy or waxy like the feel you may get from some types of lip stick and so on.

      I know this goes for about £2 in the U.K. and it goes for a little under $2 in the U.S.

      You can purchase this product from:



      Dollar General
      Family Dollar

      I recommend this product to anyone. It's worth every penny!!


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      10.09.2013 09:14
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A long lasting protection for the lips

      I have been regularly buying from Avon since one of my collegues in work became a representative. I picked this up for £1.50 on a special promotion, it normally costs £2.50 which is reasonable for a lipbalm anyway.

      The 'treatment' comes in a little tube which contains 10ml, the front of the packagins shows honey and honeycombe. The front of the tube also tells me that it contains Royal Jelly an extra intensive moisturiser which delivers 2 x more moisture. The front of the tube also states it has spf protection 15.

      The tube has a blue lid which when unscrewed reveals the nozzle which is angled to enable easy application.

      To apply the lipbalm you simply squeeze the tube so a small amount comes onto the application and then rub onto the lips.

      The balm looks like a cloudy jelly when it comes out of the tube, it also smells really nice, you can smell the honey and according to the box there is also almond oil inside the tube. The balm has a really nice consistency and it spreads onto the lips easily.

      I really like this lipbalm, I like the fact that the balm lasts on my lips for a few hours after application it also protects my lips from harmful rays. My lips feels soft and smooth and they havn't felt at all dry in all of the hot weather we have been having. I would recommend this lip balm I have had this tube 2 months now and despite daily application the tube still feels really full.


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        10.03.2013 18:54
        Very helpful



        A great little lip product that works and lasts for ages.

        ===The Product===

        Avon Care Intense Moisture Lip Balm.
        Small white tube with blue screw cap.
        Just over 3 inches long.
        2 x the moisture and with SPF 15.
        10 mls and made in Poland.
        White opaque gel.
        Made with Royal Jelly.


        Full price is £2 but currently on offer with other items in the range as 4 for £5.

        ===My Opinion===

        My normal lip care products apart from conventional lipsticks have always been the chap stick sort of product, but when this was on sale before Christmas for around £1 I thought I would try it as my lips needed some protecting through the winter months.
        I have never before had lip care in a tube like this and when you remove the top cap you find a slanted top to the tube with a tiny hole in the centre. To look at it I was not impressed and thought that using a product like this would mean it would be used up within a matter of days - and I also did not like the idea of the liquid coming out through the hole and then smoothing it over my lips sing the chiselled end. But as I had ordered it I thought I might as well give it a try - and how glad I am that I did.
        The smell is very faint but a sort of nutty undertone to it - quite pleasant and not too strong. To use you have to slightly - and I mean VERY slightly, squeeze the tube so that a tiny blob emerges from the hole. That is all you need and then you can smooth it over your lips. I am amazed at how good it works as I really did not expect it to and was contemplating buying a conventional chap stick instead.
        It also lasts absolutely ages as I am still using the same tube that I bought before Christmas and there still seems plenty left in it - and that has been used almost daily and often a few times a day. It gives a slightly shiny finish to your lips if used alone or I often just put it on over lipstick anyway. I enjoy being out and about in the cold weather but it can be hard on your lips and hands and I find putting some of this on before going out has really kept my lips in good condition all through the winter months.
        As this product contains SPF 15 I will continue to use it throughout the summer as well. The little tube is light and compact enough for your bag or even your pocket and it is so easy to use you can apply it without a mirror.
        It just goes to show it pays to try something different sometimes as you may actually like it!

        ===Star Rating===

        5 stars

        ===Would I Recommend?===





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        04.02.2013 11:03
        Very helpful



        I will buy it again and highly recommend it!

        I work part time as an Avon Representative when my poor health allows, and this means I have great access to many of the new products that are launched by Avon in their brochures. I had been intrigued to notice a new "Lip Care" item was being introduced into the well-known "Avon Care" range a while back, and ended up ordering it for myself to give it a try.

        The "Avon Care Intensive Moisture Lip Treatment" sounded just what I needed as my lips suffer terribly in the cold winter months, ending up dry and flaky which results in them being cracked and very sore on occasion. I find that factors such as central heating, harsh weather conditions and indeed, warmer weather conditions can all have a negative impact on my lips. I have tried out a huge array of assorted products over the years but usually end up slicking some Vaseline over the lip's surface which does tend to work - but only for a limited time.

        The packaging for the Avon Lip Treatment comprises of a very small tube being only 10ml in size which is made of plastic. There is a blue-coloured lid on the bottom that is made of robust plastic and this can be screwed on and off quite easily by me, even though I have limited mobility and weakness in my hands. The tube too is easy to utilise, as I find its materials are not so robust as to pose a problem with me dispensing the product from within - a significant issue that presents itself to me with a whole range of products on a regular basis.

        The top of the tube has a plastic 'tip' with a slanted design. Located right at the top of this plastic tip is a very small hole, and this is where product is dispensed from, of course. I really liked the whole image and design of the product's packaging and felt it offered a hygienic, clean solution to keeping lips adequately moisturised.

        The product itself comprises of a sort of 'gel' that is not at all runny or even particularly thin. It can be squeezed easily from the tube of course, and doing so produces a small 'blob' of the Lip Treatment product that sits neatly on the tube's plastic tip. As this tip is shaped with a slanted design, you can quite easily 'smear' and smooth the Lip Treatment over the lip's surface. I find that the slanted design of the tip really goes a long way with achieving a neat and precise end result due to the product's shaped tip reaching all corners of the lips' shape, without unnecessary 'blobbing' or any mess being evident. This is a clever design, and I have found it performs really well at coating my lips completely and with ease.

        The Lip Treatment 'gel' is clear in colour which is my preference, as it makes these sorts of products more versatile, coping with any make-up style or image that it is being worn at the same time. The gel's clear appearance leaves a delicate 'sheen' to the lips that is quite subtle, and without any sort of 'high-sheen' gloss type of appearance, which I confess I would find off-putting. In addition to being subtle and understated in its appearance, there is no 'tacky' feeling left behind on the lips, nor do they feel sticky or 'heavy' which is often the case with some of the other 'Lip Care' products I have purchased from rival brands. I can't admit to finding these sorts of feelings particularly appealing, and much prefer the 'lighter' feel of the Avon Care Lip Treatment instead.

        The product is formulated " With Royal Jelly" which is an ingredient I am not particularly familiar with, I must confess. What I have found, however, is that this ingredient seems to contain something rather nourishing and 'caring' within its properties, as my previously dry, thirsty lips have been completely cared for, and somewhat 'quenched' by the use of this Avon product. Whilst the surface of my lips previously felt very dry, with an unpleasant 'tingling' often present after being out in harsh or cold weather, the continual use of the Avon Lip Treatment seems to have allowed some sort of a protective 'barrier' to be created on this delicate skin, allowing for a rich, deep moisturisation to take place at the same time. Now, after using the product for over two months, I find that conditions such as hot central heating don't seem to have the same affect on my lips as they once did - a result that is presumably down to the richness of the Treatment's formulation.

        It is not true to say that the product is so effective that I find I am now able to discard it along with the rest of my lip-care items, and I do find that adopting the practice of "Prevention is better than cure" will really achieve the best results when hoping for smooth, moisturised lips. For this reason, I tend to apply the Avon Care Lip Treatment on a daily basis, whether I am at home or out, as I find this helps 'top-up' the lip's moisturisation and help maintain the apparent 'Protective Barrier' that seems to have been created thus far.

        In addition to coping well with the harsh effects of the bitterly cold weather and the intense heat experienced from a centrally-heated house, I have found the product works very well when used in warm or hot sunshine. This was certainly put to the test recently, when I holidayed in Spain and had to wear protective skin lotion containing a high SPF to protect myself from the sun's harmful rays. Of course, I always use a protective product on my lips too, and my product of choice on my recent holiday was the Avon Care Lip Treatment.

        I found it highly convenient to use the Lip Treatment, as it is so portable with its small and lightweight design. In addition, I found it took very little effort and time to slick the product over my lips and I was able to do this whilst I partook in my usual holiday activities, without it feeling like a chore. This is absolutely ideal as far as I am concerned, as anything too time-consuming or, really anything that feels like too much hard work is likely to be left on the hotel bathroom shelf whilst I am on holiday. So, on all of these counts, I have no complaints.

        In terms of its effectiveness, I found the product worked extremely well at providing a protective barrier on the lips' delicate surface which ensured they felt soft and moisturised throughout my holiday, with the added peace of mind of providing protection against the sun's harmful rays, thanks to the "SPF 15" claim made on the front of the tube. I certainly felt that this claim was true, with my lips seemingly refusing to become dry, sore or cracked whilst being out in the strong sunshine, or, indeed, afterwards.

        For the reasons outlined in this review, I really recommend the "Intensive Moisture Lip Treatment" from the often overlooked "Avon Care" range. This new addition to the range has performed effortlessly and excellently in my opinion, and I have already repurchased the product for myself as a result of the positive experiences obtained during use. In addition, I feel the Lip Treatment is completely deserving of being awarded full marks in the Dooyoo product rating score.

        As @ the time of writing (February 2013) you can purchase the 10ml tube of Avon Care Intensive Moisture Lip Treatment from your local Avon Representative, and the normal price is £2.20, although the Avon Care range is often subject to promotions. You can also purchase the treatment online at www.avonshop.co.uk where postage costs apply.


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