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Badger Lip Balm

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Brand: Badger / Balm / Type: Lip Balm / Skin type: for dry skin / What it does: Smoothes, regenerates,

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    4 Reviews
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      24.07.2008 16:57
      Very helpful



      Quality comes at a price, you'd be wise to pay the extra for this :)

      Whilst rummaging through my bag for my last review, I found a Badger Balm I had forgotten about really, so I've decided that will be my next review.

      I picked this balm up about a year ago in Boots because it was placed by the checkout with all kinds of other goodies that you don't need, but want. I will admit to being a bit of a lip balm junkie, so I popped it in my basket and used only that for a few weeks, before it was relegated to the drawer with all the other fallen soldiers and replaced for my newest lipcare fad. Now I wonder why, this stuff is great!

      A little background on Badger - they are a company from New Hampshire who create a whole host of lip and body balms, sunscreens, soaps, baby products and aromatherapy items, all made from 100% natural and quality ingredients. Over here, they are quite rare; although they can be found online and the balms are in Boots, I have never seen any of their other products anywhere. Then again, I haven't really looked all that hard either. I have heard great things about the Sleep Balm and will be trying that next.

      Badger lip balms come in tins or sticks, but I have only seen it in tins. The tin is about the same size as a tin of Vaseline (0.75oz), with a cute picture of a badger on the front, with a scroll beneath claiming it to be "Lip and body balm" and the flavour at the bottom. Each flavour has a different colour so you can recognise it easily.

      I have highland mint, but also available are tangerine breeze, cinnamon bay, lavender and orange, ginger and lemon and chai rose. Each contains essential oils as well as high quality ingredients including organic extra virgin olive oil, castor bean oil and beeswax to make your lips supple and soft, aloe vera to soothe and seabuckthorn berry, which is known for its healing properties. When you turn the tin over to read the ingredients, everything is a Latin name which makes a refreshing change from all the scientific words and artificial mumbo-jumbo you usually find in cosmetics these days.

      The balm is quite hard compared to Vaseline, but has a similiar yellowish-clear appearance. When you apply it to your lips it does feel slightly greasy, but soon melts in, so you aren't left with a nasty layer all over your mouth. You also don't feel like you have to wipe your finger after application! I would consider the smell to be more herbal than minty, but you can definitely detect both the peppermint and spearmint extracts. The smell is a lot more overpowering than taste, I haven't really noticed a specific taste, it doesn't smell like something you would want to eat as it's so herbal, but not unpleasant either.

      I have also used the balm for dry patches of skin elsewhere on my body, it rubs in easily and doesn't make the skin look greasy, although you would need quite a lot for larger patches of skin. It doesn't irritate even sensitive skin and the smell is pleasant and not too strong.

      For £3.99, it is definitely not one of the cheaper products on the market, however it lasts for ages. While I had forgotten about it until now, I did use it for quite a few weeks and applied it 3-4 times a day because I really loved the smell and feel of using the product. There isn't even a dent in it. One thing I love about it is that it doesn't melt in your pocket. I only wish it had SPF in it!

      The side of the tin says "try it, use it, never lose it" and that is my advice to you!


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        30.06.2008 04:36
        Very helpful



        A great product that I definately recommend.

        Badger Lip Balm was made by W.S Badger Company Inc. The company was setup in 1995 by by Bill Whyte who started the compnay after he was sick of always having chapped hands from his work, so he started to experiment with dirrent herbs and oils. After he managed to cure his hands he decided to setup a business to sell the products on to others.
        The company makes a lot of other products apart from lip balm. It offers a lot of balms for many different health problems. Also they company produce oils, soaps and body butter.
        I started using Badger Lip Balm in December last year, i tend to get really dry lips in the winter and lately my heyfever has been bad so I've been sneezing a lot, the tissues always rubbing over my lips has dried them out so I've continued to use it. It bought it from The reason I chose badger Lip Balm rather than any other similar product is that they are not tested on animals and are made from only natural ingredients whith no chemicals at all. I don't normally go out of my way to avoid chemicals but it is nice that there are some companies out there who like to be completely natural.

        There are six types of Badger Lip Balm, these are:

        Chai Rose - Cardamom, Vanilla & Rose

        Cinnamon Bay - Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Sweet Orange & Cardamom

        Ginger & Lemon - Ginger, Lemon, Orange, Cardamom & Lemongrass

        Highland Mint - Spearmint, Peppermint, Sweet Birch & Lavender

        Lavender & Orange - Lavender, Sweet Orange & Sicilian Orange

        Tangerine Breeze - Tangerine, Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Orange & Sage

        My favourites are Lavender & Orange and Tangerine Breeze, this is because I really like oranges and lavender. They also smell the best in my opinion.

        The basic ingredients which are in all of the balms are:

        Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Golden Yellow Beeswax, Castor Bean Oil and extracts of Aloe Vera, Rose Hip & Seabuckthorn Berry

        After just applying this balm to my lips every few hours for two days I found that my chapped and bleeding lips had totally healed up and were soft again. I've never found another lip balm that works so fast.

        This balm is great not only for lips but also for any random patches of dry skin as it can be used on your body as well. Just about anybody can use it because it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients however it is advised that if you are using it whilst pregnant or on a young child then you ask your doctor first, just to be on the safe side.

        Even after the balm has been opened you can expect it to last for about two to three years, I think this is really good value especially as it only costs £3.99 for a tin.

        Overall I think that this is a great product and I would definately recommend it to others. The best thing about it is that it works really well and its totally chemical free. I don't think that anything about this product needs to be improved.


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          06.01.2008 12:29
          Very helpful



          Its not made from badgers...

          Badger balms slogan is "powerfully pure body care" which just about sums up their products...made from natural ingredients, and not tested on badgers (or any other animals for that matter). I tend to use Lush for most of my beauty products, but I find their lip balms a tad gritty, so I prefer to use Badger balm.

          About the Badger company

          Visiting the web site, badgerbalm.com, they state that their principles involve not harming the environment, trying to run a responsible company, and having fun. They use 100% natural ingredients, more than 70% of their ingredients are also organic, they dont test on animals and they are committed to evaluating the sustainability of the products they use. All very well and good, although I couldnt find why they named the products after badgers!

          The Lip Balms

          Badger balms come in the following flavours:

          Chai Rose

          Cinnamon Bay

          Ginger and Lemon

          Highland Mint

          Lavender and Orange

          Tangerine Breeze

          The balms come in 21gram tins, which look slightly larger than your average lip balm tin (using the tins of Vaseline as an example), which can no doubt be recycled, and smaller push-up lipstick type tubes, which I have yet to find on the shelves (but no doubt are less environmentally friendly anyway.

          The tub features a cute and smiley badger holding some kind of fruit in his paws, surrounded by the the badger logo in a coloured circle. Its cute and quirky packaging, the sort of thing that might appeal to a kid or your inner hippy. Not particularly sophisticated but everyone speaks so well of this brand of product that I don't think it really matters, and the cute wee badger fits in nicely with their all-natural image. The reverse does not contain the leaping bunny symbol (the sign for animal friendly cosmetics) however a quick glance of the full ingredients list concludes that unlike many companies badger does fulfill its all-natural claims (organic olive oil, castor oil, beeswax, organic aloe and essential oils are at the top of the ingredients list). Its nice to look at a product that has the latin names for plants rather than gammahydroxybutylatedmince....

          Boots charge £3.99 for a tub of Badger Balm, which is fairly expensive to the £1.99 Natural Collection ones (of course the advantage with Badger Balm is that it IS natural, rather than just saying it is) or £2.49 for Carmex Lip Balm, or a mere £1 for the Vaseline lip care tins. Its worth noting that the Carmex tins contain a mere 7g and the Vaseline tins contain under half of the contents of the tins of Badger Balm however.

          Now for the smellies. I have tried Highland Mint, Ginger and Lemon, Lavender and Orange and Tangerine Breeze Badger Balms, so far the other scents have eluded me. The Badger Balms smell distinct from the usual chemically scented cherry sweet brands of lip balm you can buy, and it takes some getting used to. For example, the Ginger and Lemon has such a sharp, non-edible scent that you wonder if it can do the lips much good...its more the kind of product you might want to put on your body rather than your delicate wee lips. A lovely smell in itself but from the smell itself you'd think the product might dry your lips out. Highland Mint too has a very sharp smell. Tangerine Breeze and Lavender and Orange have more lip-friendly scents, but whats refreshing is that Badger Balm always smells like what it says its smells like...natural essential oil mixes, rather than sweetened chemical rubbish.

          If you can get past the sensation of applying ginger and lemon on your lips, you will be pleasantly surprised. Badger Balm is very solid, not gloopy like Vaseline and not prone to melting in the heat...leave it in a pocket and it will come out in the same state it went in. Its solidity ensures that it will last well too. It is smooth and creamy to apply, the texture is exactly like Vaseline but harder. Unlike a lot of natural lip balms it isnt gritty and the texture is consistent throughout. I find the variation in natural products a little off-putting sometimes, but Badger Balm applies exactly like all its chemical competitors. It feels smooth and pleasant on the lips, the sharper fragrances like mint and ginger and lemon make the lips tingle slightly but in a pleasant way.

          I must be more prone than most people to cracked lips, and a lot of lip balms dont do much for me, but Badger Balm does. Regular applications have worked wonders with my chapped winter lips and I'm now pleased to report they are smooth and kissable. As an added bonus, I am one of those people who tend to lick lip balm off their lips when it tastes of something sweet, but Badger Balm has no flavour at all really so I'm not tempted to do that!

          At first you can be put off by the price of the product, £4.00 for a lip balm can seem excessive, but given the size of the tub and the fact that the product stays really solid, Badger Balm lasts absolutely ages and is well worth the money. Give it a try instead of your usual Vaseline or Nivea, its well worth the extra, and better for the badgers too!


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            07.08.2007 20:12
            Very helpful



            Pretty average all in all

            __________The Story____________
            I came across this little tin whilst on holiday in Ireland. I had desperately dry lips and so commenced on a great vaseline hunt. Now, you'd think a Boots Pharmacy would stock vaseline, but apparently this particular Boots didn't (maybe Irish people don't suffer from dry lips?) and this was pretty much the only thing I could find that seemed likely to quench my lips' thirst.

            __________A bit about Badger_______
            Badger are located in Gilsum, New Hampshire. They are one of these ethical companies, so they don't test on animals, ensure fair wages etc. All of their products are totally natural and organic and contain no chemicals, synthetics, GMO’s, parabens, or toxic preservatives. So that seems good right?
            According to their website, their mission is "To create fabulously pure and effective products of the highest natural quality, based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation, with the intention to soothe and heal". I think that sums it up really...

            _________The Product___________
            The product states that it "makes a great lip balm, and can be used to refresh dry skin anywhere on the body. We hear they are superb for achieving the after-leg shaving effect known as Badger Smooth Legs."
            I can't say whether or not the badger smooth leg effect is something to get ecstatic about or not, as I haven't actually tried this and the balm has stayed well and truly on my lips. As for the great lip balm...i'm not so sure. It doesn't really seem to have moisturised my lips all that much - vaseline seems to do a better job, and doesn't really stay on for that long, after about 5 minutes it seems to have gone completely. However, it's not at all greasy and for the short while it does stay on, it feels lovely.

            __________Smell and Taste_______
            Now this I did very much like! The lip and body balms come in 5 different flavours and fragrances - each are made with essential oil blends and I do like my natural products. Just for you, here they all are:

            Chai Rose
            Cardamom, Vanilla & Rose

            Cinnamon Bay
            Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Sweet Orange & Cardamom

            Ginger & Lemon
            Ginger, Lemon, Orange, Cardamom & Lemongrass

            Highland Mint
            Spearmint, Peppermint, Sweet Birch & Lavender

            Lavender & Orange
            Lavender, Sweet Orange & Sicilian Orange

            Tangerine Breeze
            Tangerine, Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Orange & Sage

            I've only tried the Tangerine Breeze one and it's gorgeous - it does actually smell and taste like tangerines. Now I know that should be obvious, but there are so many products out there that don't smell/taste anything like they are supposed to and I always find that rather disappointing.
            The scent and taste are quite subtle; they're noticable without being over whelming and i've actually found myself putting it on every two minutes to keep the taste up (as i've said, it doesn't last that long).

            Each tin contains 75oz and as far as i'm aware, that's the only size available. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but as the balm is quite hard (much harder than vaseline) you don't really need to put that much on, so even if you use it a lot - 5 times a day maybe, it would still last around a year.
            Once opened, you can use the product for 1-2 years, unopened, it lasts 2-3 years.
            As it's in a tin, it can get battered around as much as you like (though why you'd batter lip balm I don't know).
            Now for it's big selling point: IT DOESN'T MELT! Finally, my life long search for a lip blam that doesn't go horribly gloopy when left out in the sun has reached it's end! And may I say, life well spent! Admittedly, after a few hours in very VERY warm weather, left out to sun exposure and all, it does go a little squishy, but pop in the fridge for a little while and it should be good again soon.

            This is what attracted me to the lip balm in the first place. The packaging is...and I hate to use this word...but...adorable! It looks kind of old fashioned and not all sterile or even cosmetic.
            Around the side it has the words "Try It. Use It. Never Lose It." Well, I did try it, I did use it, and i'm hoping I never lose it, so it's ok for them to make that claim.
            The little tin is perfect handbag of pocket size and it's just so quirky! I'd actually carry on buying the stuff just for the tin.

            Obviously this varies depending on what flavour balm you get, but each balm contains the same base ingredients of:
            Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Golden Yellow Beeswax, Castor Bean Oil and extracts of Aloe Vera, Rose Hip & Seabuckthorn Berry.
            Then extra essential oils which are listed above.

            __________Prices and Availability_____
            As I bought mine in Ireland, I had to pay in euros and it cost me 6.50. If you buy it online directly from the badger shop it will cost you $5.00 so that's £2.50. A bit more expensive than vaseline but I think it's worth it really.
            I'm guessing you can buy it from any boots, or alternatively you can get it here: http://www.badgerbalm.com/pc-416-11-lip-balm-tins.aspx

            ___________Summed up______
            If it lasted longer, it would get full marks. It's great for on the go but if you're looking for an immediate cure for dry skin/lips I wouldn't recommend this. It's ideal if you just want a thin layer of something to give you lips a little wake-up, but if you need more, this product isn't really for you.


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          • Product Details

            Our elegant & refreshing 75 oz / travel size balms, each with a subtle natural flavor and fragrance, make a great lip balm, and the can be used to refresh dry skin anywhere on the body / We hear they are superb for achieving the after-leg shaving effect known as Badger Smooth Legs /

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