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Benefit Buffing Lip Beads & Lip Balm

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2 Reviews

Brand: Benefit / Balm / Type: Lip Balm / What it does: regenerates,

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    2 Reviews
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      09.09.2011 14:55
      Very helpful



      A brilliant product from Benefit Cosmetics

      I have to admit, that I do not pay as much attention to my lips as I do to the rest of my face and this can result in me having dry, cracked and sore lips, especially in the winter when the cold weather starts to come in.

      I have tried a fair few different things to rectify the situation when the cracked lips come in, but nothing really seems to fix it, just masks it for a short while. I was shopping at my local Benefit counter when I saw the Lipscription: Buffing Lip Beads and Lip Balm.

      This product is pretty much what it sounds like, a tube of exfoliating lip beads, and a tube of lip balm. The idea is to rub a small amount of the lip beads onto your lips, in small circular motions and then remove this with a piece of tissue. This is then followed up by using a small amount of the lip balm to smooth the lips over.

      In my entire life, I can never say I have thought about exfoliating my lips and I kinda wish I had found a product like this years ago, as it would have saved me a lot of hassle and annoyance every winter. I first used this product last year, and I continue to use it when I need to, right to this day.

      From the first use, I found that my lips were actually back to perfect condition. The lip beads removed all the cracked, dry skin without causing any pain or sore spots, and the lip balm seemed to nourish and moisturise my lips upon contact. I was expecting to have to use this a few times to get such a great result, but I was amazed to find it worked perfectly straight away.

      The lip beads are in a thick, white lotion which is smooth and I found it easy to get out of the tube. I only needed a tiny blob, and it spreads really far, in fact the first time I used way too much as I had no idea on how much I was supposed to need. The lip balm is a really thick, creamy substance which is similiar to an ointment, and just a tiny bit spreads really far too. You can feel it softening the lips as soon as it makes contact, and it stays on the lips for hours after use.

      I found that the results of this lasted for around 2 - 3 weeks before my lips started to get sore and slightly chapped again, so I just kept on using the lip balm, and I found that I didn't need to use the beads again for months!! I bought this product last winter, and I am still not even half way through the lip beads, I am maybe about 2/3 of the way through the lip balm, as I use this a lot more than the beads.

      I thought at first this was expensive, as I paid £22.50 for it, but now I can see how well it works and just how long it really lasts, I am really happy to pay this price and I think it is exceptional value for money.

      You can buy Lipscription from all Benefit Counters in stores like House Of Fraser and Debenhams, and also you can buy it from Benefit Boutiques, as well as their website www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk. You could also buy this at larger Boots stores or you may be able to find it online for a cheaper price, but beware of buying on places like eBay as a lot of people have reported fake products being sold on here.

      I personally love this product, and I am very glad I found it, as it has made a world of difference to my lips in the winter, and for the price, I really can not make a bad comment about it what so ever. I recommend this product thoroughly, and I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. 100% recommended.


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      24.05.2011 11:42
      Very helpful



      Great products but such a lot of money

      *Why I want this product*
      My lips are always in need of TLC, it doesn't matte what I do they are always dry, flaky and sometimes crack and bleed, which is really unsightly and of course sore.
      I have so many lip treatments it is on the slight obsessive line, it doesn't matter if I apply a well known brand lip treatment 50 times a day I am sure to have dry lips at the end of the day and more so when I awake from sleeping if I don't slather my lips with a treatment.
      I have never really thought about a lip exfoliator before as personally I thought they we're a waste of money and nothing more an old toothbrush could do for less money, but my opinion was soon to change.

      *The benefits of a lip scrub*
      Exfoliation refers to a method to remove dead skin cells that lie on the surface of your skin, removing the dead cells unleashes healthy skin underneath. Exfoliated skin is able to retain more moisture by deeper penetration to the epidermis, where as dead skin cells stop the penetration of moisture getting through, leaving you with dry and dehydrated skin.
      If you use your usual face exfoliator and take it over your lips, this could be drying them out even more as the ingredients in the facial scrub are designed for your face and not your delicate thin lips.

      Using a scrub designed for the lip area means there are no nasty chemicals that will dry the lips or harm them in anyway. Lip scrubs are specially designed to stop lips from chapping, able to retain more moisture, visible wrinkles around the mouth are less noticeable over time and lip products such as lipstick and gloss stays on longer.

      *About the product*
      I first came across Benefit Dr. Feelgood Lipscription in a makeup swap, I loved some of the Benefit products I have anyway and wanted to try this product for myself, after all it would be for free and if I didn't like it at least I didn't spend a lot of money on it.

      Before I took the plunge of getting this product I did a bit of research before hand and Benefit say to pamper you're lips with this wonderful set of silky lip balm and buffing beads. The buffing beads are packed with ingredients such as AHA (Alpha-hydroxy acids) and Jojoba Oil to scrub away chapped lips and keeping them beautifully soft while the balm has wonderful ingredients such as chamomile and Vitamin E, which are renowned for softening the skin.

      Benefit Dr. Feelgood Lipscription comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard box that has a vintage look and feel. The sides of the box look like posh wallpaper with a dark green background with gold flowers over the top. The front of the box has a dark blue background with Dr. Feelgood's famous logo of a man and woman. Writing is in mint green and white, which is a lovely contrast of the background colour.

      The products themselves come in 17.0g tube each. It comes in a silver paint squeeze-tube container, which looks like artists paints with a black screw off lid, so it is nice and sanitary and easy to travel with. The front has the same Dr. Feelgood picture; the back tells you how to apply the product and what is inside.
      The expiry tells me 12 months once opened on each tube.

      *Appearance of the product*
      Squeezing a small amount of the beads onto the back of my hand, the product is pure white in colour, looks creamy and I can see small grains for exfoliation. There is no scent to the product at all, which I like due to sensitivity.

      The balm is very thick in texture and not something I am used to. It is off white in colour, which feels very creamy.

      *Applying the products*
      I was sceptical of lip scrubs anyway thinking what a waste of money so I really wanted this product to change my mind.

      First applying the scrub to dry lips I applied too much and quickly realised less is more. Leaving the scrub on my lips without doing anything I can feel a very slight tingle to say AHA is working off the dead skin cells without me even lifting a finger to help. Giving my lips a quick and light scrub with my finger the beads felt small, grainy but not harsh on my delicate lips but I did feel like my lips we're getting a good scrub. After a few seconds of rubbing the scrub into my lips I found the product comes off in little lumps, this is a mixture of dead skin cells being rubbed away with the product; it is disgusting yet satisfying to see.
      Once I wiped the product away with a tissue my lips honestly felt and looked smooth, had a healthy glow of my natural lip colour and no dry skin in sight. So far I am amazed and starting to wonder why I never purchased a lip scrub before.

      Applying the thick balm, which goes clear, it does feel thick until it starts to melt with your body temperature, then it starts to feel more like any other lip treatment but does stay with a thicker texture than others. Although I have a hard time trying to find a balm that is moisturising enough I find this balm does actually work and help my lips from drying out. This product feels a luxury on the lips with ingredients such as chamomile and Vitamin E it really is lovely to use. Your lips are also left with a glossy look so no need for an extra gloss over the top.

      *Price and availability*
      This isn't cheapest product on the market, in fact I would say it is an investment as such little product from both tubes is needed for it to be beneficial but you are looking at forking £23.50 from http://www.gouldsonline.co.uk for the privilege. Luckily you are able to find them cheaper on eBay.

      *How do my lips feel through the day?*
      Throughout the day my lips felt moisturised and I only reapplied once or twice due to the balm rubbing off from drinking and eating.
      At the beginning I used to buff my lips whenever I thought they needed it but through trial and effort I soon found I got the most benefit from buffing my lips at night before bed and slathering on a thicker amount of balm. I awoke to find my lips we're deeply moisturised, to me they looked and felt plumper with a healthy glow.

      If you have very sore, cracked lips I wouldn't apply the buffing beads until you're lips have healed slightly as the AHA will make your lips sting and make them sorer.

      As with any balm but more so this balm when you're out and about be aware your hair will get caught in the balm when out in the wind and you're left with balm over your face and hair.
      I use my buffing beads around twice a week and the same with the balm, a very small amount is needed for both products so you're sure to have these products a long time.

      *Would I purchase again?*
      The two products together or used alone are wonderful but are they really worth the full price? For that reason I am out and going to purchase something cheaper instead.


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