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Blistex Lip Infusion Soothing Splash

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Brand: Blistex / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Lip Treatment / Subcategory: Splash / Infusion / What it does: Soothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      19.11.2008 18:28
      Very helpful



      Would work great in conjunction with another product though!

      I've mentioned before that my lips are constantly chapped due to both wearing full coverage / long wearing lipsticks and probably not drinking enough water. Although I have found my 'Holy Grail' lip moisturiser already (Blistex Hydrate: Intensive Moisturiser) I also needed to find something that was easier to use and that applied clear, instead of white, to use during the day when I don't have time to use a mirror / ensure all product is absorbed 100%. Don't get me wrong, the 'Hydrate' formula is AMAZING, but it does need to be rubbed into the lips thoroughly to avoid you being left with white patches on your lips. I decided to stick with the Blistex range, since I've tried many, many other lip balms / companies that simply do not work for me. So I popped into Superdrug (who sell the 'Hydrate' for almost half the price that Boots do, by the way) to see what they had on offer.

      After browsing the Blistex products for a while, I decided to try their 'Soothing Lip Splash.' Described as a 'Cooling and refreshing roll-on to relieve irritated lips' it promises to saturate the lips with an 'effective liquid lip balm' leaving them soothed, soft and with a high shine finish.
      It uses Squalene, a natural moisturiser that penetrates quickly, leaving behind no greasy residue and Menthol famous for it's 'cool, comforting' properites. It is packaged in a small, plastic bottle with a rolling metal ball tip to further add to the cooling effect. It is dermatologically tested and has a Sun Protection Factor of 15 - 5 more than that included in my favourite 'Hydrate' formula. So great for using in the Summer, too.
      I paid £2.99 for 4ml in Superdrug. Doesn't sound like you get a lot, but I can't see myself using this up very quickly, a little goes a long way.

      To apply you simply roll over the surface of your lips. The metal ball is smooth and soothing with a cold, almost 'icy' feel to it. Just the right amount is applied, drenching the lips sufficiently with the product. It leaves a glossy, buffed finish to the lips and leaves no oily residue behind - Not something that can be said for many lip conditioners I have used.
      It tends to sit on the surface of my lips a little more than I had hoped and since it is flavoured I find it hard to stop myself from licking it off almost immediately after applying! The menthol scent isn't too strong or dislikeable though I would have preferred it to be scent free, simply for the reason above! But that is my problem, not theirs :-)
      As far as moisturising goes, it's effective but not so much so as other Blistex formula's I have tried. It cools and relieves the burning sensation chapped lips can sometimes feel, but once it's removed / worn away, the chapping is still there. At least for me, anyway.

      I will keep it in my handbag to use at work etc, but I won't be giving up my other products yet. I do however, love the glossy finish and will probably try the 'Drench' product next - The same applicator / idea etc but with a more moisturising, penetrating formula. Probably won't repurchase.


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      02.07.2008 06:48
      Very helpful



      A new take on the old lip balms... but better.

      After using Blisteeze for many years, I recommended it to my husband who is suffering at the moment with the most horrendous, what can only be described as burns across his top lip.
      He dutifully started slapping on the lip cream, but to no avail, so I was of course sent shopping on the lookout for something that may ease his pain, that is how I came across the product I will now review.

      The product I will now review is "Blistex soothing splash".

      As I said before I have no problem at all recommending Blisteeze, so after seeing they had a new product on the market, I was more than keen to see if it helps.

      The product comes in a slightly different form, as the cream comes in a small tube I was expecting this to be the same, I was of course wrong!
      Upon opening the extortionately large cardboard box/ sleeve, I was surprised to find a small glass bottle, when I say small I mean the same size as the afore mentioned tube!
      After twisting off the screw lid I was again surprised to find that in the end of the bottle was a ball bearing, if you are as old as me, you may remember the cheap lip glosses you could get with the roller ball design, this is the same format except this ball is metal.
      The idea of the metal ball is that it stays cold, so when you roll the product across your already sore and irritated lips, you get the instant comfort and relief of the cold, lasting long enough until the product starts to soothe.

      The taste of this product is also quite pleasant, it tastes of mint, but with the added bonus of menthol, which also gives a cold and soothing effect to your lips, making them tingle ever so slightly, very pleasant.
      This product also contains aloe vera, which I'm sure your all aware works wonders on sore and damaged skin.

      It is recommended that you use this as often as you feel necessary, although they also say to use it even if your lips feel ok, advertising this as a run of the mill lip balm...... I'm sorry, but to me this is so much more.

      This product only contains 4ml of "liquid moisturiser", and as I only purchased it yesterday could not tell you how long it will last, what I will say is that my husbands lips look better already and he says they don't feel as tight as they did.

      This product cost me £1.89, which if it helps, is a small price to pay, I bought this product from my local Asda, I have not seen this before but can safely say this will be available in all good chemists.

      I would recommend this product on results alone, my husbands lips look better, feel better, which means only one thing....... More kissing! Bonus.... I know, I know me, me, me!

      For more information visit - www.blistex.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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