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Burt's Bees Cherry Lip Gloss

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2 Reviews

Brand: Burts Bee's / Gloss / Type: Lip Gloss / What it does: Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      20.10.2008 19:46
      Very helpful




      Burts Bees lip gloss - delicious and natural.

      This lip gloss is everso cute and delicious but if you're looking for a particularly glossy lipgloss this isn't for you - more of a lip salve I'd say but it's really a very good compromise leaving your lips soft and moisturised but also with a beautiful, light glossiness.

      This stuff isn't cheap - around £3 for a small tub but you really do get the quality that you pay for and it makes a gorgeously cute little present.

      It comes in a lovely little square box with a picture of cherries on so you know just what you're getting and it says on the box that it's 96.64% natural which is pretty good going (and very precise).
      Ingredients include castor oil, beeswax, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter & natural cherry flavour. You can just tell from reading it that it's going to do something good for your lips!

      The pot is really cute - it's small and glass with a metal lid with cherries on. Practical as it's very sturdy and compact but also looks really funky.

      The gloss itself is clear and you apply it with your finger as with lip salve. It leaves your lips looking lovely and shiny but in quite a subtle way - I prefer this to a more hardcore glossy look so that's perfect for me. Looks great on it's own of over a flatter lipstick as extra sheen and protection.

      It smells and tastes like cherries, funilly enough, and not in a nasty fake way but nice and natural and quite subtle. It feels like it's protecting your lips but also moisturising too so I just love it as it really does everything!

      Since I got this it has been a permanent fixture in my handbag because it's just so yummy and it looks and feels great.

      I'd really recommend it but it is quite expensive - worth it if you're in need of a treat and definitely worth it as a cute little present.


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      06.10.2008 16:20
      Very helpful



      A lip gloss from Burt's Bees.

      All my friends know I love beauty products, especially lip balms and lip glosses as I can never leave the house without one in my bag. I have to buy my own foundation and blusher as only I know which colours and tones I prefer but when it comes to lip products I'm always open to gifts. My friend came to visit me last weekend with a little box all wrapped up to say thank you for helping her the previous week... could it have been a lip balm or lip gloss?!? Yes it was! It was a little box of lip gloss that was manufactured by the company Burt's Bees, quite a highly priced and reputable brand.

      Burt's Bees is a brand that I've seen about quite a lot but never previously bought anything from. It's stocked in Boots and other department stores but always seemed a little expensive for what it was. The thing that distinguishes Burt's Bees is that all their products are earth friendly and natural. The company was set up back in 1984 in Maine where it sold candles made out of beeswax. Later in 1991 they started making natural soaps and perfumes before starting their natural lip balm which is still their biggest seller to this day. Since then the company has grown, now producing over one hundred and fifty different products including face care, hair care and baby care too. Their environmental commitment still stands; they only use recyclable packaging and natural processes too.

      The Product

      The lip gloss comes in a little cardboard box which is beige in colour and has a picture of two cherries on the front along with the brand name in a cherry colour as well. The packaging reminds me a little of Benefit in that it's quite cute and detailed, yet Burt's Bees is a lot less decorative and glamorous than Benefit. Inside was a glass pot that was clear in colour with a screw on beige coloured lid that again had two cherries, the brand name and product name on it as well. Overall the packaging was functional and quite noticeable, it does look quite exclusive and the fact it's a glass pot means that you can not only recycle it but it won't get beaten up or squashed in your bag at all.

      The lip gloss itself looks very much like lip balm in that it's a solid and a cream, opaque colour. The consistency was something like Blistex or Carmex lip balm and the appearance was very similar as well. Surprisingly I'd expected it to be cherry red or at least pink but I think this is where the natural aspect comes in, some brands may well have dyed the lip balm cherry red to match the name but as Burt's Bees is a completely natural brand you don't get anything like that here. The lip balm has a cherry scent to it obviously but it wasn't overly strong which was nice, it also wasn't sickly sweet like some lip glosses or balms can be which was good as I was going to be tasting it all day!

      Application is quite straightforward and remarkably similar to when you're applying lip balms. Most lip glosses come in a tube and with an applicator wand but not this one which I did think was slightly odd and it did lead me to wonder whether this was more of a balm rather than a gloss. Simply rub your finger over the surface of the lip gloss, it is solid and won't really leave an indentation - I did find I had to press quite hard at first to ensure I actually got some on my finger. Then simply apply to your lips using your finger to pat it evenly over your lips before rubbing them together to ensure even application. It does leave you with a slightly sticky finger so be warned!

      The effect of the lip gloss wasn't quite what I was expecting from a lip gloss really. The first thing I noticed was it felt quite waxy on my lips, they almost felt like they had a slightly coating, a cherry tasting coating at that! It wasn't an overly unpleasant feeling, just a little different to normal lip glosses. On the plus side there was no sticky feeling like you often find with lip glosses and as for shine well there was some shine but again not the typical shine you find with most lip glosses. I'd say it's fair to argue that apart from the slight shine this gave my lips it would probably be better advertised as a lip balm as I felt it was more moisturising than it was glossy or shiny!

      It contains grape seed, coconut oils and Vitamin E which are all important for moisturising. Grape seed is believed to have antioxidant properties and moisturising properties to the skin in general. Coconut oil is not only antibacterial but also improves the absorption of moisture on the skin so in a way helps the other ingredients to be moisturised by the lips. Vitamin E helps in healing processes so is especially good for chapped or dry lips as well as offering a source of moisture as well. In fact the majority of the highlighted ingredients in this product seem to be more suited to a lip balm rather than a lip gloss... is anyone spotting a slight trend here in what I'm saying?!?

      The lip gloss is priced at £4.50 depending where you get it from and is also available in a lemon and lime, strawberry and a raspberry option. This will get you a pot containing 0.25oz or 5g of the product.

      My Opinion

      I received this product as a present and do quite like it although I rate it more as a lip balm than a lip gloss. It's okay for everyday use but I'd want more from a lip gloss on a night out really. As a lip gloss it just doesn't give enough shine and as a lip balm it doesn't give enough moisture, it's fine on a normal day basis but if I had really chapped lips I doubt this product would be much good on its own. I probably wouldn't replace this product when it runs out; I'd certainly look at the range again but in terms of a lip balm and a lip gloss there are far better ones available.

      Thanks for reading!


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      Gentle lip protection /

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