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Calypso Sun Protection Lips

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Brand: Calypso / Type: Sun Care / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: Protects,

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2010 00:40
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      I'm up and down about this product, I expected it to be great however I have been disappointed in many ways!
      The lip product is a sun protection made just for lips and I bought it in a 15spf factor labelled as being 'medium' protection.

      The Price; ....
      I bought this Calypso sun protection for lips from my local 'Home Bargains' store and I think it was about £2.99. We gave it a go and I assumed it would be just like every other lip gloss to be honest. At the time, I thought £2.99 for a sun protection made just for lips with a good brand name was a very good price, but now looking back I can't decide whether I think it was a waste of money all together.

      The packaging; ....
      The tube looks just like any other lip gloss, however it isn't a gloss, its unisex for a start! The brand name 'Calypso' is what drew me in as it reminds me of the 'calipo' ice lollies! Silly reason I know but it was a few weeks before our holiday to Egypt and I wanted to buy every product available.

      The cream comes in a white tube with a twist on lid, the tube last the flight there and back fine, but it's recently started to lack sealant! Now when I use it, the cream seeps out from under the lid and is very messy!
      The cream came in a 15ml size tube, plenty for our holiday and to store for the summer... perhaps if the cream doesn't leak everywhere long enough to last the summer!

      The product; ....
      The cream is described on the back as being good for use in the blistering heat of summer and the freezing chill of winter. This impressed me as the packaging gives out the advertisement that the cream is just for holidays and summer time, but when I read it is also good for use in the winter, it caught me!

      I quite like the smell of this lip protection, I was glad it didn't smell of sun cream as I wasn't looking forward to having the classic smell of sun cream under my nose half the day.
      The cream smells sweet, like ice lollies, but also to me smells like chewing gum. So overall I think the smell reminds me of fruity chewing gum! Perfect smell for a lip product haha.

      As for how good the cream is, I don't know if it actually protected my lips or not, I didn't use it every day, in fact I used it about 3 days out of 11 days I was in Egypt and my lips didn't seem any different to what they usually are.
      When using the cream, it did give my lips the moisture surge feeling I was expecting, however this was probably due to the amount of oil that is in the cream!

      The first time using the cream, it was fine. The cream came out white like typical sun lotion and the cream was nice and thick. However after using it several times, the cream changed!
      The oil in the cream seems to have separated from the actual cream... and now the cream comes out looking very much like baby sick! Not something I want to be putting near my mouth!
      Even when shaking the bottle vigorously before use, the cream comes out this way.

      As I was writing this review I thought I'd give the cream another try and rubbed the 'baby sick' looking cream on my lips. My lips feel very oily due to the separation in the cream however they don't feel dry... so the effect hasn't changed, just the appearance!

      Was it worth it? ;....
      I wouldn't recommend this cream to anyone, the lid doesn't keep the liquid in the tube, the liquid has turned yucky and it's just plain messy!
      The oily cream leaves wet looking patches on clothing, the liquid seems to pour from the tube as if it's running for its life as soon as the lid comes off!
      Unfortunately, I think I'll just throw this one away! Or give it back to my boyfriend to use haha!

      Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao


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