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Chapstick Strawberry

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3 Reviews
  • Lovely soft lips
  • Easy to apply
  • Wears off quickly
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    3 Reviews
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      15.12.2014 20:39
      Very helpful


      • "Lovely soft lips"
      • "Easy to apply"


      • "Wears off quickly"

      Leaves my lips wonderfully soft

      Whenever the cold weather arrives I dont know what happens to my lips but I immediately start to suffer with dry lips so I always ensure that I have a lip balm of some sort in my bag. I am not loyal to any brand but I must admit that I do prefer fruity ones so this one was perfect for what I wanted.

      ===The range===

      There are a few different Chapsticks available, ranging from fruity versions through to medicated and prices range from as little as £1 up to £3 depending on the shop. Chapsticks are widely available in most high street chemists, but even places such as The Poundshop, Wilkos and most supermarkets.

      ===The chapstick===

      I always prefer stick balms rather than pot versions as I don't like the idea of keep sticking my finger in a pot everytime I want to use. This Chapstick comes in a small tube with is covered in a deep red plastic wrapper with the product details on. The red tube removes completely and to reveal the balm, just simply twist the bottom of the stick, as soon as I remove the lid though and I presented with a lovely aroma of fresh strawberries. Because the balm is red, when I apply it gives my lips a nice hint of colour too which I love.

      After application, my lips stay nice and moisturised for a good few hours, I must admit though that the balm does come off quite easily to if I have a lot to drink, I find I have to keep my lips topped up.

      According to the packaging, the product provides SPF protection, I cannot really comment whether this is the case as I haven't really worn in the sun.


      Overall, this is a good balm but because I have to reapply frequently, I would only give it 4 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading.


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      14.12.2014 13:42
      Very helpful



      Taste of Strawberry Chapstick!

      I have loads of lip balms and I can’t even remember buying this Summer Strawberry Chapstick, but it is one I have gone back to time after time.

      ~ Packaging ~
      It comes in a small stick, which is about 2.5 inches tall. The packaging is mainly red with, ‘Chapstick Summer Strawberry’ written across the front in large white lettering.
      The lid on mine is made from white plastic.

      ~ Price ~
      Chapsticks can be picked up from most supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug or even your local shop and it costs around £1.20, which I think is reasonable.

      ~ In use ~
      The Chapstick claims that it
      - softens
      - moisturises
      - cares for your lips
      It also protects your lips from the sun claiming to contain sunscreen.
      The Chapstick is not coloured. It is more of a translucent off-white colour a bit like Vaseline.

      I hate having dry or chapped lips and I seem to require lip balm a lot during the colder months. I have used lots of different lip balms over the years and some of them seem to concentrate more on packaging or added glittery bits than being a good product.
      I find that this Chapstick is a brilliant lip balm. It has quite a greasy feel to it, but when my lips are sore this is the kind of lip balm that works best for me. It provides instant relief. It feels moisturising and soothes my lips stopping them from becoming drier and more painful, which they would if I left them untreated.
      The Chapstick is slightly sticky to touch, but I don’t find that my hair sticks to it like I find with lip gloss. An application lasts me a few hours, but I top it up if I feel it is necessary. The lip balm is colourless so it does not show on your lips. It does give your lips a slight shine, but it looks very natural.
      The Chapstick also has a lovely strawberry scent. It is a lot nicer than other strawberry lip balms I have tried even from similar brands such as Lypsyl. It is more vibrant and less artificial.
      I think this Chapstick is suitable for both male and female use although I wouldn’t recommend sharing one.
      Recently when I was using the Chapstick I found that it no longer twists up in the stick so if I want to apply it I have to use my finger as the product is below the level of the packaging. I am sure this doesn’t happen with every Chapstick though and it hasn’t put me off, although mine is now ready for the bin.
      I love this Chapstick and would definitely buy it again.


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      10.01.2014 17:11
      Very helpful



      a cheap produce which doesn't really do the job

      Every year around this time of winter, I end up with a big crack on my bottom lip. So every year I end up buying a few of these. I end up buying a few because I always end up losing them.
      You can buy these from chemists, superdrug, boots and other places as such. They are normally around a pound to buy.

      The chapstick company have over 120 years of expertise. Chapsticks come in four flavours, original, cherry, apple and strawberry, although there are other chapsticks available such as a sun protection, medicated, moisturise and a few for kids.

      This flavour comes in a red cylinder shaped container which is about two inches longs. The packaging is nothing to write home about, its just in a red container with chapstick and strawberry flavour written on it. It has a small cap to take on and off to use the produce as you need it.
      The Strawberry flavour contains Vitamin E, Camphor and SPF 10 sunscreen.

      The chapstick is actually red, so when you apply this to your lips, it gives your lips a small tint of redness to them and gives them a lovely glossy shine. However this is probably the only good thing about this flavour.
      The chapstick is quite waxy and thick, when you apply it to you lips, it does give your lips a nice feeling for about half an hour then it wears off and your lips are just left feeling dry.
      The chapstick is strawberry flavour however smells very sickly, a very strong scent of fake strawberry. It does not actually taste like strawberry's either. I've found that after a few uses of this it makes my lips very dry, although its meant to provide the opposite.

      I'm not too sure why I do buy these every year as it is just a waste of money, and not good for lip-care, as it doesn't help my lips one bit, so in the end I need to go and buy some Vaseline.


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    • Product Details

      Keeping your lips looking and feeling healthy is easy with Great strawberry flavour for fresh, fruity lips!