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Crabtree & Evelyn Cocoa Butter & Ardamon Lip Butter

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Brand: Crabtree & Evelyn / Butter / Type: Lip Butter / What it does: Enricheses

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2009 19:12
      Very helpful



      A splash of colour with a subtle sparkle, great for day wear.

      Crabtree & Evelyn has always stood out to me as an old fashioned true English brand with old fashioned values, how suprised was I to discover upon a little investigation they are in fact an American company set up in 1973 in Massachusetts. They began as many do a small family run business then spread their wings to be classed as an International company.

      But I wasn't totally wrong as their "core value is Englishness" interpret that as you will. Over 160 natural botanical ingredients are used in their products and fruit, flower and plant essences always feature.

      The basic idea behind their products comes from the English "still rooms" of 17th Century when the Lady of the house had a room to distill fresh flowers, herbs and fruits to make flower waters for use in baths and generally on the skin. No traipsing to Boots or Lush then Ladies, forget your "bath bombs and Dove shower gel" get distilling your own, can you imagine having time to to spare? Oh how times have changed.....

      The name? Evelyn comes from ~ John Evelyn ~ A 17th Century Englishman who was the first person to work on conservation, watching the forests being stripped of wood to make boats for the English Navy, he realised it was wrong and started to make people aware.

      Crabtree ~ A symbol native to Britain the Crab Apple or Wild Apple is the ancestor to all cultivated apple trees.

      Can I just point out, it is Cocoa Butter & Cardamon Lip Balm not Ardamon as shown above, Ooops don't know what happened there!

      Back to the lip balm ~

      It comes in a clear plastic tube, modern and clean looking, great to see how much is remaining with a screw off clear lid, the tube features the slanted neck applicator favourite of many lip balms theses days, which I find does ease application.

      It states ~ Naturals Protective Lip Balm~ spf 8 sunscreen ~ Cocoa Butter & Cardamon. Nourishing balm with reflective mineral oxides provides natural UVA / UVB protection and adds a hint of colour to the lips.It's made in USA.

      The tube is 15g and costs approx £7.00, I bought mine from a Crabtree & Evelyn shop, but you can buy on line www.crabtree-evelyn.com

      Ingredients ~

      Cocoa Butter ~ Moisturising and lovely chocolate taste / aroma.
      Olive Oil and Shea Butter ~ Moisturising and soothing.
      Soybean Oil ~ Soothing and conditioning.
      Cardamon Seed Extract ~ Antioxidant properties.
      Zinc Oxide ~ Sun protection UVA / UVB.
      Reflective Minerals ~ Mica minerals, iron oxide and titanium ~ give a hint of colour and shine.

      Iron oxide is used frequently as it's resistant to moisture and the colour is non-bleeding, always an asset in lip colour as theres nothing worse than colour that bleeds.

      Titanium is used as a sunscreen but also a thickener.

      Mica minerals add the sparkling particles and they really do give a fabulous sparkly effect.

      Contains no ~

      Paraffin, mineral oil, parabens or synthetic colours.

      The colour is a reddish brown, a gorgeous rich shade with tiny sparkly red particles and it smells divine a luscious chocolate aroma that tastes sweet and delicious, it's very difficult not to keep licking your lips!

      The texture is very thick, the tube needs a decent squeeze to free the flow of lip balm, again a good feature as you don't lose any when applying. It is quite a heavy feel on the lips which I am still adjusting to and I do find Im constantly aware of it.

      It takes a little work to spread evenly but is such a lovely shade and really quite glossy in appearance, the true effect of the shine and subtle sparkle can be seen when the light dances on your lips.

      I find it lasts fairly well even after drinking and eating, it's still evident after approx an hour maybe a little longer so I can't complain about it's "staying power". The colour is described as " a hint of", but I find it stronger than a hint and it really does match lipstick for a good splash of colour and the sparkle under lights rivals any lipsticks I have tried. The tube has lasted me 4 months and I have approx half left, using it every couple of days, it's great for day wear.

      The only negatives I found are the heavy, slightly greasy feel on the lips but this seems mainly down to the moisturising ingredients and it does leave your lips extremely soft and smooth so maybe it's worth putting up with the feel. It's also a tad sticky, due to the glossy factor but not sticky enough to have your hair stuck to it as I have in the past with other products. The sweet chocolate flavour could have you licking your lips too often.

      I Love the fact it has sun protection aswell in these times of increasing skin cancer awareness, it can only help in protecting our lips. I wish they had produced a "pink" variety with the same format as this, as I think it would be popular, maybe I will suggest it to them. The only other variety available is ~

      Garden Mint ~ A soothing lip balm ~ it doesn't appear to offer any colour to the lips and no sun screen but retails at the same price £7.00.

      In conclusion it's a delicious lip balm with a splash of colour and sparkle offering a strong moisturising, soothing action with the bonus of sunscreen and the slanted applicator for ease of application. I must take away a star for the heavy slightly greasy feel on the lips, but I will buy it again, I Love the subtle colour and have to admit I am very partial to "sparkle".....


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