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Cubic Cupcake Black Forest Lip Balm

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Brand: Cubic / Balm / Type: Lip Balm / What it does: regenerates,

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2010 20:27
      Very helpful



      A Cupcake that won't last a lifetime on the hips!

      I always try my best to avoid the quirky little gifts next to the tills of shops, the pretty little things always catch my eye and I have to almost physically stop myself from looking! But on a recent trip to Topshop I was buying a coat and was using a gift voucher, now instead of them giving me back some change on a gift card which I know I would lose, I decided to just pick u something cheap and pretty from the little items they had floating around the shop. Ironically I had seen this lip balm on numerous online shops that sell the likes of Burts Bees etc and I had wanted to buy one for a little while purely because of the packaging!

      ** Cup-Cake Lip Balms **

      The Cupcake lip balm range is marketed purely at being a lip balm with a flavour! Not just a basic sweet, synthetic flavour, but with a somewhat authentic cake flavour. There are 8 different flavours in the range, starting at Double choc chip cupcake to Caramel Fudge. The Balm itself advertised to do nothing less then add a layer of protection for sensitive lips (which to be fair which is what most lip balms do!) I have to say that it is a nice idea and varies itself from the normal, boring lip balms that are on the market.

      I also like the quirky fun packaging that the lip balms are encased in. It is basic cardboard shaped like a cupcake, each flavour has its own colour and each cupcake varies slightly. For example the Very Vanilla lip balm has a creamy coloured sponge cupcake with pink icing and a red cherry as its backing cardboard, the balm I then encased in plastic. Minimal packaging but still eye-catching. I chose Black forest cupcake flavour, because if anything I knew it would taste slightly of cherry is nothing else and I hoped for the best. The Backing cardboard that the lip balm is packaged in is a very tempting chocolate cupcake with a pink swirl of cream on top and a drizzle of cherry sauce. It's enough to make your mouth water!

      ** Black Forest - Cherry Chocolate flavoured lip balm.**

      The lip balm itself comes in a stick with a pull off lid and a twisty bottom which pushes the balm up bit by bit. When the lid is taken off the first thing that hit me was the sweet, luscious smell that the balm had. It really was quite mouth watering. I wouldn't quite say a black forest cupcake, but I would say a deep rich fruity smell. Quite different to the bog standard smell that comes with most balms. The balm is quite soft and glides over the lips really easily without leaving them feeling greasy or sticky. It definitely gave them a layer of protection, and it reminds me very much of the old fashion lypsyls.

      The packaging, writing and lid of the balm are all purple in colour and this correlates to the purple colour of the balm. I was a little concerned that I might be left with purple lips as the colour seemed quite intense in the stick. However, it does live a hint of a tint of colour, a slight, hint of pink shimmer. I really liked that effect as it wasn't a lip colour or a lip gloss but it was a slight glint which always makes the lips look healthy. So giving the fact that these lip balms are sold on the basis of their flavours I had to give my lips a lick! I have to say that even after licking my lips or having a drink the lip balm was very much still in place and protecting my lips which I was quite impressed with. In regards to the taste well. Once again I wouldn't quite call it a cupcake flavour but there is definitely a cherry fruity flavour to it. But I wouldn't suggest you licking your lips just for a sugar fix!

      It did stop my lips from drying out against the cold, and it made them look healthy and slightly glossy. The flavour wasn't quite on point but to be honest I did doubt that Black forest cupcakes could really be combined into a lip balm but it was close enough for me!

      ** Price & Availability **

      In Topshop this lip balm was £2.50. About average for a decent lip balm that does protect the lips. However it is sold in a lot of little boutiques and in quite original online shops. Before Topshop I had contemplated buying this from Asos.com but they are currently out of stock and have been for a while. You can also buy it from a number of online shops. The prices range from £2 to around £3 so I suggest you do your research or just keep your eyes open. The official site that is printed on the lip balm is www.cubicuk.com , However I would still suggest you shop around as I have found the cupcake on numerous websites.

      ** Recommendation **

      I really liked the uniqueness of this lip balm and the smell and flavour did make it quite fun to use. (Maybe a little sad but pretty things excite me!) It wasn't exactly like eating a cupcake but definitely close enough. The packaging was also quite fun and I am tempted to work my way through the entire range! It definitely helped to protect my lips with a little added twist. About average in price. Don't expect miracles but if you want something a little different as a beauty staple then give the cupcake range a go. I don't know what the ingredients are and I have to be honest and say that I am sure it must be full of un-natural things as it isn't natural for cherry chocolate to be made into a balm! So it is up to you to read the packaging etc. However I can say that I recommend this to anyone who wants to update their lip care and have something a little different. It definitely won't be something I try and seek out every month and will stop using other products for but as an addition to the many balms I have (and keep losing!) this is an impulse buy which I am glad I found.


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