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Jemma Kidd Perfect Pout

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Brand: Jemma Kidd / Type: Lip Treatment

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2011 09:22
      Very helpful



      A very effective way of keeping your lips smooth and moisturised.

      After reading a brilliant review about Benefit's Lipscription exfoliating beads and balm a little while ago, I was inspired to do something about my dry and rather flaky lips before taking them with me to Greece.

      Although the Benefit product sounded brilliant, I couldn't find anything online below the £25 mark. It did, however, get me involved in my first ever eBay auction - which was very exciting but ultimately unsuccessful.

      So I Googled for some tips for my lips. The best value tip was to rub your lips, in gentle circles, with a damp facecloth, and then apply a balm such as Vaseline. I did this, and thought to myself 'Yay, I'm saving money!' - but somehow it just wasn't the same as using a 'proper' product. After doing a bit more online investigation, I found some really good reviews for Jemma Kidd's Perfect Pout Exfoliating Lip Balm, and as it was available for about £10, I decided to give it a try.

      I shopped around, and eventually bought it from ASOS, my first-ever purchase with them. They had it for £8, and offer free standard delivery. However, I paid an extra £3.95 for a guaranteed quick delivery as I wanted to make sure I could give this product a proper trial before going on holiday.

      The product, which is in the shape of a lipstick, comes in a bright pink box that features the JK logo and the description of the item. The round case is quite striking - black, with a pink base, the JK logo and Jemma Kidd's name, and an attractive floral pattern near the base. On opening, the case seems nice and sturdy. (It bears no resemblance to the product shown above this review by Dooyoo.)

      I was a bit surprised not to get much information about how to use this lip exfoliant and balm with the product. The instructions on the side of the box simply state:

      'Give lips the spa treatment @ home! Sugar-based lip exfoliant and vitamin E enriched lip balm stick. Simply prep, soothe and prime lips for flawless colour application and the perfect pout.'

      The Jemma Kidd website gives the following information:

      'The ultimate in smooth summer lips.
      Dual-action lip treatment.
      Micro-fine sugar granules gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.
      Hydrating lip balm conditions and soothes lips.
      Added anti-oxidants Vitamin A, C & E.
      Available in shade 01 Neutral.

      You are then given the option to buy either in the UK or the US. Clicking on the UK button takes you straight to the ASOS site.

      I took the 'lipstick' out of the box, and on pulling the lid off, discovered what appeared to be a waxy lip balm. Ok, I thought, so now what do I do? One side was supposed to be the exfoliant, and the other the follow-up balm. Both sides looked and felt identical to me (at first), so I was a very puzzled lady whose lips were waiting impatiently for their new super-duper treatment. I looked on Jemma Kidd's website, but although they give the information listed above, I still wasn't sure what to do. Eventually, again with the aid of Google, I found a review on Target's website written by someone who had found it as puzzling as me. I also sent the Jemma Kidd website an email, and they were very helpful.

      To cut a long story short, one side of the balm is (very slightly!) darker than the other, and that is the exfoliant. I rubbed the exfoliating side over my lips, and once I'd made a start, I could feel the very delicate 'grains' within. I found that the product felt fairly dry, and so needed to apply some pressure until I was sure of getting a decent coverage. I decided to leave this on my lips for a few minutes, then gently rub off with a tissue before applying the waxy balm from the other side of the 'bullet'. This is apparently the right way to do things. Although the waxy balm initially feels quite heavy on the lips, it is still very pleasant, and certainly helps keep my lips feeling soft and smooth.

      Within a couple of days I could see and feel a distinct improvement in the state of my lips. They were no longer dry and flaky (not a good look!), and I have happily continued using the exfoliant/balm since returning from holiday.

      The only problem I have with this product is that I seem to have used more of the balm than the exfoliant, and so there is a distinct curve at the top of the 'bullet' - perhaps I just need to exfoliate a bit more thoroughly!

      I appreciate that £8 (the basic price from ASOS) may seem a bit pricey for something to help keep your lips smooth and flake-free, but I am very happy with my investment. There is loads left of the 'bullet', so I think it will last me for some time to come. I really like this product, and so am happy to give it five stars.


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