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Johnson's Pearly Lipcare

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Brand: Johnson's / Type: Lip Treatment

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    5 Reviews
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      03.03.2010 16:48



      10/10 for sexy shimmer lips!

      It's Lip Care Facts;
      It has Uva and uvb protection and Vitamin E.

      How annoying is it when you out and about and the you feel your lips getting very dry and you don't have anything on you or in your handbag, that will treat them or give them abit of glamour!
      Well no more worries ladies!
      Johnson's Pearly lip care has come up with a nice lip care chap stick that has a lovely pink shine to it and finally glamour and TLC in one tube!
      Instead of using lip-gloss my lips needs this from time to time.
      Sometimes lippies and glosses can irritate my lips so this Chap Stick is perfect for them. Glosses can leave my lips sticky and slightly dry in places once its come off.

      So for £1.99 this pearly is really a bargin, it lasts me ages, and for my money the quality is great. It doesn't give you that horrible over load of shimmer or a chalk on your lips look. Just a nice summer glow perfect if you're going for a natural look.

      Supermarkets such Asda and tesco sell these in the beauty sections. Chemists like Boots will have this product too.
      I used to wear a regular chap stick but this one is more girly for me and easier to just pop on anytime in the day. Sometimes glosses go every wear and you don't always need to use a mirror with this one as it wont smudge yay! I keep it in my handbag its small enough to even fit in my purse so easy to carry around. I would recommend this pearly Chap Stick as its girly, light and very easy to use. Even when you are in a rush or your lips just need that TLC. Great for mums or women on the go.

      10/10 for moisture
      10/10 for Lips softness

      Soft sexy lips what more could women ask for?
      Well-done Johnson's!


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      27.02.2010 22:58
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a great way to have pretty and soft lips at a great price!

      I love lipsticks and lip balms and am amassing a huge collection of them!

      The latest in my collection is Johnsons Lipcare Pearly lipbalm.

      I purchased the lipbalm at a bargain price of £1 at Poundland, Im really pleased with getting a great product at such a low price and lots of other people must have felt the same because when I went back to try and get afew more they were all gone!

      The balm comes in a lipstick style twist bottom case. The bas is white and the lid is a pearly pink colour. It says the product name and the manufacturer address on the lid. It also tells you to use within 36 months of opening ( although I never stick to these use by instructions on make up as it always lasts ages longer with the exception of mascara ). It also tell you there is 4.9g of product.

      The balm itself is a light pink colour and very shimmery.

      You apply as you would any other balm or lipstick.

      I was very pleased with how the balm looks once applied, it made my lips very slightly shimmering. The balm does not feel sticky on my lips and it made my lips feel very soft.

      I use a lot of lip balm as I get very dry lips and in the past I have been unimpressed by the staying power of some lip balms, I hate having to reapply loads throughout the day, but this Johnsons balm stayed on for hours keeping my lips feeling slightly moist and very soft, the shimmer stayed on too.

      I now keep the balm in my bag as it is great for cold days and I also like the way it looks when applied, It doubles up as a lip gloss and I am happy to wear it instead of a lipstick.

      I think it would be great if Johnsons could use this lipbalm as a base for lipsticks!

      I paid only £1 but I think this is available in other places for a bit more, in the chemist near me it is £1.89 which is still a reasonable price considering the quality of the product.

      I will definitely be buying another one when this one runs out, I must have about 30 lip balms but none of them compare to this one except maybe my Lush Whipstick.

      Ive given 5/5 stars for this as Ive found no faults with it!


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        15.07.2009 17:23
        Very helpful



        a recommended well-priced lipcare product which gives results

        Luckily I don't usually suffer from dried or chapped lips but do like to make sure they are looked after especially because of my mature years as I think the mouth is a dead giveaway!

        I used to use a lipcare product from Gatineau but the price is outrageously high so I thought I'd give this Johnson's Pearly Lipcare a try as I saw it on offer at our local LLoyds for just 79p instead of the normal £1.40.

        It comes exactly the same as shown in the picture & the cardborad sleeve gives information & ingredients as well as an address & website. Once opened the little pink tube is revealed with it's light pink plastic lipstick-like container with the traditional blue logo & print.

        It is 4.9g & looks very small but it lasts longer than you'd expect so I'll be buying more especially when I see it at this price.

        Once unsealed there's no need to twist the cap - just pull - it couldn't be easier. There's a lovely smell of vanilla which hits you but this soon tones down when you apply to the lips. It smooths on just like a regular lipstick & the lips feel soft & nourished almost as soon as it seeps into the skin. I tend to use it over the lip area as well because it seems to 'fill in' the lines around my mouth & the stick is quite a generous size which enables me to do this very quickly first thing in the morning & last thing at night.

        The ingredients are listed on the cardboard sleeve & include shea butter & vitamin E - both known to help moisturise & soften skin. I expected it to be slightly greasy but it isn't & the pearl effect is very subtle & looks natural.

        I was also pleased to find that it didn't come off when using cups & glasses etc.

        - no nonsense product which does the trick with no hassle.
        - almost instant moisturising effect on the lips ( & in my case other areas!).
        - easy to apply.
        - lasts a good while.
        - smells/ tastes good.
        - recommended for everyday lip care even if you don't suffer from dry, chapped or cracked lips.


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          30.06.2009 16:23
          Very helpful



          A fantastic lip care which is cheap and easy to apply

          For the last few years I have suffered from eczema and the skin on my lips is the driest of all. I have allergies to fragrances which are found in almost all cosmetics. I need a really strong lip care that therefore does not contain any fragrances and can really deal with dry skin.

          Having tried about 10 different lip balms including Vaseline and Carmex, I eventually turned to Johnson's lip care. This was the only one that worked!!! It can be difficult to find in stores so when I do find it I stock up. I have found it in Boots and Tesco although it is often sold out. I have had to purchase it online and get it shipped from Greece before as this is honestly the only thing I can find that will work for me!

          The lip care comes in a lipstick style packaging making it very easy to apply. It smells of white chocolate but it doesn't really taste of anything which is great as you won't be licking it off!!


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          27.04.2009 20:16
          Very helpful



          Excellent and a must buy!

          Occasionally I get very dried out chapped and/or sore lips. However not often do I try and do much about it as I really don't like balms or glosses (in fact anything) at all on my lips. I hate a heavy, greasy feel... I really do and it's a serious problem for me!

          However I had to take action the other day. I was in Sainbury's and I caught a glimpse of my face and my lips really did appear slightly flaky and quite a bit dry and heck I was going on a date and wanted soft, pouty flipping lips and went into a slight panic! lol.

          The Packaging....

          The lip 'stick'/tube is white plastic and the bottom you twist the stick of light pink vanilla scented product up and down to use it. Over that white application stick a light shimmery pink cover pulls securely on and off. In dark blue writing I'm told it is Johnson's Lipcare and is Pearly 'For a silky shimmer'. Contact details for Johnson & Johnson are given, the size is stated (4.9g) and the recycle symbol is displayed.

          The lip-stick comes in a light pink and white cardboard (able to hang up) card (the tube sits in and can be seen in a compartment). On the front again in navy writing and white this time I'm again told it is Johnson's Lipcare, 'Pearly soft care for silky, shiny lips with with silky pearlshine' and I'm told it has UVA-UVB protection. On the back of the card I'm told a bit about the product, there's a bar-code on there, size is again stated, ingredients are listed, and again the recycle symbol is shown. All in all nice, functional, informative packaging this is.

          A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Card.....

          Beautiful, tender lips needs protection and care to keep them looking soft and supple. Johnson's Lipcare Pearly is a gentle silky treat for your lips with:

          Pearlshine for beautiful, kissable lips.
          Vitamin E to help the lips store moisture and protects them from drying out.
          UV filters to protect the lips against damaging UV-radiation.
          A silky smooth texture that is especially comforting to apply.
          Tested by dermatologists..

          Using It....

          To be totally honest I'm not keen on Johnson's products as a rule (and believe me I've tried a few over the years lol). I find them over-hyped and I only purchased this as at the time because it was on offer for 75p (usual price £1.41) so I decided it was worth a go!

          Using it is simple of course. Twist the product up and like I said earlier it is a stick of product and is hard and robust. Apply it to the lips and it smears easily and it does give a shimmery, pearly light shell pink colour to the lips that is rather visible. It looks fairly natural but guys I wouldn't suggest you wear this cos although I couldn't describe it as a lipstick it does contain a colour although if you wipe it off for any reason you can't see any colour on where you've wiped it from lol.

          When its on the lips it stays on me for hours even if I'm smoking, eating and drinking etc. It's light on the lips, hydrating and smooth and totally comfortable to wear (coming from me that's saying something lol). For an intensive lip treatment I use this at night and sleep with it on and in the morning I can still feel it gently hydrating my lips... still! Because it's light in colour and only gently pigments the lips it glides on very naturally and not only do lips feel healthy they really do appear it too.

          All In All....

          I love using it! It smells wonderful for ages once applied but doesn't taste at all which I appreciate. It isn't heavy or greasy at all and once on the lips they feel moisturised from the second you apply it and over time my lips really do look and feel softer making my usual make up much easier to apply to my lips. Kissable, pouty lips? Check....! I got them too now! Brilliance in a tube not only does it last ages on the lips it lasts ages in it's tube too making this a really nifty economical product to use any time.


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          Soft care for silky, shiny lips!

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