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L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Incredible Lip Shine

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Brand: L'Occitane / Type: Lip Balm

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2012 13:21
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      A lovely lip shine which gives your lips a tint of pink

      Over the last year I have become more and more of a fan of L'Occitane, of course I can never completely forget Lush but L'Occitane do have a very wonderful range of products albeit at slightly expensive prices! However, they do have a very wonderful summer sale which has been going for quite a few weeks now and as I get emails and offers from L'Occitane I made every effort to visit the online sale and see what wonderful items they had in the sale as we are not talking the rubbish that people just don't want to buy but wonderful, indulgent products which are either limited editions coming to the end and products they are wanting to end to make room for more fabulous things.

      I of course splurged quite a bit in the sale but on products I would actually use rather than buying anything I liked simply because it was on offer. One product I bought as I had been wanting it for a while (it sat in my wish list!) was the Pivoine Flora Incredible Lip Shine. I have several products from the Pivoine range and adore the aroma that they give and as the lip shine was reduced from £9.00 to £5.40 I knew it was a must buy as I had considered the price of £9.00 to be a tad expensive for a lip shine as it isn't tinted but of course it has a questionable price tag due to is L'Occitane status!

      The Pivoine Flora Incredible Lip Shine is part of the Pivoine range and if you haven't tried a product in this collection then you must. The Pivoine range contains the fragrant Peony extract incredibly soft and floral it has an air of sophistication with a very girly, chic side to it. The lip shine comes in a slim tube which looks very similar to other lip shines/glosses so nothing new in the packaging department which is slightly disappointing as I do generally think L'Occitane packaging is quite unique. However, the tube itself is white in colour and features on the front a pink theme together with the L'Occitane logo together with the product name and on the back in very, very small font is the information about it such as ingredients, contact info etc.

      The lip shine itself is clear in colour when you carefully squeeze it out but when it is actually applied to your lips it will gently reveal a rose sheen which is supposed to enhance the natural pinkness of your lips giving you an ever so subtle pink hue making it more than just a clear lip shine and of course it is meant to give a natural sheen rather than a gloss effect. The lip shine itself has a beautiful floral aroma to it which is light and gentle with hints of rose which of course being L'Occitane is not a synthetic fragrance. This is what makes this product so lovely is that its fragrance is incredibly natural rather than made up from synthetic aromas which are just not as nice as something far more natural but obviously this does bring a higher price tag!

      To apply the lip shine the tube has an angled applicator to make it easy to apply whether you apply it directly onto the lips or onto the tip of your finger to apply. You don't need to layer the lip shine on as it has quite a thick consistency so a little will go a long way and the effect you are wanting is a nice natural shine rather than a high gloss look. Once applied it doesn't take more than a few seconds for you to see the pinkness come out in the your lips and of course for everyone the shade of pink will be different so it does give a truly unique result. L'Occitane do say that you can intensify the colour by adding additional layers of this lip shine but in my own opinion the soft shine starts to disappear the more you apply.

      If you haven't already guessed I really do love this lip shine which in a way is problematic as I will probably get through the whole tube a lot quicker than I would do with any other making it quite an expensive purchase as no doubt I will try to buy another one or two over the next few weeks. What I do like about it is not only does the Peony extract give a beautiful fragrance it also helps to keep the lips soft and smooth which for someone like me whose lips can become dry quite easily this is an ideal lip shine to get a lovely rose tint whilst keeping your lips nourished and looked after. It certainly gives a lovely natural shine which for everyday use and wear is ideal and for me the subtle rose hue is incredibly nice and of course adds a touch of colour for a more natural look.

      Because it has a thick almost slightly greasy feel to it, it does last quite a decent amount of time without being absorbed so the lovely shine will stay for quite a while but like most things like this it will need to be reapplied during the course of the day. I did mention it does have a greasy feel to it but the same sort of feel that Vaseline has and this is simply due to having nourishing ingredients as they will eventually sink into the skin, by no means does it leave a horrible sticky residue on your lips as it is incredibly light to the touch and light to wear, you don't really notice it is there. It doesn't however have the longest staying power if you are constantly drinking or eating which is fine with me really.

      Overall, I love this lip shine however I am glad I haven't paid full price and although it is lovely and keeps my lips soft I don't think it is quite worth the full £9.00 and the sale price is actually far more realistic. If a fan of L'Occitane products or just want a lovely lip shine which will give your lips a unique colour tint then definitely worth a try. As much as I would like to give this a full 5 stars I can only award it 4 stars as I knocking 1 star off due to the fact it is quite expensive and it's lasting power is only ok unless you are eating and drinking!

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: L'Occitane
      Amount: 10g
      Price: Was £9.00 Now £5.40
      Availability: L'Occitane website or stockists
      Misc: A limited edition. Dermatologically tested.


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