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L'Occitane Shea Lip Balm Desert Rose

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Brand: L'Occitane / Balm / Type: Lip Balm / What it does: Repairs, Restores, regenerates, Protects / Quality Standard: Fair trade, Organic

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2012 18:11
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      A nourishing lip balm with a hefty price tag

      I do have a slight obsession with make up and beauty products I have a wide range of all sorts of products which some I love and some I seem to keep despite not liking them and not wanting to throw them away as it is just a waste of a product! However, my collection seems to grow more and more when the L'Occitane sale is on, I simply just cannot help myself and although this summer's sale hasn't been the best that they have had but I've managed to pick up a few items which I had previously debated and with a considerable amount off the full price it was a lot easier to purchase them!

      One of those debateable items was the L'Occitane Desert Rose Organic Lip Balm. The reason for not buying it at full price was quite simply I was trying to be practical and spending £8.50 on a lip balm was not an essential item however much I wanted it! However, with a 50% sale price of £4.25 it seemed like a much more of a reasonable price to pay especially for a L'Occitane product as I would probably spend similar on a similar item from another brand. L'Occitane Desert Rose Organic Lip Balm is a limited edition item and is obviously now the sale so once sold it won't be coming back.

      I have previously used other lip balms from L'Occitane and as much as I have liked them I do feel they can be a little overpriced. However, they are made with 10% fair trade shea butter which of course helps to keep your lips moisturised and protected so ideal for those similar to me who can suffer with dry and chapped lips. One of the main reasons I'd wanted this lip balm is the fact that it has a rose aroma and is made with Moroccan rose extract. I love the smell of a true rose scent, not a synthetic aroma you can often find.

      The lip balm comes in a slim silver tube which looks and feels exactly the same as their tubed handcreams so don't be mistaken! The Desert Rose lip balm's tube is incredibly colourful with the front being made up of bright pink, purple and yellow in an unusual design which reminds me of Aztecs for some reason but it is certainly quite a catchy design. It features the L'Occitane font logo together with the product name and a tiny bit of information of course in both French and English. On the back of the tube is the list of ingredients together with the contact information for L'Occitane.

      The lip balm itself is a very similar colour to Vaseline when you gently squeeze it out of its tube and it can harden in colder temperatures so best to keep it somewhere not too warm and not too cold but I still find that even kept on my desk at work that you need to apply a little pressure when squeezing the tube for the lip balm to actually come out but when you first use it don't be surprised if you get a little excess clear liquid appear rather than the balm itself, this is perfectly normal and disappears once you've used it for the first time as the balm has just settled in the tube. The top to the tube is just a simple screw on cap and it doesn't have a seal to tear off either.

      When I first tried this balm I tried not to be put off by the excess liquid although as I had never used this balm before I did wonder whether it was normal and this was what the lip balm was like but I am pleased to say after using it for the second time I was able to get the proper balm out which is like a thicker version of Vaseline just in the tube. However, what makes if far better than Vaseline is its gorgeous rose aroma which is fragrant and definitely noticeable right from when you've applied a small bit to your finger and you apply it to your lips. It isn't overpowering or pungent it is actually quite refreshing to smell a realistic rose scent in a product.

      The lip balm's consistency is quite thick and does have a bit of a greasy feel to it. However, once it warms up to your body temperature when you apply it to your lips this thick consistency is easily spread and applied as it warms up which shea butter does naturally. The once greasy feel to it quickly disappears and you are left with a lovely light, soft lip balm which is gently caring for your lips. Helping to repair and look after dry lips should you have them and should you not the lip balm will help keep your lips moisturised and looking their best!

      I always seem to suffer with dry lips but with the help of various lip balms I can tend to keep it at bay. This lip balm is great as it does keep my lips soft and it looks after the delicate skin. It currently sits on my desk where I can apply it regularly throughout the day. Even though it doesn't have the best staying power but then then I don't expect a lip balm to stay on for hours and hours it will remain for a few hours and you can still feel the balm but it will slowly absorb which is quite nice. However, even when once absorbed you can still feel it just about but the fragrance although incredibly noticeable at first quickly disappears once applied.

      I do like that the shea butter is included for its skin nourishing properties and it clearly helps with keeping my lips moisturised and nourished but I would really like the aroma just to stay around a little longer but really on the whole I cannot complain as it certainly does the job it is supposed to but I don't think it is worth its original price tag especially for such a small amount considering if you really have dry lips and your constantly applying this then it won't prove a cheap purchase and you'd be better off using Vaseline. However, if like me you apply a few times (you need less than a pea sized amount) then it would be worth it.

      I cannot give this product a full 5 stars as I just don't think it is quite worth it. Yes, it has an initial gorgeous fragrance and it has wonderful moisturising properties but for £8.50 I'd want a little more in a tube. 4 stars I think is a fair rating. I'd recommend it if you were going in to a L'Occitane store and could pick it up but I wouldn't pay the postage from the website if you just wanted to buy this as a sole item as there are just as good products available at cheaper prices. Worth a try though if you do really like a rose scent but I don't think I will be rushing out to buy it again.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: L'Occitane
      Size: 15ml
      Price: Was £8.50 -Now £4.25
      Availability: Sale item so may be only available via their stores and website
      Misc: Limited edition


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  • Product Details

    Limited Edition / Rich in fair trade shea butter (10%), this Desert Rose Organic Lip Balm helps to moisturise, repair and protect dry and chapped lips / The comfort, suppleness and softness of your lips are fully restored / Enriched with Moroccan rose extract, it delicately perfumes lips with a fruity and tangy interpretation of roses /

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