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L'Occitane Sorbet Verbena Cooling Gloss

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Brand: L'Occitane / Balm / Type: Lip Balm / Subcategory: Gloss

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2012 13:04
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      An expensive let down

      If you haven't realised it by now that I am a huge L'Occitane fan that you never will! I have completely fallen in love with their products over the last few years due to my mother constantly recommending their items as well as buying me a few little bits to try and urge me onto these wonderful creations. My mother likes all things French mainly as we do have not only Italian heritage but French also and therefore anything French my mother tends to adore it (as long as its good quality that is!). For my birthday I was indeed treated in a L'Occitane store to quite a number of products which means I can now review them all!

      One item I immediately selected was the L'Occitane Sorbet Verbena Cooling Gloss. I really do like the Verbena range and after smelling the limited edition Sorbet Verbena perfume and then being told the gloss has exactly the same smell I knew I was going to have it. I happen to be a bit like a kid in a candy store when in L'Occitane all the aromas coming together which unlike Lush is actually quite a refreshing, herbal aroma rather than the sweet aromas all mashing together. L'Occitane have a rather large Verbena collection and is one of their best selling. They have a number of limited edition items currently for sale and one is the Sorbet Verbena Cooling Gloss.

      The L'Occitane Verbena range has one key ingredient: verbena extract! If you haven't heard of verbena then you have been missing out! L'Occitane source their verbena extract from Corsica due to its pure properties. Verbena or Verbenaceae which is a semi woody flowering plant. It is Lemon Verbena that L'Occitane use as it's lemon fragrance is incredibly revitalising as well as refreshing. Their Verbena range is quite extensive and has products which include fragrances, body care (hand cream, body lotion etc), hair care as well as home fragrances and not to mention lip gloss.

      The whole point of the Sorbet Verbena Cooling Gloss is not only to help moisturise the lips but also to give a cooling sensation which is of course ideal to use in the summer months when it is warm (I am still waiting for that warm weather!). I opted to buy it mainly because I love the Verbena fragrance but also because I thought the idea of the gloss with its cooling sensation made it quite a good item to have on the warm days. The gloss also contains shea butter which will of course help keep those lips nourished and looked after and if like me you can suffer with dry lips then this is definitely something worth trying.

      The lip gloss itself comes in a slim tube and in shape and size looks like any other lip gloss you can buy. The tube is a very pale apple green colour which is fitting as it suits the rest of the range and is completed with a silver metallic screw on top. On the front there is of course the 'LOccitane logo together with the product name (both in French and English) and an image of a Verbena leaf in a dark shade of green. On the back there is a little information on the product (again in French and English) as well as the ingredients list as well as the contact address for L'Occitane (it is a French based company). The tube is a handy slim size as it can easily fit into your pocket or handbag without really being noticed.

      To apply the lip gloss you simply unscrew the top and apply to the lips by gently squeezing the tube. The applicator is angled slightly so you can easily apply it without the need to use your fingers to blend. As soon as you apply the gloss you can instantly smell the Verbena fragrance, now if you don't like lemons then may be it isn't the lip gloss for you but don't expect that sharp, eye watering lemon fragrance which is incredibly bitter this is a lot softer with a herbal note rounding off the lemon well so although it is an incredibly refreshing fragrance it won't make you pucker your lips like you've just sucked a lemon! The fragrance although noticeable isn't overpowering and pungent it is just gentle enough to be noticed.

      I've now used my Sorbet Verbena Cooling Gloss too many times to count and made full use of it during our one week of glorious sunshine and heat. Now despite its claims that it will give a cooling sensation I was a little disappointed. Yes, it gave a slight tingling sensation which was perfectly pleasant but it lasted for around 30 seconds which was not expected. Now L'Occitane do not say how long the cooling sensation to last for but I was expecting it to last for quite a while considering I hadn't even left the bedroom before the tingling sensation had actually stopped and I am guessing that this tingly feeling I had was indeed the cooling sensation! So for me this was quite a big let down as really it just becomes another standard lip gloss.

      So apart from the non-cooling sensation I did find that this gloss does provide a lovely clear gloss to the lips which isn't too thick or sticky but you can feel it does have some staying power as it doesn't have a watery/thin consistency. It's moisturising properties do provide some well needed relief to my dry lips and has certainly help re-nourish them and get them back to being smooth and looking healthy but considering I can probably get this in a tin of Vaseline for a fraction of the asking price I do think this is far too expensive. Yes, my lips are lovely and moisturised by the wonderful shea butter BUT it just doesn't deliver on the 'cooling sensation' and it is a big let down considering this is the main selling point for the product.

      Overall, I adore the fragrance of this lip gloss and the nice, natural sheen it leaves on your lips is lovely but as it hasn't worked for me (it may work for others) I find it hard to recommend to someone. Of course, if you are willing to bypass the fact that it doesn't give the cooling sensation and just want a moisturising lip gloss and are willing to pay the price then go for it but I think it is far too expensive for it is and what it offers and I'd rather have saved my money and spend it on something which would actually work. I wouldn't recommend as there are far more similar products in terms of moisturising qualities at a much cheaper price. 2 stars from me unfortunately. 1 for its moisturising qualities and 1 for its gorgeous fragrance.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: L'Occitane
      Size: 15ml
      Price: £8.00
      Availability: L'Occitane stores, stockists and website


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