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L'Oréal Pastel Repair Conditioning Lip Cream

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Lip Paste / What it does: Repairs,

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2008 13:30
      Very helpful



      Read the review lol x

      My friends do buy me little bits and pieces. I love my cosmetics and toiletries etc and my cheeky mates will come, get ready to go out with me and use everything I own! Then when I kick off that I'm supporting them they do buy me gifts to shut me up for a while and make me feel guilty (which works). One of them times I was bought this!

      I do like products that are multi functional. I mean when I'm going out into the world sure I like to put my best foot forward so to speak but at the same time my life is about having fun and a laugh and I wannt to get my self ready and run out of the door as quickly as possible. As I've gotten older no longer do I want to spend the day pruning and priming myself to look drop dead gorgeous. I want to have a minimal routine and be as glam in 0-10 as I can possibly be. So when I was given this I thought the concept was great. A colour and a repair product in one!

      The Packaging....

      A 12ml plastic see through tube with a small silver plastic screw on/off plastic cap and the whole thing is of course recyclable. On the front in metallic silver writing I'm told at the top it's Loreal, Paris. Length-ways down the front of the tube I'm told it is Pastel Repair and some stuff in a foreign language I don't understand. Towards the back there is a white bar code and under that there is the recyclable symbol and the size (as I've stated already). Then on the back in dark grey writing again I'm told it is pastel repair and some stuff in a foreign language yet again, the colour (in my case is 01 'Lait Au Miel'), then ingredients are listed and finally at the bottom of the tube I'm told once again it is a Loreal product, contact details for Loreal and I'm told the product is made in Italy (although called Loreal Paris how funny) lol

      The product is dispensed out of a small hole in the bottom which is just rounded, moulded in plastic and is smooth in texture.

      Using It....

      Incredibly easy. Now I have the lightest colour available and in the tube it looks like a peachy slightly iridescent colour and when dispensed you are in total control of how much you get out the tube by squeezing it. When it comes out it does look like a thick gloss and and on touch with the lips I can see creamy texture but as I rub the colour disappears. Now of course if you go for other colours then it will be different to mine but only just. There aren't a huge amount of colours in the range and all are meant to give a subtle hint of colour. The texture goes from quite gooey and with colour to a subtle hint as you blend.

      Now mine as I have said is like a gloss and is clear so mine doesn't shape and/or define the lips in any way shape or form. I just wear mine alone or dab some on my finger and apply a little over my lipstick. Now this doesn't look greasy but does give a really nice subtle shimmer but it does feel very greasy whilst wearing it. I find my lips feel quite heavy though don't appear that way and they slide all over the place! It doesn't 'set' either and stays wet look and wet feel for its duration of stay on your face. On the upside it doesn't taste or smell.

      Lasting wise I give it about 45 minutes with eating, drinking, smoking etc but a bonus is because it doesn't taste it doesn't matter too much. If your wearing lipstick underneath this product though you do lose that along with this product even if it's a long lasting lip colour you use. If you do get it anywhere it does wipe off easily enough though.

      So that's how it works as lip colour/gloss. It's ok. It's shiny enough in a mature way. As a repair treatment? Great. It moisturises and hydrates lips and with prolonged usage does feel like it improves lip texture in the short and the long term. This I find is great on its own as just a treatment so when it does come off it really doesn't matter or cause a mess (as it's clearish) and I can reapply without a mirror. I have no dry, cracked skin lips and they really do feel very smooth particularly after a day of wearing this. Recommended as a treatment definitely!

      I've never seen this in any shops and I have no idea where my mate purchased this from but it can be found online in discount stores for about £6.99 per tube.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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    • Product Details

      A luxurious shimmery conditioning lip cream in a handy tube / Beautiful gloss finish that conditions the lips / Type: Lip Cream

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