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Naturaleve Pukka Pout Lip Balm

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Brand: Naturaleve / Balm / Type: Lip Balm / What it does: regenerates / Quality Standard: Organic / Parabene free: yes / Dermatologically tested: yes

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2009 04:39
      Very helpful



      Fresh zesty lemon flavour non greasy lip balm.

      I had been thinking about trying a new lip balm for a while, when I found myself in Boots with a voucher for 200 extra points if I spent £25, but alas only £21's worth of shopping in my basket. Obviously I couldn't resist topping my shopping up and missing out on those tempting extra points( I know thats why Boots do it).

      So off I traipsed to the lip balm aisle and almost immediately this cute little white box with a flash of green caught my eye.

      naturaleve organic beauty
      Pukka Pout Lip Balm with lemon myrtle.
      Super-soft lips, healthy & vibrant.

      Sounds just what I want so far.

      No parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances.
      Against animal testing
      Fully recyclable packaging
      100% Organic certified by The Soil Association.

      It has a lovely little piece of advice about smiling with dry lips and how much better soft, smooth lips look. We should therefore keep lips happy and healthy by frequently applying said lip balm. Full of potent botanic essences of lemon myrtle, rich moisturisers and calming calendula.

      Application ~ apply frequently for healthy, happy lips.

      Made in England by Organic Skincare Specialists Brooks-Hill Ltd WD18 9DA England.
      www.naturaleve.co.uk ~ this website is at present still under construction, but you can find out further information and buy this lip balm on Amazon. Price currently £4.99 in Boots/ Amazon.

      Shea Butter
      Sunflower Seed Oil
      Evening Primrose Oil
      Olive Fruit Oil
      Jojoba Seed Oil
      Calendula Flower Extract
      Lemon Myrtle Oil (Backhousia Citriodora)

      All the usual suspects for moisturising purposes ~ Jojoba, Shea Butter ...

      Calendula Flower Extract ~ from the marigold flower used for it's healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties used frequently in skin care products.

      The inclusion of Lemon Myrtle Oil was intriguing me, a little investigation called for here I think ~ It is antiseptic and cleansing but in a very gentle way as oppose to more well known stronger oils ie Teatree or Peppermint. Works especially well in cold weather therefore ideal for lip balm. A cleaner, sweeter aroma then Lemongrass and it prevents the growth of bacteria and destroys viruses. Now it makes sense why it's included in a lip balm.

      Upon sliding open the little box, a dinky, 7ml/0.24 floz, silver tin complete with green label and a minute ingredients list is found nestling within.

      The lid is easy to twist off even though it's fairly tight fitting.

      I was expecting a real fresh, zesty lemon scent but was greeted by a sweet, aroma interspersed with a subtle zap of lemon. The full impact of fresh, zesty lemon only becomes apparent upon applying the virtually clear balm to your lips. Almost immediately you recieve a blast of lemon, very refreshing but not in any way tingly.

      Only a tiny amount needs be applied as it's extremely rich in consistency but light and not at all greasy on the lips ( I don't do greasy lip balms). Absorbed instantly, leaving my lips smooth, soft and fully moisturised, what more could I ask of a lip balm?
      I do find it's moisturising effects last ~ even after drinking and eating, I can still feel its smoothing action on my lips.
      The lemon taste lasts a couple of minutes before fading away.

      When applied alone to lips it provides no shine but to me this is an advantage as it means I can also apply it approx 5 minutes before lipstick and I have not only a fabulous smooth base to glide my lipstick on but double moisturising protection against adverse weather conditions when I venture out and about especially in the colder months.

      The only disadvantages are it's price, at £4.99 for 7ml it's expensive but will I buy it again? Definitely because I think it's lovely, I Love the taste and the soft smooth action it has on my lips coupled with the dinky tin which takes up no room in your bag/pocket it covers all my requirements.
      On checking out the competition in Organic Lip Balms Origins offer a 97% organic vanilla flavoured one in "stick" form 4g price £11.00. So maybe my favourite little lip balm isn't as expensive as I first thought.....

      I have been applying it approx twice a day for 5 months and I have over half a tin remaining as very little is required per application. So even though it's expensive, it's lasting a decent length of time.

      One more tiny aspect which may be a disadvantage to some (but I actually like) it has a slightly "grainy" texture when first applied but this does disappear rapidly. I can't find out why, maybe I will be able to investigate further when the website is up and running.

      I haven't used this lip balm in hot weather yet so I can't comment on how much it's consistency changes, hopefully soon I may be able to update this review after our "hot summer/autumn arrives" don't hold your breath on that one!

      I feel I have to deduct one star as it is expensive and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for special offers.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        26.02.2009 20:02
        Very helpful



        It's gorgeous but too expensive

        I bought this lip balm in Boots because it was reduced to £1.22 in Boots and if you're lucky enough to find one for that price it is definitely worth buying.

        It's an all natural, organic lip balm promising 'super-soft lips, healthy and vibrant'. And it is just as good as it sounds.

        The lemon myrtle flavour is subtle and sweet and it leaves your lips feeling lovely and soft. It also comes in a vanilla flavour which I haven't tried. The texture is slightly grainy - they recommend warming it in the palm of your hand until it is smooth but I find if you just put it straight on the lips the graininess soon goes. This just seems to be because it is made from such lovely natural ingredients.....

        Shea butter
        Sunflower seed oil
        Cera alba
        Evening primrose oil
        Olive oil
        Jojoba seed oil
        Calendula flower extract

        The packaging is cute - it comes in a small cardboard box containing advice on how to use it (if you really need it) and telling you that it's 100% organic and dermatologically tested. The tin inside is small and silver with a screw top. This screw top can cause problems if you're not careful - Mine got well and truly jammed a few days ago and I couldn't get it open until the next day. Inconvenient but I think I screwed it on too tightly and because it was warm the metal must have expanded...I just had to wait until it was colder and have made sure to be more careful since then. So if you do buy some don't screw the lid on too well!

        The rrp seems to be around £5 which is a lot for a pretty tiny 7ml tin - I'm not convinced that it is worth this even if it is organic and natural and cute. It is lovely lip balm with a natural feel and flavour and it moisturises beautifully so I would really recommend it but not for that price.


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    • Product Details

      This unique, organic skincare range has been developed in England by Organic Skincare Specialists for people who want effective beauty products that are pure and natural / Our range is formulated without ingredients that cause concern to many people / no parabens, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances / All our products are / and meet the Soil Association's Organic Standard /

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