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Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub & Facial

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2 Reviews
  • It removes dead skin
  • It is very beautiful to use
  • It is too expensive for not very much lip scrub
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    2 Reviews
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      20.07.2015 21:43


      • "It removes dead skin "
      • "It makes my lips soft and smooth"
      • "It is very beautiful to use"


      • "It is too expensive for not very much lip scrub"

      Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a lip scrub that I use to remove dead skin from my lips and to make them nice and soft.


      You put a small amount of Kiss Me Lip Scrub on your finger and rub it into the skin of your lips. When you have done that you wipe away any residue with a cosmetic tissue and that will remove any leftover scrub and remove dead skin cells also.


      I do not like the smell of this lip scrub because it is peppermint and I do not like cosmetics that have got a minty fragrance. It smells sweet also because the exfoliation bits are sugar and that is in the smell as well as the peppermint but very light only.

      It is very good as a lip scrub and I use it every 3 or 4 days, it makes my lips beautiful and soft and I can feel a difference in them when I do not use the scrub for a few days extra. I like to use lip balm after because I think after my lips have been scrubbed they drink lip balm in and that helps for the effect to last a little bit longer.

      I have used other lip scrubs and I am not always loyal to this Philosophy one because I think it is expensive comparing to others and even though it is very nice to use the job it does is not very much better.


      A tube of Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub costs £15 and that is alot because there is only 14.5g of scrub in the small tube. It is worth it because it is very good but I do not like to spend so much money on one item when I can buy something that is cheaper that does the same thing.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      14.12.2012 12:19
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A lip scrub from Philosophy

      Not so long ago I first came across the Bubblegum Lip Scrub in Lush, the first time I had actually managed to find a product that I had been wanting to come across for a long time. Since that fateful day, Lush has introduced more of them and other companies have also released them or introduced them onto the high street.

      As I have mentioned in a previous review, I currently use 4 different handbags and instead of having to swap everything over all the time and make a fatal error of missing something important, I decided to make a list of the items I cannot live without and ensure each bag had one of those items - hand cream, lip balm, tissues and so on. The one other item I decided to put in was a lip scrub because you just never know when you might need it during these winter months.

      Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub and facial is a product I received for my birthday in a gift set a friend had made up for me from Sephora when she visited the States. It is a small pastel pink coloured tube with a black screw on and off lid and it holds just 14.2g. On the tube, written in black lettering are the words Kiss Me in a fairly big font and underneath it tells you the brand and what the product is. Fairly minimalist in design and no overly bulky to carry around.

      Once the lid has been removed, the first thing you notice is the smell of peppermint which is the dominant smell and the liquid inside is a clear colour which sparkles slightly due to the refined sugar which makes up the scrub part. It is packed full of essential oils which promise to:

      ---> Eliminate dull, dry, flaky skin
      ---> Soften appearance of vertical lines around lips
      ---> Replenishes moisture for optimal balance and
      ---> Keep lips in velvety smooth condition

      All of which sound perfect. The problem I find with his cold weather is that you do need to take extra care of the skin on your face, especially your lips because they can very easily become dry and chapped which not only makes them sore, but makes them look unsightly too.

      To use this lip scrub, first ensure that you have removed all traces of lipstick, lip balm and anything else you choose to wear, the reason being is that you want this scrub to do its job - remove dead, dry and flaky skin and do it effectively without obstacles in the way. Then shake the tube to ensure the essential oils have split away from the scrub and then squeeze lightly to release some of the scrub onto your index finger. Then in a circular motion rub it across your lips slowly to ensure the dead skin is removed, you can as you massage, feel the sugar crystals on the skin, they are not big enough to cause any damage but they are strong enough to do their job. The other thing I noticed was the tingly feeling as soon as this product was applied to my lips and it is quite a nice feeling and definitely not painful. Once you feel you have scrubbed for long enough, you should blot your lips to remove any traces or left over product, but I find this a bit of a faff, so instead I use a warm flannel and gently wipe my lips clean, removing dead skin cells as I do so.

      As for the ingredients. Well peppermint oil for me is the dominant smell and on the skin it is used to soothe irritation by cooling down the skin hence the tingling feeling you get. Coming next is Sweet Almond Oil which is a great skin moisturiser and it helps to protect the skins surface too. Avocado Oil is used because it is kind to dry and damaged skin and helps to re-hydrate and nourish. Sheer butter and cocoa butter also feature and they too are known for their ability to moisturise and soften the skin. Macadamia Oil is also used and this oil is likened to our own sebum and is great for dry and ageing skin. There is a longer list of ingredients to be had but for me these are the main ones within which we have ingredients which will soothe, smooth, re-hydrate, moisturise, repair and nourish the skin. There is also sugar granules which act as the exfoliator on the skin and if you have really sensitive skin then a product like this might be worth trying because it isn't going to irritate your skin like similar products which use bigger grains of sugar or kernels to remove dead skin.

      My only niggle with this product is that the scrub itself is a tad runny. I am used to using lip scrubs which are much thicker and cling to your lips whilst you massage and scrub them. With this you have take a little bit more care otherwise it goes everywhere. That said it is very effective in which it does by way of removing dead, dry and flaking skin and that is all you really need it for. I can comment on whether or not it softens the vertical lines around the mouth because I don't have any.

      Overall I like this product and it is useful enough for it to remain in my handbag for use when I need it. Having had the tube since July and not using it that regularly it has lasted really well, it is one of those products that will last as long as it lasts depending on how much it is used. If you wanted to purchase this for yourself, you will find that it is available quite widely and ranges in price from £10-£18 depending on where you shop and you can also get it from places like eBay and Amazon too.


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