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Smashbox Emulsion Lip Exfoliant

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Brand: Smashbox / Exfoliator / Type: Lip Exfoliator / Subcategory: Exfoliator / Emulsion / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    2 Reviews
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      26.06.2012 16:49
      Very helpful



      Smashbox lip exfoliator

      My older sister has a habit of indulging in expensive branded makeup and other beauty products and simply dismissing them after 1 or 2 uses and this product is another one of those costly products cast aside to a very appreciative me! Every 3 months or so she tends to arrive at my house laden with products that she doesn't like, doesn't use or simply didn't suit her. With this smashbox lip exfoliator she donated it to my ever growing draw of alike beauty products because she didn't like the results when using this particular product.

      **Who are Smashbox?**
      Smashbox are a relatively new emergence onto the UK market after being initially set up in Los Angeles, America. They are put in the category of 'high end' make up following pursuit of the likes of Bobbi Brown and MAC cosmetics. Their 'high end' status are reflected in their high prices and I can't vouch for quality of all their products but I have heard only positive things about their range and this product gets a thumbs up from me!

      **What is this product?**
      This product is a lip exfoliant, which, to a makeup/beauty novice may sound ridiculous but for someone like me, with very dry and cracked lips, it is an absolute god send! Just like a body efoliant, this solution aims to scrub away the dead skin cells to reveal a smooth layer of skin cells making the skin feel soft and smooth. To draw an analogy between the two products skin exfoliant is used pre-fake tan, this is to ensure than the fan isn't applied on top of dead skin cells which will fade quicker than the fake tan applied on top of new, fresh skin and thus will prolong your tan and make it easier to apply an even colour. Lip efoliant is used in the same way and it ensures than lip stick and lipgloss stay on longer and look even when applied. This lip exfoliant also has ingredients (discussed later) which hydrate the lips which is great, especially in cold weather, when lips are prone to crack and become dry.

      This lip exfoliant comes in a tube similar to lipgloss tubes. The tube is transparent meaning the lip exfoliant can be visibly seen through it. It has a plastic, white screw top which is handy as it stops the product from oozing out which could be very messy and also stops things getting into the tube and contaminating the exfoliant. The tube simply has 'smashbox' written on the front of it in white text.

      The look of the exfoliant itself is white and is the same viscosity of moisturiser or hand lotion. Where this product differs, however, is the small sugar granules and poppy seeds that are included in it which are the main ingredients which are used to scrub off the dead skin cells. To touch the lotion feels rough and grainy but this is what is needed of an effective exfoliant.

      The 'flavour' of this exfoliant is peppermint. This means that the smell is very fresh but not overwhelming and the peppermint scent means that it applies to the older generation as well as younger people as it is not sickly strawberry or candyfloss scented like many other products aimed at teens and young adults. If you happen to taste some of the exfoliant this also tastes of peppermint!

      To apply the product I simply put a small amount of product onto two fingers and rub it on my lips. I start off by applying it gently to ensure that the solution covers the whole surface area of my lips. Once it is evenly spread out I move my fingers across my lips as you would do with lip gloss. I apply moderate pressure to ensure that the sugar and poppy seeds can really get to work. I tend to leave the solution on my lips for a few minutes after rubbing, this just allows it to soften the lips even more and I find that I get better results if I leave it on rather than rubbing it straight off.

      To remove the exfoliant I tend to use dry tissue and the product is removed straight away so there is no need to use any water.

      Before, I found it very difficult to be able to wear lipsticks due to the dryness of my lips. The lipstick always seemed to settle in the dry cracks which looked very unsightly and as if I had had the lipstick on all day and it was wearing off rather than the five minutes that I've really had it on! I also find that my lipstick lasts longer than it did prior to using the lip exfoliant but this is mainly dependent on the quality of lipstick used in the first place.

      To touch, straight after application I find that my lips are 100% smoother than they were before. Using a mirror I can also see that my lips look so much healthier and smoother. I would put the smoothness of my lips down to the shea butter and mango seed butter used in the making of this exfoliant whose properties are to hydrate and moisturise.

      castor oil, sucrose, soybean oil, beeswax, theobroma cacao seed butter, dimethicone, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, shea butter fruit, jojoba esters, poppy seed, mango seed butter, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, retinyl palmitate, peppermint oil, sesame seed oil, avocado butter, spent grain wax, argania spinosa kernel oil, shea butter extract, tetradibutyl pentaerithrityl hydroxyhydocinnamate, phenoxyethanol, propylparaben

      **Cost and availability**
      As I have said, I did not pay for this product - my sister did. The exfoliant comes in a 22ml tube and I think it retails for around £12-15 from the likes of Debenhams which is very, very expensive in my opinion. I have not tried any other lip exfoliants to compare them to see if the quality matches the price tag but I struggle to find any negatives with the quality of this product but I probably would hesitate to buy it myself due to the price tag.


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        01.08.2011 20:22
        Very helpful



        A lip exfoliator and lip treatment rolled into one

        We are often encouraged to exfoliate the skin on our faces and bodies, but many of us forget about the skin on our lips. Dry and flaky lips make us look unhealthy and it also makes applying lipstick impossible because it highlights the problem even more. I bought the Lip Scrub by Lush but this was essentially sugar granules without any conditioning ingredients included so when I saw the Emulsion Lip Exfoliant by Smashbox, I thought it would be a more beneficial product for my lips.

        What does the product?
        The product is essentially an exfoliant for the lips to remove any dry or flaky skin to leave the lips feeling soft and smooth. As the product removes the dull skin cells, your healthy new ones will be exposed and your lips will look healthy and radiant. Not only this but the product also promises to nourish your lips with vitamins and moisturise the skin deeply meaning your lips will look and feel healthy and gorgeous.

        How does it work?
        Sugar Granules create one of the exfoliating ingredients in this product. The grains of sugar are the right size and consistency to remove the dead and rough skin cells from the lips and they work to reveal the sparkling new layer underneath. Because of the consistency of the particles, they won't hurt or damage the delicate skin. Tiny Poppy Seeds are included for exactly the same purpose.

        The product contains both Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter which are two of nature's greatest moisturisers. They hydrate the skin deeply leaving it feeling soft and smooth and as they are antioxidants, they help to keep the lips looking younger for longer. They also nourish the lips with vitamins and minerals, and the fatty acids which they contain help to keep the skin cells healthy.

        Plenty of oils are included to hydrate the lips and to prevent them from becoming dry and cracking. Jojoba Oil moisturises the skin and also speeds up the healing process so cracked lips should be gone in a flash. Caster Oil, Soybean Oil and Sesame Seed Oil are all included because of their ability to hydrate the skin deeply.

        Mango Butter is present because it is both nourishing and soothing on the lips. It adds moisture to the lips and leaves them feeling soft and smooth without any feelings of greasiness. Avocado Butter is also very hydrating and as it contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, then the skin on the lips is left in a much better condition.

        Grape Seed extract helps to protect the lips while Peppermint has a cooling effect and increases the blood circulation. Beeswax is present in order to form a layer of protection on the lips and to help keep all that lovely moisture inside the lips to prevent them from becoming cracked or dry again.

        How do you use the product?
        The product is to be used as a two step treatment. Using a gentle circular motion, the product is to be massaged into clean, dry lips in order for the exfoliating action to take place. When you feel like all the flaky and rough bits have gone, you can stop massaging the product into the skin.

        The product then needs to be left on the lips to work its magic in the same way as you would leave on a face mask. After about ten minutes, you can wipe off the product with a tissue and then apply your usual balm, gloss or lipstick to your newly polished lips. No exfoliating product should be used daily as it can be too harsh on our skin but I find that using this product twice weekly is more than enough.

        Packaging and Price
        The product is contained within a clear tube and you can see the product inside. The product is white in colour and you can see the dark seeds within the lotion. It has a white screw top lid and the name of the brand and the product is written on the front in white writing. It's a bit silly to put white writing on a see through tube with white product inside but you can read it if you look carefully!

        None of Smashbox's creations are cheap and this product is no exception. In order to purchase the scrub, you are looking at paying around £15 for 22ml of the scrub. It can be bought from most large department stores including Debenhams and from a variety of online websites so if you shop around, you may find it for cheaper.

        Extra Thoughts
        My first thought about this product was that there aren't enough exfoliating particles. With the Lip Scrub by Lush, the whole product is made out of sugar grains so you can get the job done properly. With this one, it seems to be the luck of the draw as to whether enough seeds or granules come out to exfoliate the lips properly.

        I think maybe a tub packaging might have been more beneficial as then you could control the product better. The seeds which do come out exfoliate the skin really well and remove all of my dry and flaky skin. They are not hard enough to sting or irritate my lips but solid enough to perform effectively.

        This product, as with the Lip Scrub by Lush, is in fact edible as the ingredients are all completely natural. It is not as appealing as Lush's scrub as that one is deliciously sweet and you are encouraged to lick that one off. This one has a minty taste and it is not something that I would like off my lips but the nice taste is beneficial because as you are applying the product to the lips, it is inevitable that some of it will go into your mouth. The product smells nice too, although it does smell a little waxy.

        The consistency of the product is thick and rich so when you use it as a treatment, you can wander around the house getting jobs done without worrying about the product dripping down your face. When the treatment is on the lips, it doesn't feel overly heavy and it doesn't irritate the skin or make it feel uncomfortable. There is a slight tingling caused by the peppermint but other that that you won't feel any other sensations.

        Once the product has been wiped away, I do notice an immediate difference in my lips. They are smoother without any dry or flaky patches. The colour of my lips looks deeper because those dull skin cells have been banished. My lips feel really soft and very moisturised to the point where wearing a lip balm is unnecessary, but I always plop one on anyway. This isn't the sort of product you can use on the go as it needs to be wiped away but as the effects are long lasting then it doesn't really matter.

        All in all, this is a good product that really does condition your lips well. It smells nice and tastes nice, and it's great to know that it has been created using so many lovely natural ingredients and that there aren't any nasty chemical additives included within the scrub. My only complaint with this is the packaging and that there aren't quite enough exfoliating particles within the product. Other than that, this is a great little product to own.


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