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Superdrug Lip Tints Sheer Pearl

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2 Reviews

Brand: Superdrug / Type: Lip Treatment

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2012 23:48
      Very helpful



      a lovely feeling lip balm but would benefit from a shimmer tone down

      I have a really, really bad habit and that is picking my lips. This is something that I have done for years but is a habit that I have battled to beat over and over again. But recently I have been trying extra hard and really want to cure my bad habit and have nice smooth, soft lips again. I have been trying various different lip balms etc to help my lips become soft and smooth again and now they are getting a little better I thought a lip balm with a hint of shimmer might be nice. Whilst shopping in Superdrug I stumbled on their own brand Pearl Lip Shimmer Balm and decided to give it a try.

      The Pearl Lip Shimmer Balm comes in a 4.8g stick and currently costs just £0.99. Due to the cheap price I thought that it was worth a try. I had tried the Nivea Pearly Shine Lip Care in the past and was tempted again but for more than double the price of the Superdrug lip balm I thought I would give it a miss this time to try a own brand product.

      The Lip Balm comes packaged in a stick form, which you simply pull off the cute baby pink top then twist the bottom to push up the stick of lip balm inside. The tube comes packaged in a pink cardboard sleeve which simply has the Superdrug logo and a kiss picture on the front. On the back of the sleeve and the tube it states how the lip balm works:
      - Provides a soft, subtle shimmer
      - Effectively protects the lips from dehydration
      - Leaves lips feeling soft, supple and smooth
      It also states that the lip balm is preservative free, dermatologically tested, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is not tested on animals.

      The lip balm itself has a really light pink, shimmery colour and has a slightly sweet, vanilla fragrance. Applying the lip balm is really easy by simply sweeping the stick across your lips. As soon as I had applied a layer of the lip balm I was impressed with how smooth and silky it felt. I was though a little disappointed with the appearance of the lip balm on my lips as it does have a shimmer but it is a little too overpowering and made my lips look quite pale. What I tend to do is apply the lip balm and then wipe my finger across my lips to blend it a little and wipe away any excess. One thing that I have found to work is to apply a small amount of the lip balm before a clear lip gloss and this seems to work well to give my lips a nice shimmery, glossy look.

      Overall this is a lovely feeling lip balm and seems to really work to moisturise my lips and leaves them feeling very soft indeed it is just a shame that the excess shimmer make my lips look so ghostly. I do not think I would buy this lip balm again but would certainly try the plain one instead as the moisturisation levels are great.


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      28.04.2008 09:30
      Very helpful



      Pearl and shine lip balm

      I usually use Vaseline as a lip balm, however, one day when it was particularly cold outside and my lips were feeling very dry and chapped, I realised I had forgotten to bring it with me, so nipped into Superdrug, and came out with their sheer pearl lip balm.

      ~About the Product~

      Made by Superdrug, this lip balm, I believe, is a cheaper version of Nivea's Pearl and Shine lip balm. The packaging describes this as a moisturising lip balm with a hint of sparkle and colour. It also tells you on the back that Superdrug cannot be held responsible for the quality or quantity of kisses received whilst using the product! I think that's just as well, as considering the quality and quantity of kisses I have received recently, I would have to sue them!


      Initially, the lip balm comes on a card with a picture of a lipstick/kiss mark. The actual product itself comes in stick form, being white on the base and part that twists up, and the lid/top is a pearly pink colour, not too different from the colour of the product itself.

      ~What I thought~

      When first applying this to the lips you definitely can feel its moisturising qualities, and it has a lovely creamy, silky texture, and glides onto the lips effortlessly. Although it doesn't say anywhere on the packaging that the lip balm is flavoured, I think it has a slightly sweet, candy taste to it, but isn't so overly flavoured that you keep licking it off, like some of the delicious body shop ones!

      As for a hint of colour and sparkle, they certainly aren't joking. The lip balm is a very pale pink colour, and although it did give my lips a pearlescent sheen (I wouldn't necessarily say sparkle), I felt that it looked as though I was wearing really pale lipstick. Unfortunately, the light, sparkly shimmer looked quite tacky and was far from subtle, and it started making me quite self conscious applying this when I was out.

      Because of this, I have started only ever wearing this lip balm around the house. It is a shame that it looks so over the top, because as an actual lip balm it keeps my lips very moisturised and soft, and these effects last ages too, so you don't have to re-apply it too often.


      This cost £1.29 from Superdrug.


      Although this kept my lips lovely and moisturised, I was disappointed with the appearance it gave. Perhaps if you suit pale pink lippy then you could consider it, but if you are looking for a natural pearly shimmer, as I was hoping to achieve, I really don't think this product is for you.


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      Moisturising lip balm with a hint of sheer colour /

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