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Swizzels Matlow Retro Sweet Treats Lip Balm

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3 Reviews
  • Attractive Packaging
  • Novelty
  • Smells are faint
  • The lip balm is not effective
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    3 Reviews
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      21.07.2015 23:18
      Very helpful


      • "Attractive Packaging"
      • Novelty
      • "Good Present"


      • "Smells are faint"
      • "Smells are Similar"
      • "Not the best Lipbalm"

      Looks good but not the best once opened

      I am a big fan of lip balms, but always find the need to buy more. In every handbag I own I am sure there are at least 2 lipbalms - but hey, they all serve different purposes, right? One of these purposes is to have something that smells good and tastes good when you 'accidently on purpose' lick your lips to sample it. So, when I saw this collection of no less than FIVE flavoured lip balms I couldn't resist. Even better they were only £2.50 for the set from Home Bargains.

      The packet includes 5 lip balms flavoured like the classic favourite sweeties: Refreshers, Double Dip, Drumstick Lollies, Double Lollies and Rainbow Drops. The brightly coloured packaging is inviting and colourful and makes this an excellent LOOKING present.

      However, when I opened up the packet to sample the goods, I was disappointed. First of all, the scent just wasn't strong enough for me. Although I do not want to be overpowered by flavour and unable to taste anything else all day, I equally do not want to be searching for the flavour or having to apply layers and layers to find it. Secondly, some of the ones that do smell, smell rather similar and are not distinctive enough to be their own lip balm.

      As an actual lipbalm, I wasn't impressed by the quality - but perhaps I should have considered this looking at the price. They are not easy to apply as the stick is quite dry and hard for a lipbalm. They don't have a particularly nice or smooth feel and I was not inclined to reapply again soon. Not terrible, but not good - distinctly average.

      Overall, the price and packaging is good but I would recommend spending more on an individual quality scented lipbalm instead.


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      20.07.2015 21:02
      Very helpful


      • "I like the colourful packages"
      • "The flavours are very nice"


      • "The lip balm is not effective"

      Swizzles Sweet Treat lip balm set

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a set of 5 lip balms that are all made to be like English sweets that have been available for many years and are available now still. The flavours are Double Dip, Refreshers, Drumstick lollies, Double lollies and Rainbow Drops. I did not grow up in England but I know most of them except for Rainbow Drops and I have never heard of them before.


      I do not think these lip balms are very good and they do not make my lips soft or repair damage when they are cracked but I like how they taste.

      They are not sticky and I was surprised about that because I was thinking of sweets when I tried them, they are like wax and are quite hard so the lip balm does not melt very easy on my lips.

      The Refreshers one is my favourite because my children eat them sweets and the lip balm tastes very much like them, I think the Double Dip flavour is very strange because it tastes like it is fizzy when the lip balm is not any different in the texture to the others. The Double Lollies one is another one I say is my favourite also because that has got a nice fruity taste that goes good with the lip balm.

      When I use this lip balm I do not lick it off because none of them taste as pleasing as you think they are going to, it does not last for very long though and after a few minutes it feels like there is no balm on my lips.


      I paid £2 only for this set of lip balms and I think that is value because you get 5 and they are a nice novelty to use. I would not buy them again though because they do not protect my lips like they should.

      3 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      11.12.2012 10:59
      Very helpful



      a cute gift

      This is a review of a set Swizzels Matlow Retro Sweet Treats Lip Balm collection. I recently bought two of these sets intended as Christmas presents but then I decided to keep a set for myself!

      What is it?
      The set contains five lip balms in the retro sweet flavours I remember as a child:
      - Drumstick
      - Refreshers
      - Double lollies
      - Rainbow drops
      - Double dip

      The set comes nicely packaged in a cardboard box with a clear window and a plastic tray that holds all the lip balms in place. It's really bright and a true reflection of its 'sweetie' contents that it jumps out at you on the shelf.

      In use / First impressions
      I started with the Refreshers lip balm. I noticed that the tube, which was the exact blue of the refreshers packaging was a wrapped in a branded label but it was a bit badly applied with an air pocket running down its length. The colour of the product inside looked exactly like a slim tube of glue (!) and you twist it up to use. Thankfully the consistency was not like glue and whilst it didn't smell very much like Refreshers, it was actually a really good lip balm. It had no taste to it whatsoever.

      Next up was Drumsticks. This had a strong sweetie smell to it but it didn't really remind me of Drumsticks lollies! Again no taste to it and a nice and moisturising lip balm. No adverse effects on my lips and this time the label was perfectly applied. I liked the stripey packaging and the red top on the balm went well with the design which reflected drumsticks packaging. I can smell the product on my lips and it smells like a sweet shop. The tube says it is vanilla flavoured.

      Rainbow Drops was next. The label was again badly applied and promised a strawberry flavour lip balm. It definitely smelt fruity but no flavour to it at all.

      Double Lollies was another strawberry flavour one with a lovely pink lid. This one was probably my favourite because of the packaging although it smelt the same as the Rainbow drops one!

      Finally, the double dip was a cherry flavoured balm which I gave away to a friend as I thought four was plenty to be going on with and it had been her childhood favourite sweet. Again, this one smelt fruity and she informs me that it too has no flavour.

      I thought these sets were priced very reasonably at B&M stores for £2.99 you get all five lip balms. You can buy individually on ebay or the sets on amazon if there are no stores near you. I also think they are sold individually near the tills in Primark if you just wanted to try one.

      Final word
      I love these lip balms and am pleased I kept a set for myself. I think the branding and packaging is great (when you get ones that the label is applied right!) and OK so they are just packaging a normal fruit flavoured lip balm really but it's a nice little gimmick and a retro touch to a boring lip balm product. I would recommend these as a fun and cheap item to buy.


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