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This Works Turbo Balm

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Brand: This Works / Balm / Type: Lip Balm / Subcategory: Balm / What it does: regenerates,

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    1 Review
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      08.12.2010 16:46
      Very helpful



      A quick cure soothing Balm for your dry bits

      I love to try out new products, it is partly why I am registered with quite a few online communities which ask for people to test products at home and then write a review on them and evaluate them for their clients. I actually enjoy doing it because throughout this period in time I have been lucky enough to try some very exclusive products and unlucky in trying some bog standard 'you wouldn't sell it on the High Street' products and this is how I came across a range of products called 'This Works'.

      Recently, I have become quite a fan of the This Works range which is found in Boots. Why do I like them? Well it is more their packaging that to me stands out amongst all of the other fancy looking styles and in a previous review for another product in this range and was surprised to find that they had been around since 2004 because it was only very recently that I had come across them. The founder of the company Kathy Phillips once worked for Vogue magazine and states that the products sold by Thisworks are designed to deliver what is promised on the bottle of the product as well as to look fresh and modern in design, well to me they certainly look fresh and modern, though I think she meant to use the word minimalist, because that is exactly how I would describe the packaging because there isn't a lot of it. Similarly to many other companies within this field Thisworks also do not test their products on animals or use ingredients which have been tested on animals and they are proud to state that they use minimal packaging believing that "maximizing the visuals on the actual product is far better for the environment".

      So what is This Works Turbo Balm? Well it is described as "This Works Turbo Balm is a handy multi-tasking balm" and it also states that it can be used as a lip balm, cuticle softener, dry heel balm and for other dry areas of the body. So it is a multi-purpose balm with multiple benefits. I have infact used a similar product in the past from Bliss which was called Problem Salved, so whilst this isn't a new concept to me, I liked the Bliss version and am willing to try another.

      The Turbo Balm comes encased in a simple looking cardboard box which is roughly double the size of its contents. The box itself is bright white in colour apart from one side which is a bright lime green colour and it is on this part of the box where you will find the name of the product, the words 'for the lips' and the fact that it weighs 10g, which is half the weight of a tin of Vaseline for the lips but is the same size as the lip balms you buy from Lush. Inside the box you will find a metal tin which again is bright white in colour and this time the only colouring is the same lime green wording for the name of the product 'Turbo Balm', so as stated the packaging is possibly the most minimal I've seen on a product.

      Whilst on the box it says 'for the lips' you can actually use this balm on elbows, heels or cuticles, which basically means it is quite ambitious in its claims to be a great lip balm, cuticle softener, dry heel balm and a softener and moisturiser on other dry areas. The tin itself is one of those twist it slightly and it easily comes away, similar to the Lush Lip Balm tins and re-attaching the lid is equally just as easy. Once the lid is removed, inside the tin there is a slightly beige coloured balm sitting there waiting to be used, I was hoping for a bright lime green colour so that it was in keeping with the colour codes thus far, but alas it wasn't, it did however smell wonderful and its no surprise to learn that it contains Cocoa Butter, one of my favourite ingredients.

      Within this product there are three main ingredients starting with Cocoa Butter which always reminds me of those Caramac bars and it is good for softening, moisturising and soothing the skin. It is also high in Vitamin E content which is also good for the skin because it helps to protect it against pollution and other elements which can cause further problems. Next comes Rose Oil which is said to be one of the best oils to use upon your skin because moisturises and hydrated the skin as well as working as a natural antiseptic to ensure that your skin is protected and it is especially good on dry and irritated skin. Finally there is Monoi Oil which is not an ingredient I have come across before it is said to be 100% natural and has no synthetic fragrance added to it and it is said to help nourish and moisturise the skin and can be used on hair. Monoi Oil helps to give long lasting moisture and soothing effects to and on the skin.

      So armed with all of that information how exactly does it work? This Works state that you should use this product for two weeks, using it instead of your hand cream, Lip Balm, Cuticle Cream and so on... essentially replace everything you own with this. I quite like that idea because as Christmas draws nearer and every lotion and potion you have has started to run out, the last thing you want to do is start replacing everything because you never know what Santa might have in his sack for you! So using something as multi-purpose as this might actually be more beneficial than you think, especially on your purse!

      Lid removed and balm sniffed, it does when I wipe my finger across the top of the cream, reminds me of a lip balm, it isn't as runny and greasy as Vaseline because there is a stiffer texture to it, but once it is applied to your skin, you know it is there because you can feel the slight greasiness of it but that feeling doesn't stay for longer than a minute or so because it sinks itself into the skin really quickly leaving behind a soft smooth feeling. Essentially that is how you use it, wipe your index finger along the balm and then apply it to the dry skin on your body and let it sink in and work its magic. As well as using it for a lip balm I have been using it on my hands applying it only to where the skin is slightly dry instead of using a hand cream which didn't seem to be solving the problem and again because this balm has multiple uses, it is quite good for just applying to those smaller areas without having to use a lot of hand cream. As the balm is only supposed to be used for 2 weeks at a time, it is quite surprising that it does actually last that period of time given the pot is quite small and because you are not slapping it on all over your body that obviously also helps. However, when you do apply it, you don't need to trowel it on either, one rub of your finger along the surface is enough for both lips.

      So the other uses for this cream are a little similar to the previous product I have tried from Bliss because you can also:

      1.soothe skin after waxing eyebrows
      2.moisturise chapped heels
      3.moisturise chapped elbows
      4.moisturise chapped noses due to colds, flu's or allergies
      5.nourish your cuticles to enhance your manicure
      6.helps repair ragged cuticles
      7.groom eyebrows (i.e. as an eyebrow wax)
      8.provide a quick fix up for make-up mistakes (still need to wipe off with a cotton or tissue after using balm to dissolve makeup)

      All of which I have tried and tested out of sheer curiosity and was not surprised to find that the balm did work. For me this Balm is mostly used on my lips, my hands and on my nose as I've got a cold and my skin is slightly sore, so instead of using Vaseline, this is my alternative.

      Overall I was really impressed with this Turbo Balm even though for your 10g you can be expected to pay £10, though I managed to get it on an offer where you buy two products and get the third free with a Boots deal. I also like this product because it is a handy sized tin which makes it really easy to travel around in your handbag and because it is a multi-tasking beauty treatment you really don't need to carry everything else with you because this one little balm does everything it is meant to do that I have so far tried it on and for during a two week period and whilst my lips are soft, smooth and protected from this cold harsh weather, my hands feel much softer and smoother and my nose, whilst it is slightly red, is also soothed and less irritatingly sore.

      So would I buy it again? Yes I would because I like it, it does do what it says it will do, my only wish is that it came in a bigger sized tin and lasted longer, but you get what you pay for and it does last for those two weeks with no problems.


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