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Too Faced Company Lip Injection Mask

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3 Reviews

Brand: Too Faced Company / Type: Face Mask / Suitable for: Face

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    3 Reviews
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      08.03.2009 15:35



      Hi I just bought the too faced lip injection mask yesterday and i have to say it does work but it doesnt last long. The trouble ive been having with it is that its not only swelled my lips but my face around my lips when ive not even applied any of the product to that area.Now I dont know about you but the last thing you need while plumping your lips up is your face to swell up to. I looked like a botox nightmare (Lesley Ash) good job that the swelling went after 20 mins otherwise id of been in trouble.I think this product is worth its money as i got mine for a meer £6 which seems cheaper then anyone else has got it, it really does the job but becareful when applying and id recommend a lipgloss in future. x


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      03.02.2009 20:55
      Very helpful



      Though I wish it came in a smaller tub - I'll never use this up!

      With relatively full lips naturally, even I am not entirely sure why I waste so much time and money trying out lip plumping products.., but I do and at least it gives me something to review! From Avon's Pout Plump, to MAC's Plushglass I thought I had tried them all but on a visit to a Boots store I noticed that the "Too Faced" display had a different type of plumper that I hadn't tried before - "Intensive Plumping Lip Mask".

      Packaged in a white 40g pot with a pretty pink label and a black screw top lid, this product retailed for around £13.00 if I recall correctly (I don't remember the exact price) and comes complete with a small black spatula which you use to apply the mixture to the lips. It calls itself an 'extreme lip plumping treatment' and promises to give plump, juicy, fat lips for any occasion. It includes Vitamins A and E to nourish and delay the aging process of the lips and conditions them at the same time with extracts of algae and aloe vera. It also claims that it acts as a lip exfoliator which is great for people like me who always seem to have chapped lips.
      I was excited to try and you get a LOT for your money in my opinion so it's great value.

      I use generously on clean, dry lips and the spatula included makes it very easy to apply neatly to just the lips themselves (as going outside of the lipline can cause redness and irritation). It has a light pale pink-violet colour and a chalky, pastey texture. I leave the product on for around 5 minutes (it does make the lips tingle a little, but nothing painful or unexpected from these types of products) which is about the time it takes me to do my eye makeup so I apply before doing so and simply wash it off afterwards with a warm flannel. It washes off easily and quickly and leaves no residue on the lips.

      Does it work? For me, yes! Although it leaves my lips a bit red and darker looking, it definately plumps them too. The results last for around an hour I would say, though to be honest it's hard to judge. For that reason I wish it was clear and in the more generic lipgloss tube type package so I could reapply it whilst I was out but there are plenty of those types available on the market anyway.
      But I like how it leaves my lips fuller without the greasy / glossy finish that others leave, and it does exfoliate too as afterwards my lips are very smooth and soft.

      Overall, a decent enough product but not a must-have and it would probably be easier to buy the type that you can chuck in your purse for touchups but it does what it says on the tin :-) Smells nice too!


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      21.06.2007 07:36
      Very helpful



      A chalky mask which doesn't deliver

      Too Faced lip injection mask

      Another in the lip plumping range, and apparently if used alongside Lip Injection and Lip Injection Extreme, this will give miraculous results!

      ~~The Promise~~

      Of course, it promises poutier lips which will be exfoliated and rejuvenated, with more volume, so you are ready for that special occasion. It also states that it kind of magically (or scientifically) makes vertical lines disappear because of the sudden rush of blood to the lip area.

      ~~So how does it do this?~~

      The million dollar question.

      The special ingredients including Glycolic Humectants (?) are loved by your lips and will provide moisture. Add to this Vitamins A and E to provide an anti aging action, and hey presto…red carpet event here I come…

      ~~Product and Packaging~~

      This comes in a small 40g tub with a screw off lid.

      Unscrew the lid and the mask itself is a light pink colour, which does, I think look a bit chalky. Not being especially great at describing smells, I can’t ascertain what this smells like, but it doesn’t smell as I would expect going on looks alone. I would have thought it would smell chalky, but no, it has a rather pleasant fruity smell, so I’m not going to mind too much applying this to my lips.

      I apply some to my finger and put it onto my lips, and, suspicions confirmed, it is very dry. It doesn’t glide on like a gloss but rather has to be wiped along the lips…no the wonder they tell me to apply it liberally- a little bit would go nowhere!

      ~~How do I use it?~~

      For maximum lip plumping effect, it is recommended that this is used alongside the other too faced lip plumping products.

      For best results, therefore, apply a generous amount to the lip area, making sure as with all of these products, that you stay inside the natural lip line- no need for red skin outside the lip area. Relax whilst it works its magic, and then remove gently with a wet cloth.

      Follow this with the Lip Injection Extreme and you mean business.

      ~~Price and Availability~~

      As with the other too faced products, this doesn’t come cheap, at £19 for a relatively small 40g tub. One good thing is, because it’s in a little pot, the last remnants can be swept out using the finger.

      ~~Other related products~~

      For long lasting effects, use alongside Lip Injection and Lip Injection Extreme, which are pleasant little glosses with a bit of a tingle!

      ~~What I think~~

      Having bought this at the same time as I purchased a whole host of other too faced products (specifically the lip ones), I was keen to give it a whirl.

      The idea is that it’s used every morning as part of a daily beauty routine, and also as I mentioned, used in conjunction with the other too faced lip products.

      Because it’s quite dry, it’s not the easiest product to apply, and when on the lips it does feel chalky…chalky with a slight tingling sensation, so not altogether pleasant. It is tasteless, which given the rather nice smell was a tad disappointing, because I rather expected it to have a fruity taste, which would make up for the chalkiness.

      Although I did experience tingling, it wasn’t especially strong, and certainly wasn’t uncomfortable, but I really don’t think there was any general poutiness going on when I removed the mask.

      Although it’s not the most pleasant thing to apply on a daily basis, I have been quite rigorous in application. I would point out here that when applied, wipe it off your finger, or you walk around with a chalky finger; it really won’t just come off on it’s own. It’s also worth pointing out that a wet cloth is needed for removal- licking just won’t do!

      For a plumper pout, I don’t think this one works. It seems to be a rather tedious process designed to make me think it’s working when it’s not. Had it been some kind of lip plumping gloss, and it didn’t work, then I would be happy enough to cut my losses and use the product as a gloss, but I don’t know what this could double up as…

      For anyone wanting the tingle that lip plumping produces, I would recommend sticking to the glossy ones.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx

      Website: www.toofaced.com (for further information on products)


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