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Vintage Sister Lip Indulgence

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Brand: Vintage Sister / Type: Lip Treatment

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2009 17:22
      Very helpful



      Much emulated, never bettered.

      I am obsessed with lip balms. I'm sure I have way too many for one mouth! My quest for the perfect lip balm has led me to lots of little beauty websites all over the Internet, but to date I have only placed a return order with one - Vintage Sister.

      I discovered VS through the YouTube user pinkiecharm, this is the link to her "Vintage Sister Overview" video, it's the one that made me place my first order - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKC_iv2DdUg

      It's an American site, and you can only order them from the site wherever in the world you are.

      The owner of Vintage Sister, Dawn, created her first line 'Lip Smackers' to "relive those great traditional flavours we loved as kids". Even though they are American and therefore have American themes like grape juice and rootbeer, a lot of them will be nostalgic flavours for anyone, like bubblegum, watermelon, lemonade. The Lip Indulgence line are the lip balms with more adult themes like booze, coffee, etc.

      The current Lip Indulgence range includes -
      Candy Kiss
      Chai Tea
      Devils Food Cake
      Orange Truffle
      Peace of Mind
      Pina Colada
      Red Hot

      The lip balms tend to cost $3.95 each, with the gift sets costing more.

      They have special edition lip balms that come out in Summer, like Banana Daiquiri, Christmas (Candy Cane) and Fall (Pumpkin). These tend to be featured on the home page of the site.

      The Vintage Sister website has a fun retro design and it's really nice to look at.- http://www.vintagesister.com/index.html

      I have placed two orders with them so far - my first order a year ago was for Frosting (cake icing)and Honey from the Lip Indulgence range, and Orange Dream (which smells like Orange Maid ice lollies), and Vanilla Icecream Lip Smackers.

      They are delivered presented in a cute shimmery seethrough bag made of taffeta(maybe, I don't know a lot about fabric) and tied with ribbon.

      Each balm has its own evocative scent, lots of them are tinted, they are the classic 'waxy' style of lip balm that you can carry around in your pocket to keep soft, or just dig some out with your finger and apply. They are very moisturising.

      The best feature of these products are the tiny sliding-lid 'sardine' tins they come in. They are about two and a half inches long, so a bit bigger than the one in the accompanying illustration for this review. They are easy to open, you just press lightly on the end of the lid and they slide out. I have noticed that quite a few other brands are now copying the sardine tin packaging idea (Yes e.l.f. I'm looking at you), I'm surprised Vintage Sister didn't copyright it.

      Each different balm has a unique cartoon character illustration on a sticker on the tin, which is something else that makes them very collectable. The designs are very cute and retro and usually relate in some way to the flavour of the specific lip balm.

      The ingredients appear to be the same for each one according to the labels on the back of my tins. The ingredients are soybean oil, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter, shea butter, vitamin B and natural additives, then colourings and flavourings. I am impressed actually that the ones I bought a year ago haven't started to degrade at all, I had no idea until just now that they have such natural ingredients!

      (I have noticed that 'Frosting' has developed a rust spot on one of the tin edges, but that's what I get for spending a year inhaling it instead of applying it. I must try and find out the use-by dates!)

      The lip balms I received in my first order were probably a bit too similar, I was irritated with myself for ordering 3 quite similar flavours - Honey, Vanilla Icecream and Frosting - though they were all very good I decided to get a bit more adventurous with my next order.

      Last month I ordered Orange Truffle(which really reminds me of Terry's Chocolate Orange) and Flirtini from the Lip Indulgence range, Circus Peanut(so yummy!) and Pearberry from the summer range, and Lemonade from the permanent Lip Lickers line.

      The site is very easy to order from as an International customer. When you have finished filling your virtual shopping cart, click on the International Shipping option and it tells you how much your P + P will be. The shipping jumps from $6 for five lip balms to $12.75 for six, which is why I limited myself to five this time. If you wanted several it would be cheaper to place separate orders.

      Payment options are card or Paypal, and the conversion rate today is £1 to $1.60, though obviously that can change!

      The first time I ordered from Vintage Sister I was slightly worried as I hadn't ordered anything with 'ingredients' from the States before, and I had heard stories about having to pay customs charges on receipt, and orders being held up for months. To my relief an airmail envelope was posted through my door just five days after I placed my order, and I also received my second order within a week too. I will definitely be using them again, probably in 'Fall' to pick up some of the limited editions.

      Oh, the lip balm tin pictured above to illustrate the review I don't have, it's Candy Kiss. The Vintage Sister site describes it as 'a perfect blend of Turkish rose, banana, peach and cotton candy.' And now I want it.


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