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Bacardi Mojito Classic

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Brand: Bacardi Rum Range / Type: Cocktail

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    2 Reviews
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      28.12.2010 15:26
      Very helpful



      Enjoy your drink and be moderate!

      I wanted to buy some alcohol for Christmas as we had a couple of guests around. One of the drinks I bought was Bacardi's ready to serve Mojito Classic. I rarely drink cocktails nowadays but Mojito is one that I like so I thought it would be nice to have one without bothering on making it.

      Price and where to buy
      I saw it in Sainsbury's and Tesco for sure. There is no other supermarket in the nearby but I suppose it is available in all the larger supermarkets. During the festive period it is on offer. I bought ours for 10 pounds. Its full price is 15 pounds which I think is expensive.

      The drink comes in a completely clear bottle of 70 cl. The cap of the bottle is white and can be reclosed. The drink in the bottle looks like lemonade, cloudy yellow, maybe some green too. The label on the bottle is printed to a transparent sticker. The bottle itself is simple and stylish I think. I don't even have to mention that it is 100% recyclable.

      Bacardi is a privately owned spirits company best known for its rum, gin and alcopop drinks. The products of Bacardi are available almost all over the world. They sell around 200 million bottles of drinks a year. The company acquires smaller spirits companies and by now Bacardi became one of the largest spirits companies in the world owning such brands as Bacardi rum, Martini vermouth, Grey Goose vodka, Dewar's Blend Scotch whiskey, Bombay Sapphire gin, Eristoff vodka and so on.
      The company occasionally comes with some new drinks along with the well known brands. If you want to read more about the company, their products or visitor centres please visit http://www.bacardilimited.com/.

      Mojito is a traditional Cuban rum-based highball. The classic version is made of five ingredients only: lime juice, sugar cane juice, spearmint (bruised, not shredded), white rum and sparkling water served in Collins glass.

      I found that if you make your own Mojito the taste of the drink is always different whenever you make it. The ingredients (lime and mint) taste different and also the type of water you use can change the taste of your drink. Not that I care that much, just noticed. The real difference for me was when I did it in Hungary and then here in the UK as the water tastes really different.

      This cocktail has loads of versions; the most well known I think is Virgin Mojito (called also Nohito) which is alcohol free. The Dirty Mojito is made with spiced rum and brown sugar syrup. The Mexican Mojito is made of tequila instead of rum. Apple Mojito has an extra ingredient: apple flavoured liqueur. And the last one I mention is the Sugar free Mojito which is made of agave nectar instead of cane sugar syrup.

      Bacardi Mojito Classic
      So what to expect from a company that manufactures loads of premium quality drinks when it comes to a famous and very popular drink? I expect a nice drink...

      After opening the bottle I can't resist and sniff the drink: I feel a pleasant scent of lemon, rum and mint but doesn't remind me of the home made cocktail if I want to be honest. I find the scent artificial. You can always feel the difference between freshly squeezed lemon/lime and lemon juice...

      Anyway, I wanted a properly served drink so I read the instructions on the label. You just need lemon, mint, ice and a splash of soda. Can you count? Three out of five ingredients... Never mind, it is said that ready to serve! As I was doing a quick shopping I haven't read the label in the shop so I didn't have at home lime just lemon and no fresh mint at all. Anyway, I served the drink on ice. First you can feel some artificial lemon taste then the alcohol takes its place and finally has a pleasant minty aftertaste. The taste is not bad but I don't think I will buy this drink again.

      Why do I list the ingredients when I mentioned already how to make a proper Mojito? Well, this one was made of some other ingredients, namely: water, Bacardi Rum, sugar, citric acid, flavouring, Sodium citrate, potassium benzoate, glycerol ester of wood resin, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, tartrazine, Brilliant Blue. I hope I could read everything correctly as it is written with extremely small letters. I have good eyes but reading these letters are really challenging.

      Alcohol content:
      This cocktail contains 14.9% alcohol which means 10.4 units / 700 ml. It is advised for women not to exceed 2-3 units a day and 3-4 units a day for men. I don't recommend drinking alcohol before driving.

      It seemed convenient to have a ready to serve drink at home and this was attracting enough for me to drop it into my shopping trolley (carefully of course). When I realised that I should have mint, lime and soda at home to serve it properly I was a bit disappointed. Never mind, next time I will make my own.

      I think making a Mojito is not a big challenge and as the drink is expensive on full price it is cheaper and better to make your own version. The recipe I use is
      4.0 cl Bacardi White Rum
      3.0 cl fresh lime juice
      3 sprigs of spearmint
      2 teaspoons of white sugar
      Soda water


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        26.10.2010 12:22
        Very helpful



        A great drink

        ==Bacardi Mojito==

        After my recent holiday to Majorca I have been obsessed with drinking these Mojito's. I have tried to recreate my own drink by buying all of the ingredients separately but found that they weren't nearly as tasty as buying it ready prepared (less hassle more additives!).

        I was fairly pleased to find that a few weeks back these 70 cl bottles of Bacardi Mojito were on offer in Tesco's for £22 for two bottles. This is a little saving as they are usually £15 a bottle. I think the usual price is a little expensive seeing as you really only get four tall glasses of the drink (when mixed with a ton of ice) but the taste is well worth it.

        I had tried to Smirnoff vodka version of the Mojito but it didn't taste no where near as nice as this proper Bacardi white rum version does. The drink is basically a blend of the Bacardi white rum, mint, lime and soda water (sounds simple enough to make but I assure you my version tasted nasty!).

        The drink itself contains 14.9% alcohol which is pretty strong and I was pleasantly drunk after drinking an entire bottle. I wouldn't have thought it was particularly good calorie wise as there is also added sugar in the ingredients which is probably why it tastes so nice.

        It really has to be served with a ton of ice and it is preferable that the ice is a bit crushed up to enjoy the full experience of the Mojito itself. I absolutely love the taste as it has really fresh and natural taste that cannot be beaten.

        The bottle design is nothing overly special but it does fit in the fridge door easily and this is a must as the drink is best served ice cold. I think overall this has got to be the best Mojito mix that you can get (not that there is that many on the market) and I would wholly recommend trying it if you haven't already.

        I will be keeping my eyes open for the next time it is on offer and probably stock up then as I really love it so much. For those reasons it has to be a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation!

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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    • Product Details

      Brand: Bacardi / Type: Cocktails / ABV: 14.9%

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