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Cactus Jacks Strawberry And Cream Schnapps

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Cactus Jack's / Type: Cocktail

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    2 Reviews
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      27.06.2013 02:12
      Very helpful



      A nice tasting drink - don't think the strawberries would be the one of your five a day!

      =Strawberry And Cream Schnapps=

      I brought this bottle of Cactus Jacks Strawberry and cream Schnapps for a birthday present, then I realised the girl who was going to have it, it was her 21st, so I ended up buying her a bottle of Champagne instead.

      =Couldn't let it go to waste=
      So I thought I would try it myself, I figured I like Baileys, when I go down to Looe in Cornwall, I treat myself to a bottle of Strawberry and cream liquer, so I thought that would stand my taste buds in good stead.

      =Price and Availability=
      I brought this in Tesco, and paid £5 for a 50cl bottle. The alcohol content is 15% and there is 7.5 units in the bottle.

      =The Bottle=
      The bottle is a 50cl bottle, but it is shaped elegantly, tall and slender, and it has a metal screw top lid. The labels are black and pink in colour.

      -The front label- This tells us that this is Cactus Jacks with the flavour below which this one is the Strawberry and Cream flavour, it displays the alcohol (15%) and some basic serving suggestions, which I found odd but hey, it is different, and on the back it teels you what the type of drink it is, the size of the bottle, who produced it, and a message about drinking responsibly.

      =Serve Chilled=
      This drink needs to served chilled, to serve you can serve it as it is, or over ice.

      =What does it taste like?=
      Firstly you cannot miss the colour, as it us pale pink, and looks like a Strawberry flavoured milkshake. This not only looks like strawberry milkshake but smells like one as well. Then you get a kick back of aroma in the back of your throat from the alcohol.

      I tried this neat, it was ok, but the second glass I added some ice and for me this was the better of the two ways, but it is all down to personal taste.

      =Reminded me=
      It reminded me of a Baileys, in terms of consistency and how easy it went down, it was creamy as well as having a strawberry taste to it. The cream was subtle, and was the aftertaste of the drink.

      =I Loved It=
      I have to say I loved this drink, and before I had noticed nearly the whole bottle had gone, (whoops) that was a Saturday night in front of the tv. I think the reason why it went down so well was the fact that it didn't really feel like an alcoholic drink in the sense as if I had a vodka and coke,

      =Novelty Value=
      I really feel that this is a novelty value drink, yes I will buy it again, but on an ad-hoc basis, as I feel that it is more novelty drink, and one that I think I drank regularly it would turn into a I don't want this drink again.
      =Star Rating=
      I can't fault the drink, I liked it, so based on that it has to be a 5/5


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      23.06.2013 19:12
      Very helpful



      Not for me

      Over the past few months, due to a lot of things going on ( some good and some bad ), I had to have a slight moment of reflection as Im sure we all do from time to time. Having two young children, always busy and always on the go means I have very little time for myself. Not complaining, as I much prefer to have a productive day with things ticked off my to do list, rather than a lazy day and achieving nothing. What did concern me was this was every day, and I wasn't taking any REAL time for ME! So I decided that every fortnight, after the daily jobs had been done, kids were put to bed and I had done reading my lovely Dooyoo reviews, I would change the TV channel from Nick Jr and either catch up with stuff Ive recorded and not got round to watching or maybe watch a film. Indulge in some yummy food/snacks, chocolates and have a couple of glasses of a tipple. I bought this drink from Tesco.com for £5.00 for a 50cl bottle.

      Why did I buy it?

      To be honest, Im one of those people that tend to be quite specific in regards to drinks that contain alcohol, and I normally gravitate to the same drink if not type of drinks. This was something different, affordable and the picture on the website made it look appealing-so I though I would try it out!

      How is it packaging?

      This drink comes in a 50cl glass bottle, clear. Metal screw top lid to open and/or close. It's a very tall and thin bottle, very elegant and simple in look. Labels are black and pink in colour, so quite feminine and pretty, but in a classy way.

      On the front the ' Cactus Jacks ' logo is at the top with the word schnapps underneath. Mentions it should be served chilled. The flavour just below which is strawberry & cream, with the alcohol content at the bottom ( 15% ) and some basic serving suggestions.

      On the back it tells you what type of drink it is, who produces it, size of bottle and alcohol percentage, number of units ( 7.5 )contained and the drink responsibly message in brief.

      No ingredients listed on website or packaging.

      How can you drink this?

      Needs to be refrigerated. Can be drunk just as it is or over ice for added refreshing and cold feeling.

      What is it like?

      The drink is a girly pink colour so not one to miss! The look and consistency reminds me very much of strawberry flavoured milk because it is very liquid and not thick but fluid. Even the smell reminds me of strawberry milk or milkshake because you get that berry fragrance but then once you've breathed it in, you can smell the alcohol as it kicks in just at the end, making the fragrance go from sweet to sharp and slightly harsh.

      I drank this neat, no ice. You can definitely taste some form of strawberry flavouring to this drink, but its overpowered by the alcohol. Its very strong in taste ( the alcohol that is ), and I really wish that it had been alittle more sweeter and fruiter without the alcohol being right at the front. I appreciate the alcohol content is 15%, but because it does have that creaminess to it, it should have tasted much more sutble so the drink would have been more smoother and pleasant to drink. If that had been more balanced, this would have been a great drink for me.

      I think the reason why I had an issue with this drink, is because I like alcoholic drinks not to taste like alcohol ( I know-contradiction! ). I like to drink things that are fruity,mouth watering, pleasant, quite summery and fresh and clean and for me this wasn't. This reminded me alittle of Baileys/ Irish Cream and why I don't really like it! I can drink the stuff but I don't sit there drinking it with a smile on my face more a grimace. It's a decent drink, exactly what it says on the bottle just not for me. I tried something different and I'll now revert back to type which is Peach or my fave at the moment Vanilla Schnapps.

      Would I buy this again? No-not for me. If you like Irish Cream type drinks but want a fruity twist to it, this could be for you. Didn't tickle my tastebuds!


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