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Corky's Vodka Liquer

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4 Reviews

Brand: Corky's / Type: Liqueur

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    4 Reviews
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      10.08.2011 12:51
      Very helpful



      Best tasting shots I've ever had, just be careful you don't drink too many!

      **The liqueur**

      Corky's liqueur is an alcoholic spirit, which can be drunk in shots, over ice, can be found in cocktails or used in a mixer. The vodka shots are now considered the UK's number 1 vodka shot and has recently grown by 37% in popularity over the years. The brand has also won numerous awards including; Gold Medal Winner at 2007 world spirit awards, and Best Liqueur & Speciality Spirit at the 2006 Quality Drinks Awards.

      They are usually bought as shots in a bar or mixers, but you can buy a bottle yourself. You have to buy it online however, as I've never seen it sold in supermarkets. Here is a list of the amazing flavours you can get: apple sour, blueberry, cappuccino, cherry, chocolate orange, cola cube, cream egg, strawberries & cream, toffee, white chocolate.

      One of the cheapest online prices I've seen is £11.49 for a 70cl bottle on www.thedrinkshop.com (http://www.thedrinkshop.com/products/nlpdetail.php?prodid=4066). This could be considered quite expensive but they are good quality shots and the flavours are intensely delicious. In contrast they could be bought on amazon for £16.99.

      **My thoughts**

      I have only discovered the make recently after on a night out in Leeds. While I was at the bar 'Varisty' an offer on a blackboard stated buy one get one free, on double cherry corky's and coke! I had never tried corky's before but I liked the sound of it (especially as I got one free!).

      Although it was double, I was still surprised by how strong the flavour was, I wasn't expecting the cherry to come through as much as it did. It was similar to cherry cola except alcoholic and for a second, your throat is on fire! It also has a lovely aftertaste, reminding me slightly of how a JD's shot aftertaste would be. I wouldn't have guessed it was vodka at all.

      The strong cherry, fruity taste covers up the fact that it's vodka, and especially drinking it as a shot on its own, it doesn't seem as strong as other shots I've had before. You can still obviously taste the vodka, but it is so much more appealing to the tastebuds compared to straight vodka which I hate. The texture of the shots is quite syrupy and was surprisingly a little bit thicker than I thought they'd be.

      **Cocktail recipe**

      I found this cocktail recipe online and me and my friends split the price of cocktail night. It is the best cocktail by far I have ever managed to make, although the price of the alcohol did add up! There was around 8 of us though, and we spent approx £5. It'd be way too expensive to make this and buy the bottles separately on my own.

      'LOVE HANDLES' cocktail recipe:
      50ml disarano,
      50ml Corky's Cherry Vodka,
      75ml apple juice,
      75ml lemonade,
      5 ice cubes,
      15ml Corky's Toffee Vodka.


      These shots are delicious, and although I've only tried the minority of the flavours I cannot wait to try more. I am on the mission to save up for the 'blueberry' flavour and then after that I want to get a chocolate one. Although the price is a little bit steep, remember you can mix them as well which will make the bottle last longer!

      Thanks for reading x


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        12.11.2009 19:04
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Nice on a night out if you're not worried about getting drunk quickly!

        Corkys - cheap, simple and not *exactly* hardcore, but still, quite satisfying.

        Where I work, we sell a huge amount of Corkys shots mainly because they're cheap (between £1 and £1.60 a shot, depending on the night - we also run a popular '4 for £5' offer) and because they taste like they're meant to. They have a very weak alcohol content - if you're looking to go out and get so drunk you can't remember it the next day, then you'll be better off sticking to hard liquer shots like Sambuca or Tequila, but if you want something sweet, sticky and warming then Corkys has one for you!

        Corkys comes in many flavours. We sell Apple Sour (by far the most popular, and my second favourite), Cherry, Strawberry and Cream, White Chocolate and Blueberry (my favourite so far) but there are also Toffee, Chocolate and Orange, Cappucino, Cola Cube, Cream Egg and Mint Cream. I have yet to see them on sale in any mainstream store but I know they can be bought by the bottle on line and probably in wholesalers.

        Corkys can be used as a mixer, not just drunk as a shot. Combinations I have seen are - Apple Sour and Lemonade (nice, sweet and sour!), Tropical VK, Cherry and Strawberrys and Cream (looks foul, gets a massive head on but tastes just like a Fruit Salad sweet!), and the rather bizarre mix of all the shot flavours we sell in one glass (not recommended... tastes and looks like liquidized Parma Violets, bleurgh! Plus the creamier flavours curdle with the 'clear' ones). They are a very versatile drink!

        Overall, out of the flavours I've tried, I find it hard to see a fault in them. I, however, very rarely go out and drink with the intention of getting drunk so I don't value how alcoholic something is (and sometimes, it's quite nice to buy a cheap shot at the end of the night when you're a little tipsy and don't wish to get too much more drunk!). They are, of course, uncomparable to shots such as Aftershock, Tequila and Sambuca, but I know which I'd prefer.


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          09.09.2009 14:57
          Not Helpful



          Get a real shot, Corky's sucks

          I am a big fan of shots and shot drinking, and Corky's shots are generally always in the nice trendy bars you go it to, however I hate Corkys that are cheap for a reason, because they are so nasty. If I am going to have a shot of something I want it to bite back like a Sambucca, Gin or a good old Tequila, Corky's shots though are so tame that you need to have about five of them to even notice anything.
          Also why do them in such weird flavours, I mean cream egg shot!! what the hell is that? why even bother.
          Some of the flavours produced in the Corky's range:
          Apple Sour, Blueberry, Cappuccino, Cherry, Chocolate & Orange,
          Cola Cube, Cream Egg, Mint Cream, Strawberries & Cream, Toffee, White Chocolate. Most of which sound horrible.
          Yes Corky's vodka liquer is cheap, but no I am not going to drink it as it tastes apsolutely disgusting.


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          13.01.2009 13:49
          Very helpful



          A scrummy alcoholic drink that will appeal to many

          ***UPDATE*** For those of you saying that you think £3 was expensive and that you can get the shots for £1 in Yates - I did say that later in the review - I was setting the scene in the first paragraph!***

          Now I'm not really a big fan of shots - I don't see the enjoyment of drinking £3+ away in the space of a few seconds when I could have got a long drink for cheaper! But then, I discovered Corky's Vodka Shots.

          It was in my local Yates's on a girly night out that my friend Issy and I noticed these new additions to the bar, and simply had to give them a try.
          About Corky's
          Corky's can be enjoyed in a number of ways. The range of liqueurs can be drunk as shots, poured over ice in the way that you might enjoy a Baileys, or as a mixer for a cocktail. It comes in 50cl or 70cl bottles, and is between 17-20% alcohol depending on the flavour. There are nine flavours in total, those flavours being:

          * Apple Sour (50 & 70cl)
          * Blueberry
          * Cappuccino
          * Cherry (50 & 70cl)
          * Chocolate & Orange
          * Cola Cube
          * Cream Egg
          * Mint Cream (50cl only)
          * Strawberries & Cream (50 & 70cl)
          * Toffee
          * White Chocolate (50 & 70cl)

          It has won several awards, including a gold medal at the 2007 World Spirit Awards and Best Liqueur & Speciality Spirit at the 2006 Quality Drinks Awards.

          My Experience Of Corky's Products
          I have had the opportunity to taste four of the nine flavours, and I shall write a brief summary of my opinions on each.
          Chocolate & Orange
          Blue label with orange detailing

          As you lift the shot glass towards you, you instantly smell the unforgettable fragrance of Terry's Chocolate Orange. If that wasn't enticing enough, it's appearance is also very attractive - a smooth chocolatey-brown colour that isn't a thick consistency like you might expect. When you take the shot, you instantly get that chocolate orange flavour, which warms your insides and leaves you feeling very satisfied. Though I haven't had it as a long drink, I'm sure it would be equally as nice over ice.
          Myself and friends bought shots of this flavour from a local pub, who charged approximately £2 per shot.

          Rating: 8/10
          Strawberries & Cream
          Dark red label with lighter red detailing

          This flavour is very like your average strawberry milkshake. With a strawberry scent and creamy texture, you can't really go wrong with it other than the fact that it is so easy to drink I can imagine people having one too many of a night. Again it warms your insides and is a nice fruity flavour.
          I bought this flavour as a whole 50cl bottle from Makro. It was £8.99, plus VAT.

          White Chocolate
          Brown label with yellow detailing

          This flavour doesn't particularly smell of white chocolate, just a sort of sweet smell is really all I can describe it as. It does however taste quite like Milkybar white chocolate. I have had this flavour both as a shot and as a long drink, and though I do like it, I find it a bit sickly after a while.
          I first had this flavour when a friend bought a bottle from Sainsburys, but it is no longer available there. I bought a bottle from Makro for £8.99, plus VAT.

          Cream Egg
          Red label with yellow detailing

          Now this is the big one. Cream egg looks the most disgusting when you see it, a creamy, orangey liquid that doesn't really look like any other drink at the bar. I was most intrigued by this flavour as I wondered how it could be made much different from chocolate orange, seeing as these are the main-ish flavours of a Cadbury's creme egg. This shot doesn't really smell of anything, but tastes absolutely fantastic. It doesn't taste very strongly of orange, but there is a definite trace of it, and a sort of icing sugar type taste, much like the original creme egg. Definitely my favourite of the lot.
          I had this flavour as a shot in my local Yates's, where they charge £1 per shot.

          To conclude, I can really recommend Corky's as a great alternative to the usual bar drinks, and it is also great at home with a few friends. My one complaint though, is that it is so difficult to track down outside of a bar environment - cream egg in particular is almost unheard of in-store! I shall finish with a list of stockists for those of you interested in trying the brand.Stockists

          * Bargain Booze
          * Morrisons
          * Spar
          * Batleys
          * Bestway
          * Makro
          * Booker
          * Hyperama
          * Landmark
          * Nisa today

          (As written for Ciao.co.uk)


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          Brand: Corky's / Type: Liqueur

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