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  • Highly flammable
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    4 Reviews
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      06.01.2014 13:38
      Very helpful



      Glayva - just how very good is it?

      I'm not big on whisky. I'm not big on most spirits. But I do like the odd tipple now and then and when I do indulge, I like trying new and exciting concoctions...that is, whatever someone gets me as a gift or something that's on special offer at the supermarket. Classy.
      To prove the point, as if I have to, I was poking around under the stairs the other day (as you do) when I discovered a dusty old bottle of GLAYVA hidden away from last Xmas. It didn't stay undiscovered for long.

      The Glayva story begins in the docks of Leith in Edinburgh in 1947 when Ronald Morrison, a local wine and whisky merchant, decided to produce a warming and comforting liqueur for his customers. As, at the time, Leith was a busy port, he had Based at a busy port in Leith, Morrison had access to a fairly exotic range of ingredients that could be mixed with malt whisky for an unusual and interesting flavour.
      Allegedly, the name Glayva originates from the reaction of one of his workers who proclaimed "Gle Mhath", which, as everyone knows, translates from the Gaelic as "Very Good". Hmm.

      THEY SAY:
      "Glayva is created from an exotic fusion of the finest aged Scotch malt whiskies, a carefully selected range of spices, tangerines, cinnamon, almonds and honey. Surprisingly smooth and sweet, it really tastes like nothing else! "

      Glayva pours a deep and dark orange colour, a lot darker than a whisky, but still a warming, enticing hue.
      The aroma is sweet and spicy. There are hints of honey, zesty orange, a touch of mint and a whole array of exotic spices - cinnamon, nutmeg aniseed etc. A gentle swirl in the glass releases further aromas of ginger, cloves and a syrupy sweetness.

      The mouth feel is rich, thick and syrupy. As for taste, honey is the first flavour to hit the palate, followed by zingy orange notes and an earthy spiciness. There's an awful lot going on here with so many different spices, it's hard to pin them all down. There are herbal notes here too. One thing that isn't all that predominant though is whisky. Oh it's there all right, but so much else going on it kind of fades into the background.
      It finishes long with the spices and orange lingering pleasantly.

      The Verdict

      At 35% ABV, Glayva packs quite a punch. It's quite pleasant but it's not a drink you could sit with all night (at least I couldn't). It's a little too sweet for my liking but an occasional dram is very nice to sip on. personally, I would drink this neat, but I've heard it's very nice with ice but conversely, some people prefer warming the glass a little.
      A very nice tipple for the long winter nights, but I think I'd prefer to just stick with a plain old malt.



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        31.01.2007 02:18
        Very helpful



        I love glayva and to be honest im not a whiskey drinker

        Glayva means "very good" in Gaelic

        I came across this on Christmas day about 10 years ago, we was at my wife's aunts for Christmas day and after the festivals, she asked me if I would like a Glayva. I asked her what it was and she told me, I got a small bit in a glass as I am not much of a whiskey drinker.

        Sizes Available: 750 ml

        Proof: 70 percent

        First look at the bottle and its a nice design, The liquor has a mahogany look about it.

        First impression is the smell, It smells of Christmas, well to me it did :). It smells of herbs, and a hint of citrus, like tangerine.

        First the taste, NEVER EVER mix it with anything this is not acceptable!!!

        The first sip… I let it sit in the mouth for a few seconds, it feels like a thick creamy liquid, then comes the swallowing, its a smooth taste and the first sip sinks down the throat, and you can actually feel it heating up your stomach. The taste is lovely and you can taste the tangerine and honey.

        There is a slight tingle on the tongue and it's a very warm feeling comes over you. As you take a second sip its goes down a lot easier not as much a warm feeling but still a lovely smoothness. You can smell the Honey and I can taste the herbs, not sure but I think there is a hint of cinnamon, maybe that's why it reminds me of Christmas.

        An even bigger sip comes next and the there is a little buzz in the head, well it is 35 percent proof.

        If you swirl the Glayva in the glass you can see it leaves a film on the glass, this i was told is a sign of a good quality whisky.

        The next sip and its nearly gone, and you are wondering whether to fill it back up, i personally wait until the glass is empty.

        The stomach and the throat have a warm sensation to it, and its time to get another glass.

        I went to the Canaries in September and was lucky enough to come across a litre bottle. I have never seen it in a Litre bottle in the UK. Glayva retails from around £13.99 at Morrison's.

        A friend I know has told me to mix it with absinth but I don't think so :(

        You can use Glayva as a mixer for cocktails

        Angel's Delight

        Shake equal quantities of Glayva and Apricot Brandy with pineapple juice and strain into an old fashioned glass over ice. Decorate with a slice of pineapple and a cherry.

        Glayva Fizz

        Pour fresh orange juice and a generous amount of chilled champagne (or dry sparkling wine) over Glayva in a tall flute glass.

        Black Sheep

        Stir equal quantities of Glayva and Coffee Liqueur with double quantity of dry stout or Guiness and strain into an old fashioned glass. Float cream on top and enjoy this velvety luxury.

        Thanks for reading my reviews, and thankyou for rating them.

        Tashi Delek (May everything be well)

        enlightened_one © 2007


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          05.12.2001 23:46



          • "Highly flammable"

          This is probably one of the poorest liquers available that I have tasted anyway. The only thing its good for is setting on fire on a bar table. The reason for its crapness is its sweetness. It is too sweet to mention. I don't recommend this to anyone who isn't a down and out. On the up side its 30% alcohol but really thats just wasting alcohol when it could go in some absinth! Its basically an un-hardcore whiskey liquer. Also quite expensive for its horrible sweet taste. If you want taste and strength go for the green gold. Absinth King Gold, the best there is but very hard to come by, unfortunately Glayva is plentiful in every bar you go to. If its all there is, drink it, but if theres absinth or even vermouth drink that instead.


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            18.07.2001 04:45
            Very helpful



            If you have just endured a long tiring day at the office, an evening slaving over a hot stove, or even if it just seems as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders, then there is nothing better to help you to relax and forget about it all than a glass of Glayva with ice. As teenagers, we tend to go overboard in a desperate attempt to drink our own bodyweight in beer, wine, alcopops or whatever we can get our hands on. However, as time goes on we begin to realise that there is more to life than weekend binges that are only likely to bring on permanent liver damage. Most of us begin to develop a taste for the finer things in life, and most notably a taste for alcoholic drinks that can be savoured in the way that they were intended. Although I still condsider myself to be relatively youthful (well, in truth I'm actually now desperately holding onto my 'twentysomething' years while I still can) I feel that there are certainly times that a good wine or spirit is the order of the day. Glayva, is certainly a drink that holds a place in this category. A liqueur, blended from whisky, the precise ingredients of Glayva remain a closely guarded secret. This spirit certainly contains honey, tangerine and various herbs, although the precise formula seems set to remain a mystery. At 40% alcohol by volume, it is also a drink to be taken in moderation. Although it is intended to be served on its own with ice, it can also be savoured with a variety of mixers, including dry ginger, cola, cider or champagne. It is also particularly appetising when used in an Irish coffee. Glayva has also been widely used in the preparation of many food recipes, although at almost £20 a bottle, I'm understandably reluctant to use it in the kitchen. The name Glayva is dervied from Gaelic, and literally means 'very good' - and I certainly can't argue with that! Glayva originates from Scotland, and specifically Edinburgh, where
            the Glayva Liqueur Company is still based to this day. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Glayva Liqueur Company are also the official sponsors of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, an annual event that has been held each August for over half a century. So remember, next time you're tempted to down a skinful of the nearest tipple that comes to hand, you could try the unique charms of Glayva instead. Give it a try - you won't regret it! {An original Dooyoo Opinion © Blackjane 2001}


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          • Product Details

            Glayva is a unique blend of the finest selected Scotch Whisky, each chosen for its smoothness, mellowness and maturity, which are then married carefully with a rich variety of natural herbs, honeys and flavourings to achieve the distinctive and original taste which is its hallmark and which has pleased and attracted so many.

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