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Parrot Bay Frozen Berry Daiquiri

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Manufacturer: Parrot Bay / Type: Cocktail

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2013 17:40
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      a lovely frozen cocktail

      Review originally posted to Ciao August 2012 - updated for dooyoo

      ~Parrot Bay~

      Parrot Bay offer a range of frozen cocktail drinks. These drinks are exclusive to Asda. Flavours include :

      *Berry Daiquiri
      *Pina Colada
      *Citrus Daiquiri

      The Berry Daiquiri is described as 'alcohol beverage with natural flavourings and colourings'. This drink contains 4.7% alcohol and is classed as a 'mixed spirit drink'. Berry Daiquiri is presented in a red and silver pouch containing 250ml of liquid. It should be placed in the freezer for 8 hours and thawed slightly by running the pouch under some warm water before being served frozen.

      ~Price and Availability~

      A 250ml pouch can be purchased from Asda and www.asda.com priced at just £2.00.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am not a big drinker but I do like the odd cocktail. When I spotted these in Asda last week, I decided to try them and picked up two pouches of Berry Daiquiri. I believe them to be fairly priced as you would pay much more for a cocktail in a bar. I used both pouches over the weekend - one for my own use and the second when my sister came down for a few hours. I have always wanted to try a frozen cocktail.

      The pouches can be kept in the cupboard until you need to freeze them. I found that 6-8hours in the freezer to be sufficient to fully freeze the contents of the pouch. I made a mistake with the first pouch and placed it in warm water for 15minutes rather than just running it under warm water for a few seconds. This resulted in the frozen block completely thawing out back to liquid. I tried re-freezing it but it wasn't for happening so I ended up serving an icy cold (but unfrozen) cocktail with some ice cubes. It was delicious and wonderful to drink chilled so it wasn't such a booboo after all. I managed to obtain a large glass of cocktail from one pouch.

      On the second evening, I followed the instructions to the tee and quickly ran some warm water over the pouch before serving. We managed to get two, medium sized glasses (you seem to get more when frozen) which were fine for drinking whilst chatting. The frozen cocktail from this pouch is very much like an alcoholic Slush Puppy and was very refreshing indeed. We enjoyed drinking it out on the balcony as it was still quite warm in the evening.

      This cocktail is very easy to drink frozen or as a liquid. The alcohol does come through a little stronger as the slush starts to melt but is never overpowering which I appreciate as I prefer the fruity flavouring to come through stronger. I believe Daiquiri is made with rum but personally, I could only taste a generic spirit and couldn't distinguish it between rum or a typical vodka! The alcohol scent was more evident than the flavour. It was lovely though and I could tell the alcohol was present. The berry flavouring tasted natural and fresh as well as being deliciously sweet and syrupy.


      4.7% alcohol content is unlikely to get you p**sed unless you drink a lot of it but I did feel relaxed and happy after a glass of this cocktail. I enjoyed it as did my sister (who also does not drink often). The frozen aspect of this cocktail makes it more appealing to me than if it were a simply a chilled cocktail. It was pleasant and easy to drink in both ways though I do prefer it frozen as it lasts a bit longer!

      I fancy trying the other flavours available. I can see these being a hit as they are so easy to prepare and store for when the mood takes me to have a little cocktail. Top marks from me though others may appreciate a stronger taste of alcohol.

      Thanks for reading :)


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