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Parrot Bay Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

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Manufacturer: Parrot Bay / Type: Cocktail

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2013 04:53
      Very helpful



      Tasty ice cold strawberry daquiri

      Following the recent heatwave I've been searching for ways to keep cool. Mostly this involves drinking ice cold water or other refreshments but when I was perusing in my local Morrison's I noticed this on a display in flavours Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada. I'm not a huge fan of coconut or pineapple so I'm not really a huge fan of pina colada drinks either and I like daiquiris so it was a no brainer really. I picked up just one of these because it was £2 for one, which I thought was too expensive for something I wasn't sure I would really enjoy. So I risked my £2 and bought one.

      What you do with it is pop it in the freezer for 8 hours so it goes solid. Once it has you take it out, scrunch it and crush it as much as you can so its in finer pieces, and then cut open the top. It comes out of the pouch very easily because it is made of a foil that keeps the contents fresh inside also. A pouch contains 10oz which is about 300ml and is 4% ABV. No matter how much you mush it it is still quite lumpy and is more like a slush puppy than a frozen drink. This makes it easy to scoop up if you want to or to drink from a straw, but it can clog the straw because of the consistency.

      Speaking of slush puppys this tastes almost identical to the ones I used to have as a child, except obviously with the added booze factor. The taste is quite similar to one of those, well obviously a strawberry flavoured one! Like a slush puppy, when you drink some, part of the ice becomes discoloured and you have to wait a while for it to melt partially again so that the very bright red colour comes back. Even during these periods the taste is still there, although its obviously not as strong as a typical alcoholic beverage. This makes it excellent to have on a hot summer evening if you are just wanting to relax because you don't feel dizzy drunk, or drunk at all. The rum taste isn't very strong but there is still a vague taste of it in the background of all the flavours. That said, I still think it tastes excellent and is very refreshing drink.

      This is a really convenient way to get an ice cold alcoholic beverage if you're unable or just can't be bothered to mix the drink yourself. The range is only fairly limited with this, the pina colada flavour and I've heard of a mango daquiri flavour but never actually seen it in store myself. The price is probably about right for what it is, although if you want to make it a bit strong you might have to add a dash of additional rum (if you're drinking it as a liquid that is) which makes it more expensive in real terms. I'm not sure how available it is as I've only ever seen it in my local Morrison's and even then it was on a promotional stand.

      Overall I would recommend this drink. The taste is really sweet and as you would expect, but not so alcoholic that it's nice to have just as a treat. The price is reasonable for the size of a single portion and its simple and easy to make. Its very convenient and a nice way to get a ready made cocktail that's ice cold. The quantity is enough for one sitting as it bulk up quite a bit when it solidifies but I do find it goes pretty quickly. I think I would like if there were a few more flavours but so far there is a reasonable amount. The same goes for availability really, as I would like to be able to buy it from somewhere more regularly in case my local Morrison's stops supplying this. However with all that said its still a great drink to have in the few hot days of the year we can enjoy.


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