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Sidekick Chocolate Mint

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2 Reviews
  • Good mixed with Baileys
  • Tastes nice
  • Rich and heavy
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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2015 00:45
      Very helpful


      • "Different to other drinks"
      • "Good mixed with Baileys"
      • "Tastes nice"


      • "Rich and heavy"

      Helps the Baileys go down

      This is a vodka drink that's blended with mint chocolate flavour and other blended alcohol. It's labelled as liqueur-style but I can't find what it's blended with to give it a creamy consistency, it doesn't have to be kept in the fridge so it can't be fresh milk or cream but it has a milky feeling in the mouth. It has the same kind of consistency as Baileys but is much thinner so when I tried a shot of Sidekick I could understand why my boyfriend thought it would be good to mix with Baileys.

      It's supplied in a 50cl bottle and is designed to be knocked back or sipped quickly over ice, I can't drink like that and the only reason I had it in the first place was to test as a mixer in Baileys. It's 14.5% Vol so quite strong for something that tastes so nice, I was expecting it to be weaker because it doesn't have a sharp flavour and it was a surprise when I saw it wasn't the 8% Vol I had thought!!

      I only had one glass neat and it's a nice drink but not something I'd choose to drink regularly, I thought it was a bit too minty (I think that's how they cover the alcohol taste) and with ice in the glass as well that made it a little bit too cool for my tastes. My boyfriend is a big lover of mint but he doesn't like chocolate flavoured drinks, he said he liked it but thought the chocolate taste was a little bit too strong where I hardly noticed the chocolate because I thought the mint was so overpowering!!


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      22.07.2013 14:56
      Very helpful



      A really good product at a reasonoble price

      Item: Sidekick
      Flavour: Chocolate Mint
      Strength: 14.5%
      Base alcohol: Vodka
      Size: 500ml
      Price: £5.85
      Bought in: Asda

      Don't you just love summer days? I don't like beers or ciders so on a hot day I am always on the lookout for a new summer drink. So when we were in Asda I was asking my friend what she drinks when she is not on the ciders and she showed me this stuff. She promised me that once it is chilled and served over ice it tastes exactly like melted chocolate chip ice cream. So in Asda on a baking hot day I was easily sold on this idea and bought a bottle. I will tell you how it went down :-)

      ***This review is of the Chocolate Mint bottle, there is also a "COOL" Chocolate Mint one on offer now, but I haven't tried that. This is the review of the CHOCOLATE CHIP one :-) ***

      What is this?
      It is a creamy vodka based liqueur that comes in a variety of flavours. I bought the chocolate chip one and will review the packaging and taste. It can be consumed as a shot or in a longer drink with a mixer.

      Design and packaging:
      This looks a bit more exciting than your average "shot" and comes in a tall thin glass bottle. Actually looks like it may cost more than £5.85 and will make a nice present if you are looking for a cheap alternative to giving someone a bottle of wine. The bottle is clear and made of thick glass. It is smooth and topped off with a black metal lid that is sealed and "cracks" when you open it to make sure it is not tampered with. The contents are a pale green mint ice cream colour and can be seen through the bottle. The labelling is quite funky and on the bottle I bought, have a circular design across the front in black and green, appropriate as those are the colours of mint and chocolate. The name "sidekick" is written up the bottle in large letters in the middle of the 4 circles. The design around the circles is quite 70s looking. The other details across the bottle tell you that it is a vodka based liqueur and it is 14.5% and contains 500ml. The packaging is simple and gives you plenty of info in order to make your mind up about the purchase and the bottle looks more expensive than it was.

      Taste and smell test:
      OK so after the promise that this would "taste exactly like melted chocolate chip ice cream" I had really high hopes for this bottle. I was not disappointed. It literally does smell and taste just like melted mint choc chip ice cream!!! The liquid is really quite thin, so is much thinner than real melted ice cream, it has a consistency more like milk than melted ice cream so is definitely a lighter creamy drink than something like Baileys. The taste is light but creamy and does taste of mint choc chip ice cream and is more milky than "alcholy". You don't get a strong after taste of vodka, you really just taste the creamy minty taste. Now for an idea of the minty chocolateness, this doesn't taste like chocolate and mint the way a mint aero does, it really does veer far more towards mint chocolate chip ice cream.

      How did I have it?
      I first just chilled this and had it in a little shot glass to get a taste of it. It was really nice tasting but I soon worried I may drink the full bottle before I realised, so put it in a tall glass with ice and a top up of skimmed milk to make it a long drink. The same measurements you would take if you have a double schnapps and a mixer. This tasted really nice and was refreshing for me on that hot day. I wasn't mixing drinks that day, and would be wary of drinking this on a day I was having wine or spirits as it is so milky (even before I mixed it with milk myself). I often add liquors to Pina Coladas to create a new taste, but didn't really fancy a mint colada so didn't do that with this.

      Overall this is a really sweet drink that suits my taste. I like creamy lower % drinks that I can mix and don't have a strong after taste. It comes in a nice bottle too and is a reasonable price for the volume you get. 5 stars and very happy my friend recommended it to me.


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