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Sidekick Ultimate Cream Vodka

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4 Reviews

Available in a range of different, unique flavours, Sidekick Ultimate Cream vodka is great for sharing with friends. It is tasty and drinkable, although may be a little sweet for some.

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    4 Reviews
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      24.10.2011 11:24
      Very helpful



      a lovely tasting shot drink

      I don't go out drinking often but when I do I usually buy something me and the girls can drink in shots to spice the night up a little.

      For a while now I've been buying Sidekick.

      Sidekick is most commonly found on Asda shelves, but I have now noticed that Tesco are stocking a couple of flavours to.

      Unless on offer a 50cl, tall glass bottle of this costs just over £5 but I try get it when it's on offer for about £4.50.

      There 2 versions of this drink you can buy, just the flavoured vodka based shots or the cream versions which is what I like to buy, as I find them less bitter and sour and so shocking as a shot. I actually find the cream versions taste quite nice.

      There are a few flavours you can buy in the cream version of this shot drink and they are all a lovely, pale yet creamy colour which makes them different to look at on shelves and quite eyecatching too. Flavours I've tried are Strawberries and Cream, Choc Mint, Cookies and Cream, Toffee Caramel and a newer one Chocolate Orange. I find all of them equally as nice and they always are a hit on my girly nights to liven things up a bit.

      No matter which version you buy they are all 14.5% volume, so particularly strong for a shot drink.

      The fact that these are creamy shots means the bitterness of the vodka shot is taken away slightly which makes this drink more enjoyable in my opinion.

      By creamy, I mean it has an almost milky consistency, so has a smoother blend and taste when swallowing this, rather than a watery sting to your throat when you just have the 'normal' shots you can buy.
      The flavours are strong and in fact quite delicious, even with the vodka aftertaste. Strawberries and Cream is probably my favourite, smelling wonderfully of a sweet strawberry - although I wouldn't say the proper healthy variety! The choc mint is also delicious, most definitely having a chocolate taste with a minty tinge which works really well together. Cookies and Cream, just too me, has a slightly chocolatey taste, nothing too special really. Toffee Caramel, again, has a chocolate taste but with a slight sweetness of caramel. I havn't tried the chocolate orange one yet, but no doubt I will.

      All of the flavours I have tried though are really quite tasty, and the vodka base isn't too overpowering or bitter either, making these quite enjoyable shots to drink.


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      16.01.2010 16:22
      Very helpful



      Sidekick Ultimate Cream Vodka

      I hadnt heard of Sidekick until recently when a new drinks shop opened down the road from me and they had a wide selection of these Sidekick flavours. And the fact that they were being sold at £4.50 for a 50cl bottle (which is bigger than it sounds) only made me more certain that I wanted to buy some. I was going to a party that night anyway and I wanted some drinks that we could shot but didnt taste horrible like vodka neat so I picked up two bottles in different flavours: Strawberries & Cream and Cool Choc Mint but for this review Im going to concentrate on the mint flavour.
      Useful Information:
      14.5% Volume
      Contains Milk & Soya
      As with all alcohol you are supposed to be at least 18 years of age to drink this.
      This sidekick contains vodka, choc mint flavour and fermented alcohol.

      Different Flavours:
      *Luscious Redberry
      *Pear Drop
      *Mint Blast
      *Electric Blueberry
      *Cracked Apple
      *Strawberries and Cream
      *Toffee Caramel
      *Cookies and Cream
      *Crushed Cola Cubes
      *Mint Choc Chip

      Dont all of them sound proper delicious?! I really want to try all of them because so far Ive only tried 4 flavours. I tried the Crushed Cola Cubes flavour last night and I didnt like it one bit!

      How To Drink:
      I think you can drink these in a normal glass with ice but they are designed to be shotted from your ordinary shot glasses.

      The Taste:
      The only way I can describe this mint choc flavour is that it taste exactly like Vienetta Ice Cream but a liquid version. I was expecting this to taste really strongly of vodka with just a hint of chocolate and mint but it actually doesnt it taste exactly like ice-cream with only a slight after taste of vodka. It is a really creamy drink and does look quite like green milk when you pour it into your glass so after a few shots it does become a bit sickly but you dont need more than a few of these shots to get you tipsy anyway so that shouldnt be a big issue.

      Overall Opinion:
      I think this drink is amazing and it tastes so good that I often forget that Im drinking alcohol. I am dying to try the rest of the flavours because if they are as nice as this one then they will be fantastic. This is a great drink to share with friends but unfortunately if your friends like it as much as mine do then one bottle wont last very long!

      I highly recommend trying this flavour and Im off to see if my local shop has got any new flavours I havent tried for my party tonight. :)

      A 50cl bottle of this drink will cost you around £6 at the most and most flavors can be picked up in any supermarket or your local off license.

      Thanks For Reading

      x-0 Salz 0-x


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        22.01.2009 22:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Worth a try!

        I work as Quality Control for the factory that makes and bottles the full range of Side Kick flavours. There are 8 flavours available;
        Blueberry, Choc Mint, Strawberries and Cream, Cracked Apple, Crushed Cola, Redberry, Cookies & Cream and Toffee Caramel. The Strawberries & Cream, Choc Mint and Cookies Cream and the Toffee Caramel ones are creams. They are all vodka based drinks with a ABV of 14.5 %.

        Alot of these flavours have been improved over the last year or so. My personal favourite is the Cookies & Cream one. Most can be mixed with lemonade or fruit juice (wouldn't recommend it with the creams!!!), or they can be drank as a shot or over ice.

        They no longer look like the picture that is on here. They are now in tall, straight 50cl bottles. They relaunched the Side Kick brand in Asda about a year ago and have had fantastic results, selling over 4000 bottles nation wide of Strawberries & Cream on its first day.

        They cost about £7-£8 and up untill recently, were only available in Asda but now alot more shaops are selling the range.

        The cream ones are quite sickly if you drink too many. All the flavours taste just like their label name. The only problem with these is that they are so easy to drink you forget that their 14.5%!


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          29.08.2006 19:41
          Very helpful




          On Friday night I was having a bit of a celebration in my house so I thought where better to stock up on the alcohol than Asda. Now, I’m not really that much of an alcoholic but I do like shooters and that sort of thing and Asda have the biggest range. So, I went to the alcohol aisle and they had loads of shooters mainly of the Sidekick range. However, something else caught my eye it was a Cookie & Cream drink which just sounded too good to be true. It wasn’t even that expensive and I gathered it would be something similar to Bailey’s since it was called Ultimate Cream Vodka.

          For those of you who don’t know much about the Sidekick range they are made by Halewood International. It was founded in 1978 by John Halewood originally based in Yorkshire the company grew larger causing them to move to a bigger site. They relocated to Liverpool, their main market being in wines, spirits and speciality drinks. I haven’t seen this company sold in any supermarket other than Asda but maybe I’m wrong and you can tell me otherwise.

          Not only do they do the Sidekick range but also Lambrini, Red Square, Caribbean Twist and others. I was more interested though in the Ultimate Cream Vodka range which has a lot of flavours from Blueberry, Mint, Redberries, Toffee Caramel and of course the one I’m reviewing Cookies & Cream. It is a fairly good flavour range as I’m sure there’s something there for everyone. http://www.sidekick-shots.co.uk/ is the Sidekick website you look under 35cl for this product. The Toffee and Cookie one’s are the newest additions and the only ones I saw sold. They do say that Choc Mint has been added too.

          So the packaging is quite eye catching and fancy enough to gain attention. It is in a mini bottle shape which is small and easy to hold. It is a metallic brown with red and cream circles and in white text says Sidekick. The main facts stand out in cream rectangles with red text explaining that it is a vodka drink and is 14.5% alcohol. It is 35cl and is Cookies & Cream mixed with Vodka but of course doesn’t taste that alcoholic as these things usually don’t but believe me they are.

          I know a lot of people who have tried this drink and not one person has hated it. It has a sort of cookie/hazelnut smell which is strange but of course it is a really pleasant smell. The actual drink is white so it looks like milk. This drink I wouldn’t consume in big glasses I usually just take some in a shot glass because it is strong so you don’t want to overdo it because then the novelty wears off.

          At first taste it tastes really sweet and creamy, not so sure much of the cookie taste but it leaves a very nice aftertaste. On first sip the strong vodka taste comes and then disappears quickly to leave you with a creamy taste and it leaves you wanting more. It is addictive and as said before you don’t really feel like you’re drinking alcohol but that’s the trick with these kinds of things. At least the drink has a nice balance so that the vodka doesn’t dominate it and that’s why it is so nice.

          The bottle being so small I would roughly guess that you could fill at least 6-7 shot glasses of this stuff for the money which isn’t too bad. It costs a cheap £4.95 which maybe some do find pricey but I don’t as once opened it doesn’t lose its taste and still taste nice and sweet. One thing I will say is that the vodka must lie at the bottom because as I started getting to the end the vodka was stronger so I would shake it before drinking when you are under the halfway mark.

          I am not sure how this drink can be sold so cheap maybe because it is only vodka and because the company aren’t as well known yet whereas the likes of Bailey’s and Tia Lusso are liqueur filled so that is a more expensive ingredient and the packaging is heavier. It is a glass bottle and it’s easy to see how much you have left because it’s light inside. After trying this flavour I definitely wanted to next try the Toffee Caramel because if it’s anything as nice as it sounds it will be good.

          I was happy to buy this and not be disappointed. Like I said ok, so it doesn’t taste that much of cookie but then I never really expected it too because that would be difficult and if you like sweet drinks then you will still be happy enough. I prefer this to the Sidekick Shooters and definitely recommend it for get togethers and parties. It’s probably more of a woman’s drink so if you like this kind of thing get down to Asda.


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