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Brand: Sourz / Type: Liqueur

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    2 Reviews
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      18.07.2013 17:40
      Very helpful



      A great drink for all round the year, get yours now.

      Sourz is a well known brand to most of different flavoured fruity liqueurs which is produced and bottled by Beam Global Espana in Spain. I have to admit Sourz and perhaps cheaper rip off versions of Sourz are something I certainly drank before I was old enough oops but I still on occasions drink this still. In this review I am going to focus on the cherry flavour of the Sourz brand.

      What is it?
      As said above Sourz is a versatile brand of fruit liqueurs which can be used both as a mixer with your favorite pop, it can be placed into a cheeky cocktail or the main reason for Sourz is to place the alcohol in shot glasses and shot shot shot! But it doesn't particularly matter how you drink it, its up to you and as I said has many ways to be drank (I shall give a few ways later on.) As you may be able to guess Sourz is a very sweet but sour spirit drink which may not appeal to some people but I'd say give it a try. The alcohol percentage is 15%Vol now in comparison to other shooter drinks this is actually really low as most range from 30%-45% and perhaps higher such as Sambucas, Vodkas, Tequila. Therefore I believe it is an easy shooter of a drink to drink if your perhaps not used to shots or maybe not a fan of them. Each shot of this drink has 0.4 UK units and a full bottle has 10.5 so obviously be aware of this and drink safely blah blah blah but I personally believe its not a strong shot in comparison to other choices there may be.

      What does the alcohol look, smell and taste like?-
      Once you pour out the alcohol or even take off the lid the very very strong cherry scent meets your nose. Its an unbelievably strong smell but a very nice one at that, I don't believe you can smell the alcohol one bit and it smells very fruity and appealing unlike some shots where you can't smell them before shotting them! Therefore that's another advantage for those of you who aren't the keenest on shots and I believe you'd find this one easier to do. The spirit itself is very bright red in colour and again looks quite appealing and fruity. I again find this makes it easier to know what flavour you may be having as the colour of the alcohol is coordinated to the flavour from what I know which is helpful when you have a few of the flavours lined up. However this can be a disadvantage if your wearing white or light colours as it may stain!!
      When shotting the drink I feel there is a very strong cherry taste and it is also very sour (as you may expect with the brand name). I don't find the shot is strong at all alcohol wise therefore it doesn't make me gag or feel ill and I believe you can barely taste the 15% of alcohol in the shot therefore its quite a good shot that doesn't leave you shuddering and gagging at the taste. The sourness is a bit off putting and if you have too many some people may find it a bit sickly beacuse of the sweetness and sourness. I believe the after taste the shot leaves is nice unlike most spirits you shot however I feel it leaves you feeling sticky and if spilt is certainly very sticky to clean up though I work in a bar and have found most spirits are very sticky once spilt.

      Sourz probably is the most known brand of fruit flavoured shots due to it having the biggest range. Sourz comes in a range of flavours such as Cherry, Apple, Raspberry, Mango, Tropical and even special edition flavours at times such as Christmas. I always find myself seeing a new bottle of sourz so the range is never simple and boring and I feel its at an advantage to other brands as most brands such as Mickey Finns only do the obvious flavours such as Cherry and Apple and I feel this lets them down. Not only do Sourz have all this wonderful flavours they in fact have alchopops now too available in big bottles or small cans these flavours being Apple Bite and Purple Twist though I won't mention too much about these and leave them for a later review, now back to the Sourz cherry liqueur.

      Where to get Sourz and how much will it set you back-
      Sourz are a very large, reliable and I'd say popular brand therefore you do pay for what you get. Sourz can be bought in most supermarkets who sell branded alcohol such as Asda and Tesco and obviously you can buy this in most local off licenses and beer shops such as Bargain booze. Prices will range and you are in the long run better of going to a supermarket for the Sourz as the price will be a whole lot cheaper. Currently in Asda and Tesco a 70Cl bottle of Cherry Sourz is retailing at £12.00 this is without being on any kind of offer and I find that it is often on offer and you can get a bottle for as cheap as £8.00 when this is the case so I'd recommend keeping your eyes peeled for the offers. Though you may have to be quick when this does happen as I find often certain popular flavours such as Cherry are quick off the shelves. One small problem I could possibly state with Sourz is the bottles can only be bought in a 70Cl bottle which may not always be convenient to you and sometimes in the past this has actually made me buy another brand of similar stuff due to the fact they have smaller bottles. But this isn't a huge issue just a little one for those who want to try it but may not like it. I must add that each bottle actually comes in a different colour which relates to the flavour so the bottle colour for Cherry sourz is a red glass bottle with white writing with the Sourz large logo and then 'Spirited Cherry' I believe it is very easy to set apart from other brands and easy to tell what flavour you will be getting.

      What can I do with Cherry Sourz??
      As I mentioned above if you do buy this drink there is so many different ways you could drink it, I thought I'd share a few ways I enjoy Cherry Sourz.

      As a shot-
      As I've explained above this tastes fruity and is an easy shot to drink so get your shot glasses at the ready!

      With your favourite mixer-
      I personally think cherry sourz tastes amazing with lemonade and is a beautiful summery fruity cherry flavour drink or I also think it tastes great with coke and tastes almost like your drinking cherry flavoured coke but with an alcohol twist to it.

      Purple Rain Cocktail-
      This cocktail is a great summer drink, there are many ways to make it however this is a way I personally know. You would mix in a glass one 25ml shot of blue curaco, one 25ml shot of cherry sourz and then top up the drink with lemonade and ice. This leaves you with a beautiful purple cocktail which is sweet and fruity and great for when your sat out in the sun or even getting ready for a night out with the girls/boys. I'd certainly recommend trying this if you buy Cherry Sourz at any point.

      There are also many other ways to mix your Cherry Sourz, its all about experimenting! I'd certainly recommend you try the Cherry flavoured Sourz as it personally is a favourite of mine and a great drink which can be drank in many different ways.

      Thanks for reading my review. Hope it has helped.


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        18.10.2012 08:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good quality drink which is ideal for cocktails or shots

        It was my sister who first introduced me to cherry flavoured Sourz and since then it is a drink that I will often have in at home for when we are going on a night out. There are lots of different flavours of sourz such as apple, raspberry, tropical, blackcurrant and pineapple but for the purpose of this review I am going to stick to cherry flavoured sourz as it is the one that I know best.

        Cherry sourz is a sweet and sour spirit which has a 15% ABV and so it is a relatively strong spirit at that. It comes in a red coloured bottle which has the sourz name on and the product name but they do tend to colour coordinate their bottles to their flavours so I always know which sourz I am picking up really.

        The actual sourz is a nice bright red colour and smells quite strongly of cherries and fruit when you sniff it. When you drink it as a shot I think it is quite a sour taste initially which does linger in your mouth but there is also the sweetness of the fruit used which becomes apparent too. It isn't a shot that will make me gag I have to say but it is quite a strong taste which I find all shots are anyway!

        I think cherry sourz is quite a versatile product because you can use it as a shot drink before you are going out and obviously in this state the drink is at its most potent because you are drinking it neat. You can also mix this drink with lemonade to make a fizzy cherryade or with coke to make a cherry coke tasting drink and so there are good options for mixing too! My favourite way to use this product though is to make a cocktail called purple rain which is basically blue curacao and cherry sourz topped up with lemonade to make a purple coloured drink which tastes just like sweets and is most definitely my favourite drink to have when I am getting ready for a night out!

        A 700ml bottle of cherry sourz costs £10.00 in Asda currently and £9.00 in Tesco. You can sometimes find them on offer for £8.00 a bottle which is a good price because I find a bottle really does last me a long time because I don't go out very often and so I won't use much of this as I do tend to only have a drink when I am going out or really in the mood for it which isn't that often to be honest.

        I would definitely recommend the sourz product. They offer a good solution for mixing in to cocktails but also as a drink in which you can do shots with should you wish too.

        Thank you for reading my review!


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        Cherry Flavoured Liqueur.

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